Best Men’s Tall Polo Shirts Stylish Guys Can’t Stop Wearing.

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best mens tall polo shirts

Polo shirts have become some of the trendiest collections on the market today. It is easy for an average-sized individual to get the best shirts he wants.

But if you’re taller than 6 foot, it gets a bit harder as the normal shirts would not fit you as you expect. This is the moment you feel somewhat marginalized in terms of fashion and clothing.

All in all, you need to go over this and get the mens tall polo shirts that fit seamlessly and provide you with the ideal options in the wardrobe.

So, what becomes of the next move anyway?

Well. You have got to know your ideal shirt, and for the man of your stature (tall man), you are going to need a generous cut of the shirt. No doubt about that.

Therefore, a few things need to be accurately figured out. Because a polo shirt for the tall guy will certainly need extra measurements in terms of height and so on.

And just in case you are tall and skinny, even more special attention is required to get a shirt that would be a perfect fit.

There is no doubt these shirts are most men’s preference. The reasons for this could be many.

Even when the occasions come fast and thick, polo shirts offer versatility to cater to whatever needs you have at that specific time.

Best Men’s Tall Polo Shirts Brands

Sometimes in the past, getting a polo shirt perfect for the tall man was not easy. But thanks to the now many dedicated brands specializing in this niche industry.

Whether you are a tall slim or big guy, these brands have got you covered to satisfaction. Large tall polo shirts and slim ones can be found.

Brands like Nike, Nautica, Columbia, Hanes, Izod, Amazon Essentials, KingSize, Russel and Joe’s USA are just some of the many names doing a great job in manufacturing the best polo shirts for the tall guys.

The best polo shirt measurements can be summarized as indicated in the table below.

Size Height RangeWeight
Small 6′ to 6’4″140 to 170 lbs.
Medium6’2″ to 6’6″170 to 200 lbs.
Large 6’4″ to 6’8″200 to 240 lbs.
Extra-Large6’6″ to 6’10”240 to 280 lbs.

You should be able to land your favorite shirt guided by this information. And even the biggest or the slimmest guy has options to pick from.

If you are sporty (especially a Golf or Tennis player), you may also consider other brands apart from Nike. These could be PGA Tour, Callaway, Reebok, Adidas, Puma, Fila, Lacoste etc.

This is Why You Should Buy the Best Men’s Tall Polo Shirt.

Buying longer length polo shirts comes with great benefits. The bottom line being that you don’t have to get worried about whether that shirt will fit in terms of length.

Some of the benefits that come out quite clearly include:

  1. Proper Fit

It feels good when you have a shirt that fits properly, more so when it’s the shirt you have been looking up for. The right shirt does not come with the stress of fitting.

It will definitely fit you through the torso and sleeves without sagging or being extremely tight. Such is the kind of shirt you want to have right in your wardrobe.

  1. Comfort

Everyone needs total comfort; and the men’s tall polo shirt provides just that. As shown in the size chart above, this shirt will fit really well depending on your exact size.

This in turn is going to leave you comfortable and relaxed. To make the comfort even much better, this shirt is crafted with high-quality fabric that is soft to the touch.

  1. Versatile

You may not be advised to sport a polo shirt with an undergarment or a blazer. But the good news about these shirts is that they can be used in many different occasions.

There are several types of the men’s polo shirts on the market. So, matching a given design with an occasion is not hard.

You could wear this shirt for casual or even official purposes. If you are a golfer, you may as well appreciate these shirts as awesome sporting attire.

Types of Tall Men’s Polo Shirts.

Many different types and designs of the polo shirts are found on the market. From a basic polo shirt, you can go all the way to getting the high-end types.

Look on for the various types below.

1. Big and Tall Polo Shirts

The big and tall types are targeted for the tall individuals who have big builds. They are therefore made roomy apart from the mandatory tall length they come with.

These polo shirts can be found only in larger sizes. Therefore, for the big stature, your staple needs will be perfectly met.

IZOD Men’s Big and Tall Advantage Performance Solid Polo Shirt is any man’s wardrobe wish. This outfit is machine-washable and the fabric is highly breathable due to the moisture-wicking abilities.

For the sporty man, you can have this shirt for maximum comfort. It dries fast and it also has a roll-resistant collar.

You want to stay safe from the sun’s UV light. Therefore, since this shirt has a UV-light protection technology, you can be assured of easy times in the sun.

2.Polo Shirts for Tall Skinny Guys

Skinny guys can face a rowdy time when looking for tall slim fit polo shirts. Despite this, shirts for skinny guys can be found on the market nowadays.

The fitting is specific to the needs of tall slim guy. The torso is long but the measurements are reduced in the chest area to ensure that the shirt is not baggy and saggy.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Cotton Pique Polo Shirt is a great budget shirt for those with a constrained budget.

