Leather Jacket for Tall Skinny Guy: A Detailed Buying Guide!

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Nothing looks good on you at 6 feet tall and slender like the trendiest and most comfortable leather jacket for tall skinny guy. Not only can you rock it to a casual event but also an official one if you pair it correctly.

leather jacket for tall skinny guy

Leather jackets carry themselves with elegance, making them a great addition to your wardrobe. While they are a popular choice for the fall and winter, you can still wear them when it’s warm as long as you go for a lighter option and pair it correctly.     

For example, you can pair them with slim-fit jeans and a tee when you want a casual look and with a shirt and tie when you want a formal look.

But with these jackets asking for more money than any other, you have to find good value for what you pay for, and that’s where I come in. 

This guide will help you differentiate the different types of leather jackets on the market today to enable you to get value for money. 

I will also cover other buying nitty-gritty things like jacket lining, color, and zipper quality.

Let’s jump straight into their buying guide.  

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Buying Guide for the Best Leather Jacket for Tall Skinny Guy

Before buying a leather jacket for a tall skinny guy, you have to put the following into consideration:

a) Correct Fit

When shopping for a leather jacket, size should be your first consideration. Given that you are tall and skinny, you need a size that fits well.

Just because you are tall does not necessarily mean going for a too lengthy jacket. No! You should buy a snug jacket, one that feels comfortable around the ribs and arms.

Considering the more you wear it, the more it stretches, you should not go for an oversize option. 

Below is a leather jacket sizing chart to consider. 

SizeLength (inches)Chest (inches)Shoulders (inches)Sleeve (inches) 

b) Leather Type and Quality

As we all know, leather material comes from animal skins, and these animals include goats, sheep, cows, lambs, and pigs.

The material type dictates how well and long the jacket will serve you. 

For example, cheaper leather jackets are usually made from animal skins with scarring and nicks. They often come dye-treated to look uniform, which can be misleading.

Also, unlike quality leather jackets, which have an oily finish, low-quality options have a plastic feel. So, you should know to know to distinguish their qualities.

Below are the most common leather types:

  • Full-Grain Leather: Full-grain leather refers to uncorrected leather that is the most durable and often the costliest. This type of leather ages gracefully without losing its appeal.
  • Top-Grain Type: You get this from the top animal skin layer. These jackets are not as durable as the full-grain but are inexpensive. Plus, they enjoy a protective finish.
  • Suede: Suede is the low-end leather that comes from the animal’s underskin that usually has a thinner, softer feel. Though suede jackets are inexpensive, they won’t serve you for long.
  • Faux: Faux is synthetic leather that is less durable but cheap.

c) Collar Size and Shape

The collar size and shape are also worth considering when shopping for a leather jacket for skinny guys. 

You can opt for tight and short collars as they are a fashion statement for the young generation. They are, however, more popular among bikers due to their streamlined look, which is efficient when riding against the wind.

Others, however, feature turn-down collars that give you extra warmth and relish a stylish look.

d) Jacket Lining

Cheaper leather jackets use a low-grade lining that tears easily, and they are therefore likely to fall apart over time.

However, the most durable and the most high-quality leather jackets usually feature two high-quality synthetic linings. 

For example, most of these jackets have a synthetic body lining for insulation and silk sleeve lining for breathability and comfort.

So, when making your next purchase, consider a jacket with high-quality lining material.

e) Color Preference

For versatility, you should go for colors that you can wear with most outfits without looking awkward. 

Overall, brown and black colors are kings when it comes to leather jacket color choices. 

You should, however, avoid the overly shouting colors like green, white, and red as they aren’t manly.

f) Zipper Quality

Let me share a secret that most tall skinny guys overlook when shopping for a leather jacket. It’s in the zipper quality!

Remember, you wouldn’t want a jacket with a zipper that breaks easily after a couple of years. So, consider leather jackets with heavier zippers that come from durable metals.

My all-time favorite zippers are Riri. 

You will find Riri zippers in the most high-end leather jackets. For you to differentiate them from others, they come with a shiny appearance. 

Also, it is best to go for double zippers as when one breaks; you will have an extra one coming to the rescue.

Types of Leather Jackets for Tall Skinny Guys

Here are the most typical types of leather jackets for your height:

1. Biker Leather Jacket for Skinny Guys

As the name suggests, these jackets primarily target bikers. They come in tougher leather construction to offer adequate protection during a fall, thus an excellent choice for biking.

