Best Joggers For Tall Skinny Guys Comfort (Buyer’s Guide!)

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joggers for tall skinny guys

Owing to their slender and stretchy nature, joggers are fantastic for tall skinny guys. And if you get the best joggers for tall skinny guys, you are guaranteed comfort, warmth, and style.

The good thing about joggers is that they are pretty versatile. You can rock them to the gym or town on the weekend.

Whether you fancy a stylish sweater, jacket, or t-shirt, you can comfortably pair it with joggers.

The biggest challenge is finding joggers which match your slender body and are comfortable, and that’s where this guide comes in.

But before we can look at the buying essentials, let me explain what joggers are and why you should get them.

6 Best Joggers for Tall Skinny Guys

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What Are Joggers and Why Are They A Good Idea for Tall Skinny Guys?

Joggers are skinny pants with a thick cuff band or tapper end at the ankle area and functional pockets.

Sometimes, they are known as sweatpants. Joggers, however, get their name from the word jog.

So, these pants were originally designed as a workout choice for runners. But over the years, people have embraced them as streetwear.

You can rock mens slim-fit joggers outdoors and pair them with any sneaker, jacket, t-shirt, and sweater.

Joggers have high moisture-wicking properties, thus best for working out as the fabric absorbs sweat and keeps you dry.

Joggers also improve your body heat when working out. As a result, they enhance the process of burning calories in the body. That also means that they keep you warm.

Additionally, joggers protect your skin from sunburns, insect bites, and other injury sources.

skinny fit joggers

How to Find the Best Joggers for Tall Guys

Below are important considerations when shopping for tall skinny joggers.

a) Correct Size

Size matters a lot when shopping for all pants, including yoga pants, when tall and skinny, and joggers are no exception. Provided you know your size, you can comfortably buy joggers that fit you.

But still, even if you have no idea what size to get, you can do some quick calculations and get your size.

That’s by determining your inseam length and waist. So, the two values are essential in calculating your joggers’ size.

Here is a table that you can refer to when picking your jogger’s size.

SizeWaist (inches)Inseam (inches)
X-Small (XS)26″29″
Small (S)28-30″30″
Medium (M)32-34″31″
Large (L)36-38″32″
X-Large (XL)40-42″32.5″
XX-Large (2XL)44-46″33″
XXX-Large (3XL)48-50″33.5″

b) Quality Fabric

Mens Tall Joggers come in different fabric choices depending on the manufacturer. Some of the most popular options include cotton, polyester, and fleece.

Overall, cotton is the most comfortable, whereas fleece is the warmest. On the other hand, polyester is the most lightweight and widely the most breathable.

Note, however, some joggers feature a blend of polyester and cotton to give you a taste of both worlds.

So, it’s a matter of preference here. You have to choose a fabric that suits you more.

mens slim jogger pants

c) Style

I remember mentioning that joggers are such a fantastic casual outfit. Primarily, that’s owing to their timeless style.

But still, every wearer has their taste. So, you have to pick a color and pattern that agrees with your style.

Of course, you have to consider what you’ll pair the joggers with when making a choice.

d) Jogger Extras

Remember to also look at the add-ons that come with the mens sweatpants tall. For example, look for functional pockets where you can keep your phone, keys, and ID.

Don’t forget about a drawstring for securing the joggers and an elastic band for your comfort. Some joggers come with belt loops, and others feature a zipper closure.

So, you have to choose extras that are functional to you and not just aesthetic.

e) Good Price

You’ll realize that joggers come in a wide range of prices. Some of the pants are costlier than others, and so it comes down to your budget.

On a lower-end, expect to spend about $20-$25 and about $30-$40 on a high-end.

So, the price gap isn’t that big when it comes to joggers.

Types of Joggers for Tall Skinny Guys

There are different styles of joggers on the market, but the following six suits taller skinny guys more:

1. Twill Joggers for Tall Guys

Twill joggers are new on the market and feature an elastic belt or drawstring and side pockets.

These joggers allow you to wear them just anywhere. That means they could be your gym outfit or streetwear.

Twill joggers mostly come in cotton fabric to give them a warm and comfortable feel. They are machine-washable and generally have a slimmer fit than most joggers.

Their beauty is that you can wear them all seasons, allowing you to pair them with just anything.

I, however, think they are classic when paired with sneakers and a jacket without socks.

A fantastic choice is the Southpole Men’s Twill Joggers (Amazon Link).

These jogger pants come in big and tall sizes and generally enjoy a slim fit.

Their fabric, which is 98% cotton, gives them a stretchy feel, and they are machine-washable. Plus, their waist cord generally makes it easy for you to secure them.

You’ll find them in about nine color choices.

2. Cargo Big Men Joggers

If you are like me, you probably fancy cargo pants because of their military vibe.

Well, while cargo pants are pretty trendy and versatile, you cannot rock them to the gym or going for a run, and that’s where cargo joggers come in.

Cargo joggers are the comfortable version of traditional cargo pants. So, they allow you to walk on the streets with a cool look, thanks to their stylish appeal. But still, you can work out in them.

