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We tall guys detest it when we sweat, and it seeps through our shirts. We also loathe it when parts of our upper body move aimlessly, and we become self-conscious. Luckily, you can fix both issues with mens tall undershirt.

A good undershirt, sometimes known as a vest, keeps sweat away from your shirt and controls the unnecessary movement of parts of your upper body.

I’ll take you through other reasons why you should get an undershirt other than the two. Additionally, I’ll offer you a buying guide and describe the types of undershirts in existence.

The highlight will be the recommendations for each vest category.

But if you are in a hurry, find the hottest long vests below.

Best Mens Tall Undershirt: 5 Hot Picks

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Why You Should Get Mens Long Undershirts

As I earlier highlighted, an undershirt is critical in keeping sweat off your shirt and controlling your upper body’s unnecessary movement.

By keeping off sweat stains from your shirt, an undershirt extends the shirt’s life. In addition to that, an undershirt hides your nipples and even chest hair to offer you a cool look.

Also, it forms an insulation layer to keep you warm when it’s cold. And more, an undershirt gives you a fitter look, especially when you want to show off your muscles or chest.

Mens tall undershirt also smoothen your torso to allow you to wear a shirt neatly.

Is There A Difference Between An Undershirt and T-Shirt?

It’s easy to assume that an undershirt is just a tee that you wear under another shirt. While that is true, it doesn’t mean that an undershirt and a t-shirt are the same. No!

An undershirt is lighter and slimmer, for starters, to allow you to wear it under a thicker shirt or t-shirt. That’s unlike a t-shirt which is thicker to be worn as the only or the main shirt.

Undershirts are also tight-fitting, not to reveal any wrinkles on your shirt. T-shirts, on the other hand, are somehow loose, leaving out unsightly wrinkles.

Color-wise, while tees come in a variety of color choices, undershirts are mostly limited to black, white, blue, and gray. And they are mostly solid colors.

What’s more, undershirts are often longer than tees to allow you to tuck them in easily under the main shirt.

Types of Mens Tall Undershirt

Here are the main types:

1. A-Shirts (Sleeveless Undershirts or Wife Beaters or Tank Tops) for Men

A-shirt undershirts, popularly known as wife beaters, tank tops, or sleeveless undershirts, have large armholes and a large neck area.

In terms of sweat protection, they offer the least protection against armpit sweat.

The other downside is that they show some lines through your shirt. So, if you are wearing a formal shirt, an A-shirt is not the best choice.

You can, however, count on them to hide your nipples.

The other advantage is that these large tall undershirts are easy to clean and affordable and are great for the summer. They also fit well to define your muscles and give you a masculine look.

One top recommendation is the KingSize Men’s Big and Tall Cotton Tank 3-Pack Undershirt.

What You Get from KingSize Men’s Big and Tall Cotton Tank 3-Pack Undershirt:

  • A three-pack assembly of big and tall tank tops
  • 100% cotton undershirts that feel soft and are extra lightweight and breathable
  • A roomy fit and an open neck for easy fitting
  • Machine-washable wife beaters

Overall, The KingSize Men’s Big and Tall Cotton Tank 3-Pack Undershirt is best for men who are at least 6 feet tall.

2. V-Neck Undershirts for Men

V-neck undershirts are modern vests designed for men who like showing off their upper bodies. But still, these extra long undershirts suit guys with square or round faces who would want to make their faces appear longer.

In as much as a V-neck is stylish, it’s also practical in performance. It offers sweat protection, and that has seen so many men prefer it as sleepwear.

The undershirt is comfortable to wear and take off. The only issue is that your chest hair may show, which can be unsightly.

One top recommendation is the Amazon Essentials Men’s Big & Tall 5-Pack V-Neck Undershirts.

What You Get from Amazon Essentials Men’s Big & Tall 5-Pack V-Neck Undershirts:

  • A 5-pack of 100% cotton V-neck undershirts
  • Machine washable options
  • All-white shirts with a true-to-size fit
  • Tag-free collar

Overall, these undershirts for tall guys are available from size 2X to 6X, making them perfect for the biggest and tallest men.

3. Crewneck Undershirts for Men

Now, if you prefer the classic style over the modern undershirt, go for a crewneck. This undershirt gives you a sleeker look and is best worn with stylish jeans.

So, you can comfortably wear a crewneck undershirt without anything else on top. That means that the undershirt is also suitable for those men who prefer to show off their upper body.

They come in thinner fabrics, thus very comfortable. The only issue is that the undershirts for men have a high neckline, which makes them unfit for suits.

One top recommendation is the Amazon Essentials Men’s Big & Tall 5-Pack Crewneck Undershirts.

What You Get from Amazon Essentials Men’s Big & Tall 5-Pack Crewneck Undershirts:

  • A 5-pack of 100% cotton crewneck undershirts
  • All-white undershirts with a true-to-size fit
  • Machine-washable pack
  • Tag-free collar

Overall, Amazon Essentials Men’s Big & Tall 5-Pack Crewneck Undershirts are available in sizes ranging from 2X to 6X, making them perfect for big and tall guys.

4. Athletic Undershirts (Compression Undershirts) for Men

Athletic undershirts are just what the name suggests. They have an athletic appeal and are popular with sportspeople.

Their fabric is highly breathable, making them great for sweat protection. The material is still stretchable and offers you a snug fit, thus the name compression undershirt.

Plus, they are lighter to wear underneath your regular tee or shirt. Even better, they come in a variety of color choices to suit tall men of varying tastes.

The only downside is that these big and tall undershirts don’t have a formal appeal, which means you’ll look underdressed in any formal event.

One top recommendation is the DEVOPS 2-3 Pack Men’s Athletic Compression Shirts.

