Best Over The Knee Boots For Tall Women Plus Styling Guide.

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Flattery is vital for women when it comes to picking boots. While there are so many boot types, nothing flatters taller women more than over the knee boots for tall women.

over the knee boots for tall ladies

Over-the-knee (OTK) boots, also known as thigh-high boots or hip boots, date back to the 15th Century when men wore them as riding shoes. Today, they are a trendy choice for modern women, especially taller ones.

You can pair them with dresses, skirts, leggings, and even jeans and rock them anywhere. That includes the office, dinner dates, night-outs with your girls, and even shopping.

Considering that these boots are long and warm, they are such a fantastic winter choice. So, you have no reason not to get thigh-high boots if you are tall and possibly slender.

The secret is to know how to pair them correctly, what style to go for depending on the occasion and getting the size right. Lucky for you, those are the things that’ll cover in this post.

But before that, let me explain the different types or styles of OTK boots to help you identify your fashion taste from the very beginning.

In a rush? Check out the trendiest and most recommended over-the-knee boots for taller ladies below.

6 Best Over The Knee Boots For Tall Women

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Types (or Styles) of Over The Knee Boots For Tall Women.

Over-the-knee boots come in different types to suit different styles and occasions.

Here are the most popular styles:

  • Flat over-the-knee boots
  • Heeled over-the-knee boots
  • Lace-up over-the-knee boots
  • Drawstring over-the-knee boots
  • Fringe over-the-knee boots
  • Riding over-the-knee boots

Let me discuss these options below!

1. Flat Over the Knee Boots for Taller Women.

There is no woman out there who doesn’t love the simplicity and the comfort of flat shoes. Now, imagine your favorite flats reaching the thighs and keeping you warm while still appearing trendy!

Well, you don’t have to imagine that anymore as all it takes are flat over-the-knee boots.

These OTKs are for the busy woman. They are for her one who’s always on her feet and the career woman who prefers the 70s vibe.

If that sounds like you, then you should get Dream Pairs Women’s Thigh-High Flat Boots (Amazon Link).

These boots come with rubber soles and feature faux fur lining to feel super comfortable. They have such a cozy feel and look.

2. Heeled Over The Knee Boots For Long Legs

Heeled over-the-knee boots are sexy and ever trendy. They are the kind of boots that will never go out of style.

These OTK boots are for the entrepreneur, the career woman, and the modern mom who wants to stay fashionable.

When it comes to heels, you can go for leather or suede and any color that flatters your outfit. If you prefer a more glamorous look, go for a chunky heel, but settle for the stiletto heel if you want a bold modern appeal.

Overall, there aren’t many OTK boots with a killer look like the Shoe’ N Tale Chunky Heel Thigh-High Boots (Amazon Link).

These boots are 100% suede and enjoy a stretchy feel, thus comfortable on your calves.

3. Lace-Up Over The Knee Boots for Tall Ladies

If you want to appear glamorous or even seductive, the OTK boots to go for are the lace-up type.

These over-the-knee boots are for every woman who wants to paint the ‘wow factor’ everywhere they go. These boots are a statement piece, and anyone who sees you will marvel at their beauty.

They are best paired with simple dresses or sweater dresses. If you want a casual look, go for suede lace-up, but if you’re going to rock a formal event, then leather will do.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with the Forever Women’s Chunky Riding Boots (Amazon Link) in your closet.

These synthetic leather boots come with a chunky look that offers you a stunning look. The best part is that you have a dozen color choices to choose from.

4. Drawstring Extra Tall Thigh High Boots

The problem with most thigh-high boots is that they pool around the quads and feel slightly uncomfortable. If that happens to you, then you should get drawstring over-the-knee boots.

These boots are more streamlined, thus, more comfortable around the quads. That, however, is not their only advantage.

When they come in suede style, these boots have a staggering look, but go for leather if you want a simple look.

Overall, you can pair the OTK boots with anything, but they go better with mini-dresses, miniskirts, or jeans.

Perfect recommendations are the ShoBeautiful Women’s Thigh-High Boots (Amazon Link).

These boots come in faux suede construction and feature a rubber sole, thus good quality.

5. Fringe Over the Knee Boots for Women

Fringe OTKs are for the bold women- those who have no apologies for being the center of attention.

These boots are also for those who want to appear trendy or to rock something from the 70s.

They are more flattery when paired with a fringe outfit. So, you can pair them with velvet shorts, fringe dresses, or fringe skirts.

Fantastic choices for taller women are the Cape Robbin Alba Cowgirl Boots (Amazon Link).

These western-inspired fringe boots come with metallic stud patterns and have a pointed toe and an elongated fringe design to give you a country girl look.

They also feature a zipper closure and stiletto heel.

6. Riding Knee High Boots For Tall Ladies

If you plan to ride a horse, you need appropriate boots. Simply put, you need riding over-the-knee boots.

