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If you are a tall guy passionate about snowboarding, you must know that comfort and warmth are vital to choosing an outfit. The challenge, however, is finding the right mens tall snow pants.

But following detailed research, I’ve found the right guide for buying the best snow pants for tall guys. Even better, I’m going to review the best snow pants for men.

My picks promise utmost comfort and warmth, things you expect from your winter outfit. They come in the correct size and fit and are available in a variety of stylish colors.

But before I can review them, let’s answer these basic questions:

  • Why should you wear snow pants?
  • Are snow pants the same as ski pants?
  • What are the different types of men’s snow pants?
  • How can you choose the best men’s snow pants?

In a hurry? Below are the hottest snow pants for taller men that I’ll review later.  

5 Best Mens Tall Snow Pants

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Why Should You Wear Snow Pants?

mens snow pants

Let’s face it;

The snow terrain is not the friendliest of landscapes, and neither is the winter weather.

You could slip and scrape your skin. There’s also the unpredictable cold weather and general wetness when it snows.

Luckily, you can prepare for everything with the best snow pants. Not only do they protect your skin from the abrasive snow but also the cold and rain.

Most of these pants come with insulation and even those that don’t have warmth-promoting fabric.

The pants are also flexible to allow you to go snowboarding or skiing and even to hike. More importantly, they are available in different sizes to suit all kinds of men.

Are Snow Pants The Same As Ski Pants?

Even though the two names are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. For starters, snow pants are designed for snowboarding, while ski pants are for skiing.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot ski with snow pants or snowboard with ski pants. The experience, however, will not be the same.

You need tighter and slim-fit clothing for skiing to make you aerodynamic, and that’s what you get from ski pants.

As for snowboarding, the outfit doesn’t have to be slim-fit, and that’s what you get from snow pants.

What Are The Different Types of Snow Pants?

You can find mens snow pants in any of these categories:

a) Insulated Men’s Snow Pantsbig and tall ski pants

Insulated men’s snow pants come with a structural design that guarantees optimal warmth. So, they are the perfect winter wear.

They offer different degrees of insulation, expressed in grams. The level of insulation can range from 30g to more than 500g. Usually, the more grams (insulation rating), the warmer the snow pants.

A good example is the Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants.

b) Softshell Men’s Snow Pantslong inseam snow pants

Softshell pants are the best choice for someone looking for lighter, breathable, and non-insulated snow pants. Simply put, they are the perfect summer choice since they don’t offer any insulation.

Despite that, they are highly breathable, lightweight, and lightweight. An excellent example of these tall snowboard pants is the Free Soldier Men’s Snow Pants.

c) 3-Layered (3-in-1) Men’s Snow Pantsextra long ski pants

3-Layered snow pants are just what the name suggests. They feature three layers that make them waterproof, warm, and weatherproof.

Not only can you wear them during the cold season but also during the hot season. So, they are an all-season choice.

A good example here is the TSLA Men’s Winter Snow Pants.

How Can You Choose The Best Mens Tall Snow Pants?

These factors are a must-consider when choosing the best snow pants for your height:

  • Pants Fit

Comfort is everything when wearing snow pants, and one way to get it right is finding the correct fit.

Some snow pants come with a slim fit to sit as close to your body as possible. Others come with a relaxed fit (or larger) fit to feel slightly loose.

But still, we have those with a regular fit, which are true to size. They are neither too close-fitting nor too baggy, and so they are my recommendation.

  • Fabric Durability

The snow pants that you pick should withstand the physical ruggedness of the snow and bad weather. They should also resist easy wear and tear.

Well, that’s a given if the fabric is durable.

Most snow pants come in polyester and woven nylon material that promotes lasting performance. They resist strong wind and snow abrasion.

Other materials worth considering for tall mens snow pants include Dratex, polar fleece, and spandex.

  • Insulation Ratinglong inseam snow pants

Though not all men’s snow pants come with insulation, a majority do. Insulation is critical if you are hoping to overcome the cold, snowy weather.

But if you plan to wear the pants in the summer, you don’t have to go for insulated options. Instead, opt for the softshell option.