What You Get From DEVOPS 2-3 Pack Men’s Athletic Compression Shirts:

  • A three-pack high-performance all-season wear
  • 4-way stretch, quick-drying, two-way breathability, and moisture-wicking spandex fabric
  • UV-protected and non-abrasive fabric
  • Versatile fit for gym, soccer, jogging, and other sports-related uses

Overall, DEVOPS 2-3 Pack Men’s Athletic Compression Shirts come in large, x-large, and xx-large sizes to suit tall guys. That’s in addition to regular small and medium sizes for average-size guys.

5. Long Sleeve Undershirts (Union Suits) for Men

Long-sleeve undershirts are just the direct opposite of wife beaters. Unlike wife beaters, long sleeve undershirts offer maximum coverage to your arms.

Initially known as union suits, long sleeve undershirts are great for cold and sweat protection.

They are also breathable, and a majority of them have a crewneck line. These longer undershirts come in various colors and can sometimes be worn like regular shirts, more so in the summer.

Their downside is that they are too casual, thus unfit for formal wear.

Even though they offer sweat protection, they provide you with an extra thick layer that may increase sweating. As a result, sweat may seep through your shirt.

One top recommendation is the Bodtek Men’s Thermal Long Sleeve Baselayer Top.

What You Get from Bodtek Men’s Thermal Long Sleeve Baselayer Top:

  • 92% ultra-soft polyester and 8% stretchable spandex
  • Muscle-fatigue reduction
  • High moisture-wicking and heat retention properties
  • Full stretch and a snug fit

Overall, Bodtek Men’s Thermal Long Sleeve Baselayer Top is available in large, x-large, and XX-large sizes for tall guys. That’s in addition to small and medium sizes for the not-so-tall guys.

Buying Guide for the Best Mens Tall Undershirt

Consider these factors when buying an undershirt:

  • Quality Fabric

A quality fabric is everything when buying an undershirt. You need the material to be breathable, stretchy, comfortable, durable, and easy to watch.

That brings us to four essential material choices: cotton, linen, polyester, and nylon.

Cotton is known for its durability, softness, high-insulation, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties. The only negative is that it’s a poor moisture absorber.

Linen, in contrast, is a good moisture absorber. Plus, it has quick-drying, durability, and breathability properties. The concerns are that it doesn’t stretch, is susceptible to wrinkles, and retains moisture.

As for polyester and nylon, they are lightweight, quick-drying, durable, and stretchable. The concerns are that they are not sustainable and are poor moisture-absorbers.

  • Size and Fitmens tall undershirt

You should get the best undershirts for men to match your height. Remember, it has to be longer than your shirt or t-shirt for comfortable tucking in.

The standard size is 31-36 inches, while the medium size is 38-40 inches. That makes anything more than 40 inches suitable for taller guys.

And when prioritizing the correct sizing, don’t forget the fit.

Ensure the undershirt fits correctly. Most mens large tall undershirts come in slim fit not to be showy through your main shirt. Consider that.

  • Design

Different long undershirts promote different kinds of styles. If you decide to rock casual wear, go for a V-neck undershirt. It allows you to undo your shirt’s top button.

If you plan to wear a shirt with a tie, a crewneck will do you justice. And if you want to go to the gym or a sports event, pick compression undershirts.

But if you want to freestyle and enjoy a summer look, a tank top is okay.

And More

  • Cut and Color

You wouldn’t want your undershirt to show when wearing a formal shirt. So, consider a cut-out that’s not visible through your shirt.

In that case, go for a crewneck if the event is formal and a V-neck if it’s informal.

Also, consider a color that doesn’t show when you wear the undershirt.

Generally, white undershirts are not the best for light-colored shirts. Therefore, wear white undershirts with dark-colored shirts.

Generally, when picking the color for extra long mens undershirts, choose one that’s closer to your skin tone.

Mens Tall Undershirt FAQs

1. What Are the Best Men’s Undershirts?

By considering the fabric quality, size, fit, design, and cut, here are the best undershirts for tall men:

1. KingSize Men’s Tank Undershirt: Best Men’s Tank Tops

2. Amazon Essentials V-Neck Undershirts: Best Men’s V-Neck Undershirts

3. Amazon Essentials Crewneck Undershirts: Best Men’s Crewneck Undershirts

4. DEVOPS Men’s Athletic Shirts: Best Men’s Athletic Undershirts

5. Bodtek Men’s Long Sleeve Top: Best Men’s Long Sleeve Undershirt

2. Should You See a Men’s Undershirt?mens undershirts tall

An undershirt is more like underwear which means it shouldn’t be seen. It’s never stylish when it shows.

That’s why you need to pick its fit and color appropriately to ensure it’s not visible through your shirt.

3. What’s The Difference between a T-shirt and an Undershirt?

While an undershirt is a type of innerwear, a t-shirt is an outerwear. That means you can wear an undershirt beneath a t-shirt.

4. Should Guys Wear Undershirts Under Polo Shirts?

Principally, a polo shirt should be worn as a base cloth, lying close to your body. So, wearing an undershirt beneath it only makes it appear excessively bulky, thus unnecessary.

If you have to wear an undershirt with a polo shirt, it should be slimmer with a neckline that doesn’t show.

5. What’s The Purpose of Wearing an Undershirt?

An undershirt’s most important purpose is to absorb sweat and protect your shirt or tee from staining. But still, mens undershirts tall can protect you from showing nipples or your hairy chest.

Additionally, they offer extra warmth when it’s cold.


Closing Thoughts:

Every tall man deserves the best mens tall undershirt. And with the above options coming in packs of three or more, you should have enough undershirts for the week.