But don’t get the name wrong; these boots are also a fantastic casual choice.

They mostly come in leather to allow you to pair them with just any outfit. They are, however, best paired with jeans or skirts.

The OTK boots don’t scream for attention as fringe and lace-up options do. So, they are best for those who prefer to keep things low-key.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with the Dream Pairs Women’s Over-the-Knee Boots (Amazon Link).

These boots feature suede leather upper, a half zipper closure, back strap lace, and a latex footbed.

Buying Guide for Over The Knee Boots For Tall Ladies

Here are essential buying considerations for OTK boots:

a) Boot Size

When shopping for OTK boots online, you must get the size correct. The first consideration is the calf circumference. If you are not sure, measure it in inches.

Do the same with your ankle circumference and the shaft height (from the mid arch to the toe opening).

And of course, you should know your foot size.

Below is a table to use as a reference.

Boot SizeFoot Length (inches)Ankle Circumference (Inches)Calf Circumference (Inches)Shaft Height (Inches)

b) Material Type

Essentially, over-the-knee boots for tall women come either in suede or leather.

Leather offers you more versatility, given that you can pair it with any sleek outfit. Suede, in contrast, offers you a runway-ready look, thus best for younger women.

It’s worth noting, however, that there are real leather and real suede and their synthetic options.

Real leather and real suede don’t stretch easily. So, you have to get options with some room.

Their advantage is that they are more durable. They, however, have a stronger smell, which can be intolerable.

Synthetic options don’t have such a strong smell and are generally cheaper. Sadly, they are less durable.

c) Boot Color

Long over the knee boots come in a variety of colors. So, the decision purely depends on personal taste. For example, black is best for a slimmer look and can generally go with any outfit.

On the other hand, brown and gray add a lighter look to your outfit, thus best for a warmer look. You can wear them with jeans, floral dresses or miniskirts.

d) The Occasion

Where are you planning to wear the over-the-knee boots? Answering this question will help you pick a better style.

For casual occasions:

You can go for any style if you are attending a casual event but if you want to make a statement, go for drawstring, fringe, lace-up, or heels.

But if you want to keep things modest, riding boots or flat-style will do.

For formal functions:

Drawstring and fringe boots don’t have a formal appeal. So, they won’t cut it here.

Instead, go for leather-style heeled, lace-up flats or riding boots, depending on preference.

e) What You’ll Wear Them With

Here are the basics for wearing thigh high boots for tall women:

  • With Jeans: Jeans go well with all thigh-high boots. It’s, however, a good idea to tuck your shirt, top, or jumper in the front for the jeans and boots to stand out.
  • With a skirt: Leather OTK boots go well with skirts, especially miniskirts. But if it’s cold, you should pair the miniskirts with tights or go for a maxi skirt. In terms of boot style, riding OTK boots blend well with skirts.
  • With a dress: Dresses, especially mini dresses, go well with leather over-the-knee boots. The pairing gives you a sexy look, and you can go for flats, heels, or any other style you like.
  • Leggings: Leggings go well with suede thigh-high boots, and you can go for any style or color.

Other Considerations for Thigh-High Women Boots

Also, consider the following:

  • Closure: Consider boots that are easy to wear and take off. So, they should come with side or back zippers, straps, or laces.
  • Heel height: If you plan to wear the boots for more extended periods, consider a heel size that’s not more than one inch. You can, however, go for a taller heel if you are going to wear the OTK boots for a short time.
  • Details: Other than the closure details, consider other elements like fur, drawstring, buckles, or anything else that flatters the boots.


1. Do Knee-High Boots Make You Look Taller?

When worn with a short dress or skirt, over-the-knee boots can make you look taller. Generally, they make your legs appear longer than they are.

2. Are Knee-High Boots Flattering?

Knee-high boots are naturally flattery, more so when paired with stylish outfits. They can add a seductive vibe to your outfit if you get the style and color pairing correct.

3. Can I Wear Over-The-Knee Boots At 40?

There is no age that you cannot wear over-the-knee boots. But at 40, you need something low-key but classy, preferably leather flat or heeled over-the-knee boots. You can also go with suede during the winter.

4. Who Should Not Wear Over-The-Knee Boots?

Over-the-knee boots are not for young girls. They are for women who want to add style and sassiness to their outfits. Any woman, from the career woman to the stay-at-home mom, can wear these boots.

5. Are Over-The-Knee Boots Work-Appropriate?

Over-the-knee boots don’t cut it in conservative offices like marketing, law, and accounting firms. But if you run a business or work in an office with no strict dress codes, you can rock the boots.


Concluding Thoughts:

Generally, finding the best over the knee boots for tall women is not difficult if you know what you want. Above is a fantastic guide that simplifies things for you.

You can use it to pick OTK boots that suit your style and class and, more importantly, match your height and foot size.