How to Hug a Guy Taller Than You: Top Tips

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how to hug a tall guy

People hug to express romantic and non-romantic expressions. But you must agree, learning how to hug a guy taller than you can be challenging. Right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be so, especially after you try out techniques like high ground technique, side hug, head aside, wearing high heels, standing on tiptoes, among others.

Whether it’s a partner, a friend, a colleague, or a sibling, you should be able to hug them without looking awkward, even if you are shorter.

Let’s jump into the techniques right away.

Tips for Short Girls on How to Hug a Guy Taller Than You

1. High Ground Technique

Given that the guy is taller than you, it makes sense to stand on higher ground. You could even take the stairs or stand on the sidewalk as the other person stands on the road.

And if you are on a slope, consider taking the higher point and let the taller guy stand a few inches down.

The trick is to try and level the playfield to appear like you are of the same height even if you aren’t.

If you are outdoors, this technique is much more comfortable, and you can do it unplanned. The method is more expressive for intimacy reasons.

2. Side Hug or Head Aside

Usually, tall person hugging short person face to face when they aren’t intimate can make them appear awkward. That’s why a side hug is always an option.

This technique saves you from placing your face on the guy’s chest. Instead, you angle your body on one side and slip an arm around the guy.

The chances are that the guy will wrap his arm around you without having to look awkwardly close.

Alternatively, turn your head to the side. That means your ear will touch his chest, which counts as a friendly hug.

Besides, most guys would rather have your ear touch their chest than their face. This is the kind of hug that a taller guy can give the mother.

3. Stand on Your Tiptoes

By standing on your tiptoes, you stretch your height to match your guy’s, and as a result, it becomes easy to hug him in whichever manner you want.

This technique on how to hug a tall guy is generally an excellent way to express intimacy.

4. High Heelshugging someone taller than you

If you cannot find a high point or uneven ground to stand on, then you can unify the odds by wearing high heels.

The heels will boost your height by a few inches, and if the guy is not very tall, you could make up for the height difference.

Just ensure the heels are comfortable and cute to match your outfit.

5. Stand Upright

Since you are already short, there’s no need to recline since it only makes you appear shorter.

So, why don’t you do you a favor and stand upright when hugging your guy? The chances are that he’ll lean slightly to reciprocate your hug, which somehow puts you at the same height.

To perform this technique, avoid standing on your tiptoes. Instead, put your feet straight on the ground and stand upright.

While at it, ensure you lift your head high and raise your shoulders. If you flex your feet, you will likely improve your height by a few inches, making up for the shorter stature.

This also works for men who ask: how to hug a short girl when you’re tall.

6. Short (Brief Hug) Hug

You can also avoid looking awkward hugging a taller person by keeping the hug short. It’s more important if it’s an acquaintance or someone you’ve deep respect for.

Generally, the moment can only get awkward if you extend it, and that’s why a quick hug is always a safe approach. It’s also safe for those asking: how to hug a girl shorter than you.

7. Sitting Strategyhow to hug a girl taller than you

This requires no preplanning when it comes to hugging someone taller than you. So, it’s best for expressing intimacy with close friends, spouses, and family members.

The good thing about the technique is that you don’t have to struggle to match the other person’s height.

All you have to do is lean towards the other person while sited and put your arms around his waist.

Expectedly, the guy will put his hands on your back and head slightly on your shoulders.

8. Jump and Hug

You can try this technique on someone close to you, like a taller spouse or boyfriend. It requires you to jump on the person and allow them to catch you.

Of course, they should expect the jump and should be able to catch you.

Tips for Short Guys on How to Hug a Girl Taller Than You

Consider applying these techniques if your girl is shorter than you:

  • Hug her sideways to avoid looking awkward close
  • Lean towards her and tilt your head with your arms stretched out wide
  • Turn your head on the side as you encourage her to place her ear on your chest
  • If there’s an uneven surface like a staircase or slope, take the lower end as you hug
  • Wrap your hand around her waist as you hug
  • Consider hugging as you sit

How to Hug a Guy Friend Taller Than You

Usually, it’s never a big deal to hug a guy friend since there are no romantic emotions. But with the height difference, consider doing the following:

  • Open up your arms in advance a few feet away to force the other person to slightly lean and match your height while reciprocating the hug.
  • Stand upright and put your arms around your tall friend’s waste
  • Try aiming your head on his shoulders and keep the hug as short as possible


How to Hug a Guy Taller Than You: Bottom-line

Now you know how to hug a guy taller than you. So, your short stature shouldn’t restrain you from expressing your emotion through a hug.

Besides, hugs can be romantic or non-romantic. Your task is to know how to draw the difference, and I hope this post will help you.