The cotton material fabric used to make this shirt is comfortable and comes with a soft feel. This will be a perfect fit for those who are looking for value for money.

3. Cotton Polo Shirt for Tall Man

These shirts are produced from the cotton material. They are great at moisture-wicking and breathability.

Cotton polo shirts also have great durability, although they can wear-out quickly if not well maintained through proper cleaning. This happens mostly when the cotton fabric is of lower quality.

If you want wear that is soft to the touch, Amazon Essentials Men’s Standard Regular-fit Cotton Pique Polo Shirt is certainly up for the challenge.

4. Performance Polo Shirt for Tall Man

With these polo shirts, athletes are taken care of. They offer protection from the UV light emitted by the sun.

Performance polos are light in weight and therefore do not feel bulky on the torso. With such weight, golfers can enjoy the game with these outfits. They could also be used during workouts.

Look out for the 5.11 Men’s PERFORMANCE Short Sleeve Polo Tactical Shirt. It will give you that professional appeal you want at very formal events during the summer.

The moisture-wicking capabilities, quick drying and wrinkle resistance makes this shirt one of the best on the market. Lastly, you will also note its versatility in different situations.

5. Blended Polo Shirts for Tall Guys

For increased durability, blended mens tall polo shirts have a mix of fabrics. For example, they could incorporate a blend of cotton and polyester.

These shirts can be good at stain resistance but they may feel uncomfortable to the body compared to the pure cotton materials.

Prices for these types of shirts are relatively lower and they are the most common types of polo shirts on the market.

The Hanes Mens Cotton-Blend Jersey Polo is a 50 percent apiece cotton and polyester. It doesn’t undergo shrinkage and wrinkles after being washed.

You can wear this shirt anywhere you want; both for casual and formal purposes. The cuffs are rib knit making the shirt give a great impression when clad.

6. Tall Pocketed Polo Shirts

The pocketed type is fixed with a pocket. There are not many shirts with this feature since people don’t prefer pockets on polos.

A pocket looks bad (usually) on this shirt. Especially when it sags when an object is placed inside it.

You can try out this Hanes Men’s Comfortblend Ecosmart Jersey Pocket Polo. I doesn’t shrink upon being washed and dried.

The colors do not fade and also pockets don’t shrink. This is comfortable fit and comes with style and great looks.

How to Buy the Best Men’s Tall Polo Shirts.

Having looked at the different types of polo shirts, you want to use your money well by selecting the right one.

You will need to consider a few talking points to secure shirts that would not only fill your closet but also have great quality and create a notable impression when you pull them on.

  • Size

Size of the shirt will determine whether you will be comfortable or not. Extra-long polo shirts are what you need.

Look for the shirts that have been cut to the right size and you can fit them on without struggling. If you have extra weight, your shirts are in the big and tall category; the skinny guys should definitely consider slim tall shirts.

  • Fabric Material

A perfect polo should be made from high-quality, reliable fabrics. These should be durable, easy to clean and does not fade easily.

Cotton-rich fabrics are favored by mostly classy people. But there’s a reason why, and it’s simple, the quality of the material is high and comes with a soft feel.

The problem with the cotton fabric is shrinkage, fading and stretching. If you consider polyester, you will be guaranteed no fading and shrinking and therefore better durability.

  • Budget

You should be able to determine how much you want to spend on the shirt. And the budget you put in place hugely affects which options you will finally take home.

The high-end shirts can be quite expensive. But there are polo shirts which sell at moderate prices and would still provide you with the quality you deserve.

Thus, take care of the budget-friendly options so that you remain within the acceptable budget limits.

  • Style

Both men’s big and tall polo shirts and slim fits for the skinny guys come in a variety of styles and designs. For the lovers of fashion, this niche has adequately covered you.

From the casual designs to those which are highly regarded for corporate occasions and events. Good thing with styles is that they offer you a range from where you can get what is comfortable and reliable for you.

There are also unique designs especially those that are custom-made. You should consider a style that will satisfy you fully.

  • Body Type

The shape of your body is key when buying a polo shirt. Understandably, different men have different body shapes.

Don’t look for those polo shirts which will only make you look absurd. For instance, you can avoid as much as possible a box shaped shirt especially if you are slim.

The idea for the best shirt is to make your looks flatter.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, it is pretty simple to get clothing for tall guys, whether skinny or big foot. And this includes men’s tall polo shirts.

It is imperative that you consider the size and style of the available shirts before you make your choice. Other factors you want to get right are budget, material and body shape.

With polo shirts coming in a wide range of types, one can only imagine the best when it comes to getting only the best wear.

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