But still, they can be fancy casual wear, given that they have an element of elegance and style. 

Biker leather coats are water-resistant and wind-resistant, thus perfect for the most extreme weather. They usually come with a straight cut and straight collar and feature several small zipper pockets.

You will find biker jackets in leather options like bison or cowhide leather and different colors.

One perfect recommendation is the FLAVOR Men Retro Jacket (View on Amazon). This jacket is 100% genuine leather but features 100% polyester lining and 100% cotton filling, thus comfortable.

It has inner and outer zippered pockets for storing your phone, wallet among other items. Plus, it comes with a zipper closure and adjustable cuffs to keep you warm at all times. 

Overall, if you are skinny and 6’2″ or taller, this is the ideal option to get.

2. Bomber Slim Leather Jacket Men’s

If all you want is a simple leather jacket, then a bomber should be in your wardrobe. Bomber leather jackets have steadily gained popularity and have become a fashion statement for many men as casual wear. 

They feature durable, strong leather material for long-lasting wear. You can wear bomber leather in fall and winter weather as it comes with a Sherpa lining to keep you warm. 

These jackets also come with zip closure and have a tapered design around the waist and hands. 

Even better, they are elastic around the waist and arms to fit closely to the body. The feature prevents cold air from penetrating up the arms, thus keeping you warm. 

You will find bomber jackets in goat leather, lamb leather, or Napa leather. 

One stylish option for skinny guys is the Levi’s Men’s Leather Sherpa (View on Amazon).

This leather jacket has a central zipper closure and features multiple outer and inner hidden pockets for stashing small items. 

Meanwhile, this leather jacket has a Sherpa interior lining to keep you warm during the winter and generally enjoys a waterproof top to protect you from the rain.

Furthermore, it features a straight-standing collar that makes you look terrific. 

3. Flight Leather Jacket for Tall Guys

The flight leather jacket dates back to 1917, when it was common among pilots. Nowadays, this jacket has become a famous fashion statement.

This jacket resembles the bomber though it has a few exterior enhancements. 

Flight leather jackets generally fit straight into the body without any tapering on the waist or wrist and come with a centrally positioned zipper and overlapping collars to keep you warm. 

You will find these leather jackets in lambskin or cowhide leather and a variety of colors.

One fabulous flight leather jacket is the KingSize Men’s Jacket (View on Amazon). This flight jacket fits guys who are 6’2″ or taller and come with an elastic waist to fit slim guys perfectly.

It also comes with overlapping outer pockets and interior ones for storage.

Overall, this jacket features a relaxed fit and has a light insulation lining to keep you warm. Plus, its collar has a Sherpa lining that keeps you warm regardless of the weather.

4. Racer Jacket for Tall Skinny Guy

The racer jacket is the modern biker jacket. The only difference is that the racer is more of a fashion statement, unlike the biker jacket. 

These leather jackets come with straight stitches on the seams and have a shorter length to fit perfectly well above your hip bone. 

Anyway, who would want a jacket that sags even if you are tall? I guess no one!

The racer jackets fall straight from the shoulders to the waist without any shaping or tapering, and you will find them with straight short collars. 

These jackets mostly feature Napa or lambs leather, but you may find some in suede leather.

One exceptional pick for your wardrobe is the Black Leather Cafe Racer (View on Amazon).

This racer leather jacket is 100% leather and has a centrally positioned zipper.

 Additionally, it comes with a soft viscose lining on its interior to give you a comfortable feel.

People Also Ask

1. Should I Buy A Too-Loose Or Too-Tight Leather Jacket?

A perfect-fitting leather jacket should generally have a snug fit. Simply put, it should neither feel too tight (or too constricting) nor too loose. Consider getting one that lets you wear a tee or light sweater inside.

2. When Should I Wear A Leather Jacket?

Given that leather jackets promise lots of insulation and weatherproof-ness, they are perfect for the cold and rainy seasons. So, pick them for the winter and fall seasons.

3. How Can I Know If A Leather Jacket Is Of Good Quality?

You can tell if the leather jacket is of good quality by feeling its texture. Quality leather jackets feature tight-grain fabric that fees slightly tough.


Closing Thought:

Adding a leather jacket for tall skinny guy is undeniably a good take. Not only will you have the most comfortable coat but a timeless one. Leather jackets won’t go out of fashion any time soon and are thus a good investment.