Typically, insulation rating is expressed in grams. While 0g represents no insulation, a value between 50g and 100 will suffice in cold conditions.

More Considerations for the Best Men’s Tall Snow Pants

  • Waterproof Rating

The waterproofing rating shows how quickly snow pants can hold any more water. Typically, snow pants with a higher rating promise to keep your skin dry for longer.

The waterproofing rating is usually expressed in mm, ranging from 0mm to over 20,00mm. That means snow pants with a 0mm rating offer no water-resistance, and so you are likely to get wet in them.

  • Breathability Rating

You want the most breathable mens tall snowboard pants for one reason; quick-drying. Such pants dry faster after getting water and are quick to allow sweat to escape. So, they keep you dry quickly.

Typically, the breathability rating is expressed in grams. Any value above 15,000g promises high breathability, and anything below 5,000g represents low breathability.

  • Waist Design

You want snow pants that fit you correctly. They shouldn’t be falling and forcing you to pull them.

big and tall ski pants

So, consider a waist design that fits well. Luckily, most snow pants for men feature an adjustable waistband.

Others come with belts or belt loops. Also, consider those with suspenders if you are the suspender type.

  • Special Add-Ons

Also, consider the following special features:

Articulated knees to improve the pants’ flexibility and your mobility.

Seam taping to offer you moisture protection and keep you dry.

Side zips to ensure the pants fit flawlessly over your snow boots.

Thigh zips to encourage breathability around the thigh area.

Zip legs to allow you to remove the pants without taking off your boots.

Boot gaiters to allow the pants to fit snugly with your boots.

Best Mens Tall Snow Pants Reviewed

1. Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants

(Best Insulated Men’s Snow Pants)

Warmth, comfort, durability, and style are the best four words to describe the Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants.

These long inseam snow pants come with THERMALOCK-inspired high-resistance coating to resist bad weather and abrasion.

And to guarantee an 85g insulation rating to keep you warm, the manufacturer employs THERMATECH technology. So, Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants promise a much warmer experience during the cold season.

They feature an adjustable waist to give you a comfortable fit and boot gaiters for seamless boot integration.

Plus, there are belt loops in case you want to wear the pants with a belt.

Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants comes in a true-to-size fit (regular fit) and features scuff guards and reinforced 600D ankles to withstand easy wear and tear.

Highlight Features

  • THERMALOCK-inspired durable coasting
  • 85g insulation
  • Adjustable waist
  • Boot gaiters
  • Reinforced ankles and scuff guards
  • Belt loops

2. TSLA Men’s Winter Snow Pants

(Best 3-Layered Men’s Snow Pants)

The TSLA Men’s Winter Snow Pants are your perfect winter wear. They promise insulation, water-resistance and are wind-proof. That’s owing to their three-layer Dratex fabric.

The Dratex fabric also prevents heat loss to keep you warm.

The skinny ski pants mens come in a true-to-size fit and enjoy a snap closure.

To promote a snug fit, TSLA Men’s Winter Snow Pants feature elastic boot gaiters. They also have reinforced cuff guards to resist wear and a D-ring for attachments.

Their overall design makes them perfect for snowboarding, ice hocking, hiking, among many other snow adventurers.

Highlight Features

  • 3-layer Dratex fabric
  • Snap closure
  • Elastic boot gaiters
  • True-to-size fit
  • Reinforced cuff guards
  • D-ring

3. Free Soldier Men’s Softshell Snow Pants

(Best Soft Shell Men’s Snow Pants)

The Free Soldier Men’s Softshell Snow Pants come with a polar fleece lining to offer you next-to-skin comfort and warmth.

So, even though they don’t come with any insulation rating, the extra long ski pants feel very warm. That makes them an all-season choice.

On the outer is a softshell layer that improves the insulation and wind-proof properties.

As if that’s not enough, the outer surface features a membranous layer to prevent water from getting in while also encouraging breathability.

Free Soldier Men’s Softshell Snow Pants have a custom fit and feature polyester (94%) and spandex (6%) to give it a stretchy feel.

So, it’s improbable that these pants won’t fit unless you get the size wrong. Besides, they come with a removable belt.