Overall, their charisma and comfort are unquestionable. Though no one knows how long they’ll stay trendy, what’s obvious is that they are not going out of fashion anytime soon.

The best part is that you can pair them with running shoes or casual sneakers and sweatshirts or tees.

One superb choice for tall skinny guys is the PULI Men’s Cargo Joggers (Amazon Link).

These skinny jogger pants mens are pretty comfortable to allow you to hike with them. They also enjoy a slim fit that enables you to walk confidently despite being slender.

Their selling point is their six utility pockets. Moreover, the fabric is breathable, water-resistant, stretchy, and durable.

3. Cuffed Joggers for Skinny Guys

Cuffed joggers promise to add a quirky style to your look. These street-inspired pants fuse the comfort of sweatpants with the quirkiness of regular jogging pants.

Overall, they are a better choice for bikers, but you can still rock them outdoors with sneakers and t-shirts.

Thanks to their unconventional style, these large tall joggers are a timeless fashion. They are primarily called so because of the crunch on their legs.

One incredible choice for tall skinny men is the Hidyliu Men’s Workout Joggers (Amazon Link).

These joggers enjoy unique cuffed ankles that give them a streetwear appeal. They feature roomy pockets for carrying small valuables and a drawstring closure that allows you to secure them.

Their waistband is also elastic to allow you to find your fit.

The joggers feature a blend of polyester and cotton, which gives them a softer feel.

They also enjoy a lightweight design but generally feel warm during the cold season.

4. Tapered Joggers for Tall Skinny Men

Tapered joggers are amongst the hottest and newest streetwear trends. Usually, they feature an elastic band at their legs that enable them to fall just slightly above your ankles.

As a result, they give you a stylish casual look that blends well with sneakers and tees, with or without a jacket.

So, they are your go-for joggers when you want a modern touch to your look when going to the gym, yoga studios, or just for a run.

And since they feature an elastic waistband, these joggers fit easily. In addition to working out with them, you can wear them on almost all non-official occasions.

That’s the case with the TBMPOY Men’s Tapered Joggers (Amazon Link).

These mens slim jogger pants are pretty lightweight, soft-touching, and breathable. They also have a high moisture-wicking capability, thus a perfect running choice.

The slim-fit joggers come with three functional pockets for keeping your phone and other valuables.

5. Hip-Hop Joggers for Skinny Guys

Hip-hop joggers are not your usual slim choice. They, however, make this list because of their bagginess from the waistline, which allows you to cover your skinny legs when you don’t want to appear slender.

So, they are your best bet when you don’t want people to stare at your skinny legs. Note, however, that these joggers are tapered at the ankles, which means they won’t even feel baggy.

The joggers go well with sneakers, tees, and hoods or jackets. So, if you ever want to look like the next hip-hop star, hip-hop joggers are worth buying.

Their look is just unmissable, more sow when you get the Screenshot Brand Hip Hop Pants (Amazon Link).

These tall mens jogger pants are available in up to size 4X large, making it the best for the tallest and slimmest guys.

They have a cool hip-hop feel and enjoy an athletic touch, making them excellent for casual wearing and workouts.

6. Chino Joggers for Tall Guys

Do you wish to embrace a bold style this year? No pants do the job better than chino joggers.

Not only are they bold in appearance, but they also feel soft and comfortable.

That means you can comfortably wear them any time of the year and to any non-official occasion. You can rock them to the disco, party or a date.

These joggers are also undoubtedly a good workout choice.

Their comfort is primarily due to their pure cotton construction. The best part is that they are amongst the cheapest joggers for tall guys on the market.

Overall, the Italy Morn Chino Jogger Pants (Amazon Link) offer slender taller guys a fantastic choice.

These machine-washable long mens sweatpants have an athletic look that makes them suitable for working out and casual wearing.

They have two slant pockets and two rear pockets for holding your valuable. Plus, they feature pleated knees and cuffed ankles to promote a street vibe.

Their elastic waistband makes them very comfortable.


1. Can Tall Guys Wear Joggers?

There is no reason why tall guys shouldn’t wear joggers. After all, joggers come in all sizes to suit people of different heights. The secret is to match joggers with your inseam length, and they’ll fit.

2. Should Jogger Pants Be Loose or Tight?

Jogger pants are designed to feel comfortable and well-fitting. For that to happen, they have to match your legs.

If you are slender, then your joggers should be slimmer. They shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose.

3. Can I Wear Socks While Wearing Joggers?

Choosing to wear socks with joggers is a matter of personal preference.  Most people don’t wear socks when they rock joggers casually.

No one, however, will fault you for putting on socks when rocking skinny fit joggers, especially when it’s cold.

4. Why Should I Wear Joggers To Workouts?

Joggers feel comfortable because they usually stretch. So, they won’t restrict your movements when working out.

Moreover, joggers feel warm and retain heat, which is necessary for burning extra calories when working out.


Closing Thought:

You now know what the best joggers for tall skinny guys are. So, compare the options and pick what suits your style. Overall, the discussed jogger pants promise a more comfortable, stylish, athletic, and street look.