Best Jobs For Tall People That You Should Consider

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Maybe you are a tall person and you have been asked if you play basketball or have a career in any other related sport. This makes you wonder whether tall people can only be athletes.

In real life, many tall people are not professional athletes and are free to go after any career, ranging from sitting behind a computer desk to being a construction worker.

Tallness includes many benefits that can be utilized to have a successful future. The best positions for tall individuals can frequently be dispersed across various jobs, bearing in mind that skills, education, and experience are also extremely important.

This article will list the best jobs for tall people to help you choose appropriate options. 

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A List of Best Jobs For Tall People


jobs for tall people

Whether you own a business or you work for a painting company, height will be a huge advantage. Having extra inches of reach is a tremendous benefit to painting work. 

As the owner of the business, you can save costs on labor because of your height. Even if you work for someone, you can charge more because of the efficiency and speed your height offers.

As a painter, your job requires applying paint to constructions such as walls, buildings, ceilings, and houses. While painting, you will regularly have to safeguard lower regions from any paint spillover.

You may utilize a stepping stool or ladder to apply paint to surfaces out of reach while standing. As a tall person, you are more advantaged to reach the higher parts of a building.

Let’s assume you are painting the ceiling, there are certain areas a roller will not touch and there will be a need to use a brush to apply paint. An additional inch will save you the stress and time you take to climb a ladder, get down from it and move it to another position. 

Business and Management 

jobs for tall people

These professions may not give an advantage to tall individuals. But are you aware that people generally connect tallness with fitness, strength, and leadership skills? Research suggests that tall individuals have a characteristic privilege in professions that require a touch of charm. 

Extra height doesn’t mean you are typically endowed in the business world. It simply implies you are frequently seen as a strong pioneer expected to have the smarts needed to solve any problem.

There is no height prerequisite for executive positions. Since the job frequently needs steering and prompting a group of workers and significant relational abilities, the added advantage of height is a bonus. 

This is also true for sales positions. The social benefits of being tall can help with securing a deal faster and more straightforwardly.

Installation of Electrical Fixtures 

electrician fixing the wires

An electrician is an expert who fixes, reviews, and installs electrical devices, hardware, and wires.

A lot of electrical technicians’ work includes installing lights, fans, and air conditioners into the ceilings and tall areas of the wall. Being tall allows you to avoid a ladder or stepping stool every single time you need to do an electrical installation.

This profession expects you to install fixtures while standing up or by mounting a ladder. Being a tall individual, you are in a better position to install lights and wires than a short person.

As a rule, you can install electrical objects without a stepping stool or ladder. This can likewise save labor costs since a tall man can effectively do the work of two short people.

The negative side of being a tall electrician is when you need to install in small places. Many people have houses with shallow roofs which may be difficult to crawl into.


Construction occupations are possible for individuals of all body types, though there are, without a doubt, benefits of being tall. For instance, a tall individual on a building site has less requirement for a ladder. 

Construction works require lifting, estimating, and reaching elevated places. These operations are made simpler by having extra height. Tall people can do the hard work with less physical strain than shorter people, so they are more suitable for these jobs. 

Operating Camera and Photography 

jobs for tall people

Camera work is one of the best jobs for tall people. Being part of a camera team, you will deal with cameras for broadcasting shows, films, and games. 

Recording these events requires you to get good views from different angles to deliver beautiful shots, so being tall will give you a good advantage. Height helps you to get video film from points that shorter individuals would not have access to. 

Being tall and part of a camera team allows you to give spectators one of a kind and outstanding views.


Models all around are tall individuals. Style creators love long legs and hands since they show their garments best and it generally looks great when tall thin legs strut along a walk area.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, being tall is crucial. As a female model, you are expected to have an average height of  5’9″ to 6’0″ while male models are somewhere in the range of 5’11” and 6’2″.


Another job with a height advantage is firefighting. In this job, you need to move through windows, get into buildings and assist individuals with escaping places on fire. 

Short individuals can be successful in this occupation but tall people will repeatedly enjoy the benefits of their height. For instance, being able to utilize a hose to extinguish fires from an elevated region is one of the benefits that you will have as a tall individual.

Another great skill known to be part of tall firefighters is the ability to stretch their long arms and reach out to people in burning fire danger, rescuing them easily. 

HVAC Technician

HVAC technician

A fit, tall person would work well as an HVAC service technician. This occupation involves assessing, installing, and fixing heaters and air conditioners. In this job, you will deal with a lot of bulky objects, and lifting them requires a bit of strength.

You will also need to install heavy-duty frameworks that provide solace and cleanliness, and you will spend most of your time on your feet.

While short people may do well in this field, taller people are more suitable. 

Wind Turbine Technician

two wind turbine technician

This job expects you to manage wind turbines and do a wide range of work, from fixing them to examining and keeping them in good working conditions. 

You may also need to climb the towers and perform routine support of the turbine. Climbing may be easier for tall people because of their long arms and limbs.

Jobs Tall People Should Reconsider

Take a glance at some jobs tall individuals have held in the past which were not suitable for them. This is not to say you shouldn’t take up a profession in these industries, but keep in mind these negative experiences from past workers. 

Airline Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant 

The maximum height deemed fit by many airlines for this job is 6’4″. Some airlines allow no more than 6 feet tall individuals. It is noticeable that there may be height discrimination concerning airline cabin crew and many tall people may not be able to take this job.

Being an inch taller may truly be a disadvantage in this line of work.


hairdresser on a saloon

Styling hair requires you to work over the highest point of someone’s head the entire day. When you have a very tall height, you may end up with lower back and neck torment. 

In hairdressing, a typical chair can be made to raise your customers closer to a comfortable height for you. It is, therefore, best to avoid this job if you are a tall person.

Building Scaffolds

building scaffolding

Scaffolds are broadly utilized on-site to gain passage to heights and regions that would be naturally difficult to reach. They are built to help workers move materials to certain heights in the construction or maintenance of buildings.

It is difficult enough to work on scaffolds due to the limited working space available. Imagine being so tall and having to hit your head and other body parts daily. 

Some Advantages Of Being Tall

Tall people may have several advantages, social benefits, and monetary benefits that shorter individuals may not know. There are also other specific perks of being a tall person.


Tall people are usually more intelligent than their shorter counterparts. An analysis from 2014 showed some correlation between height and higher IQ. Whether this is true is not exactly known but there is statistical proof to back it up. 

Don’t assume that your height will make you smart. Self-improvement is always necessary.

Tendency To Make More Money

man with a lot of money

Don’t be surprised. Tall people have been found to make 789 dollars extra per inch yearly. Being tall gives you an edge to get a position that handsomely pays more than your counterparts. 

Positions such as managers and leaders are often held by tall people. Build leadership skills and your height will serve as an added advantage.


Choosing a profession is perhaps the greatest choice that you will make in your life. As a tall individual, you may consider your tallness as a key for an entire life profession. 

Although you can be successful as a tall person in any chosen career, some fields may provide you with impressive benefits more than others, though it all depends on your passion.

While we hope this article guided you through the best jobs for tall people, your decision should be based on all factors involved in the career you dream of.