Other features include a self-locking YKK zipper and zipper pockets.

Highlight Features

  • Warm polar-fleece lining
  • Wind-proof, water-resistant, and stretchy fabric
  • YKK self-locking zipper
  • Removable belt
  • Custom-fit

4. BenBoy Men’s Snow Ski Cargo Hiking Pants

(Best for Snow Hiking)

The BenBoy Men’s Snow Ski Cargo Hiking Pants are the best cargo pants you can hike with on snow.

Construction-wise, these pants are 92% polyester plus 8% spandex. As a result, they are wind-proof, warm, abrasion-proof, and water-resistant.

Since they are cargo pants, they come with multi-zipper pockets for your phone, keys, and other valuables.

The big and tall snow pants have a slim fit and feature an adjustable waistband to give you the perfect fit. They also come with a belt for a comfortable fit.

On the knees are wear-resistant patchworks and enjoy a fleece lining to feel extra soft.

BenBoy Men’s Snow Ski Cargo Hiking Pants come in a stylish look and are perfect for hiking, camping, and snowboarding.

Highlight Features

  • 92% polyester
  • 8% spandex
  • Multi-zipper pockets
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Removable belt
  • Fleece lining
  • Knee patchworks

5. Columbia Men’s Ride On Snow Pants

(Best Men’s Ride-On Snow Pants)

The good thing about the Columbia Men’s Ride On Snow Pants is their versatility. You can wear them for skiing, mountain climbing, snowboarding, and even hiking.

These big and tall ski pants are 100% nylon and 100% polyester, thus waterproof. They come with a 60g micro-temp insulation rating, making them pretty warm for the winter weather.

The manufacturer employs OMNI-tech technology to make the pants breathable. The pants feature leg gaiters to keep your feet dry and zippered hand pockets for your valuables.

Moreover, the pants have an adjustable waist for easy fitting. They are machine-washed and enjoy a button closure.

Highlight Features

  • 100% nylon
  • 100% polyester
  • 60g insulation rating
  • Breathable construction
  • Waterproof leg gaiters
  • Zippered hand pockets

Mens Tall Snow Pants FAQs

1. What Are The Best Men’s Pants For Snow?

It would help if you got men’s snow pants that are comfortable, durable, waterproof, and warm. That brings us to these best mens tall ski pants:

  1. Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants: Best Insulated Men’s Snow Pants
  2. TSLA Men’s Winter Snow Pants: Best 3-Layered Men’s Snow Pants
  3. Free Soldier Men’s Snow Pants: Best Softshell Men’s Snow Pants
  4. BenBoy Men’s Snow Ski Cargo Pants: Best for Snow Hiking
  5. Columbia Men’s Ride On Snow Pants: Best Men’s Ride-On Snow Pants

2. Should You Wear Pants Under Snow Pants?

Most snow pants come with a soft inner lining that feels very comfortable. In that case, you don’t have to wear regular pants underneath.

Besides, wearing regular pants under snow pants will only feel rigid and hamper your mobility.

3. Is There Any Difference Between Snow Pants And Ski Pants?

The difference between the two is minor. In most cases, they differ in their fit, where snow pants are slightly loose while ski pants have a slim-fit.

Ski pants have a slim-fit to promote a more aerodynamic design, necessary for skiing.

4. Can You Wear Jeans In Snow?

Jeans are versatile to allow you to wear them in any climate, including the snow. The problem is that they are not flexible enough for snowboarding, skiing, or doing any other winter sport.

However, if you are not doing any activity outdoors, you can comfortably wear jeans.

5. Can You Go Skiing Without Snow Pants?

Yes, you can go skiing, especially during spring, without wearing snow pants. If you are comfortable wearing bikinis or shorts, you can opt for them.

Nonetheless, if the weather is too cold, bikinis and shorts won’t keep you warm.


Concluding Thoughts on Mens Tall Snow Pants

The winter is almost here, and it’s time you prepare for it. One way to do it is getting the right mens tall snow pants.

Since you have five options on my list, you have more than enough to pick from. Go for it, tall guy!