Best Pajama Pants For Tall Guys Who Love Their Sleep!

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Comfort is everything for us tall guys whenever we retire to bed. Often, it depends on what we wear, and nothing promises the ultimate sleep comfort more than the best pajama pants for tall guys.

These pants are more comfortable to sleep in than regular clothes. Their fabric is softer to the skin, and their breathability and moisture-wicking properties are unmatched.

Even more important, they remain sterile since they don’t trap outdoor pollutants, as it’s the case with our regular clothes. And as a result, they minimize the risk of pollution-related infections.

Note that pajamas, like regular clothes, come in different fabrics and styles. So, the obvious question is, how do you find your match?

And given that you are 6 foot tall or so, how do you get your size?

pajama pants for tall skinny guys

Those are the questions I’ll answer in this buying guide. But before that, let me explain more about why pajama pants are worth getting.

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6 Most Comfortable Pajama Pants for Tall Guys

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Why Pajama Pants Are Good for Tall Guys

Like I mentioned earlier, the primary reason for getting pajama pants is that of your sleeping comfort. Pajama pants are more breathable, soft-touching, and easier to turn in at night.

They don’t constrict your body to interfere with blood circulation or nerve supply, making them more comfortable.

They are also made from sterile materials, which won’t irritate your skin at night. And since you only wear them at night, they don’t trap outdoor pollutants like regular pants.

The other reason for getting pajama pants is that they are easy to put on and take off.

Let’s face it; you want to get into and out of your sleepwear as fast as possible, and pajama pants guarantee that.

Pajama pants are also secure. You can relax on the balcony or your couch watching TV at night in them. So, they are not just sleepwear but also loungewear.

36 inch inseam mens pajama pants

How to Find the Best Pajama Pants for Tall Guys

Now that you know why pajama pants are worth getting, you should buy the best, and here are your considerations:

a) Get the Correct Size

This is where you have to keep an extra eye when you are above average height. Pajama pants come in different sizes to match different heights.

The secret to finding your size is to know your waist and hip size. Once you have the values, you can easily find your perfect pajama pants size.

Overall, pant manufacturers employ different sizing guides that can be confusing.

However, below is Amazon’s general casual pant sizing guide that you can use to find 36 inch inseam mens pajama pants or any other size.

Pants SizeWaist Size (inches)Hip Size (inches)
XX-Large (2XL)42-45″45.75-48.25″
XXX-Large (3XL)46-49″48.75-51.25″
XXXX-Large (4XL)50-53″51.75-54.25″

b) Fabric Quality Matters

After the size, the other most crucial consideration for mens tall sleep pants is the fabric. Choosing the right fabric type (which I’ll explain later) is essential.

For starters, the fabric should demonstrate longevity. It shouldn’t tear or wear off quickly to allow you to use it for long.

The pajama pants should also promote usability. They shouldn’t lock you in one top style. You should be able to pair it with different t-shirts and other sleepwear without looking awkward.

A quality fabric is also one that is easy to take care of. Since your pajama pants will require regular washing, they should be easy to clean either by machine or hands.

Of course, you have to follow the manufacturer’s washing and care instructions.

extra long mens pajama pants

c) Fabric Comfort is Key

Since the pajama pants will be part of your night routine, they’ve to be very comfortable. In that case, they should first fit.

In addition to that, the fabric should be loose enough to allow you to turn in and adequately ventilated to allow sweat to escape.

Others have moisture-wicking properties, essential against sweat.

You also have to consider the weather when picking a comfortable fabric. For example, silk and cotton materials are better suited in warmer conditions, while wool and flannel are best for cold weather.

More importantly, if your skin is too sensitive, get long pajamas pants made of hypoallergenic material like bamboo.

d) Don’t Forget the Style

Nothing can annoy you more than pajama pants that are out of fashion. So, you have to get a style that’s likely to stay trendy.

For example, one of the trendiest designs today is plaid, which is a check pattern. You cannot go wrong with such a style.

But if you like to play it safe, you can get a solid color that blends with your t-shirt or top.

The drawstring design is also becoming trendy by the day, while the printed design is for the boldest guys.

long pajamas pants

e) The Details Are Important

The details are everything when picking pajama pants. Elements like drawstring, zips, and buttons determine the pants fit.

You also have to decide if you need pockets or not. Of course, pockets allow you to stash your phone or keys when you choose to step out of the bedroom.

You also have to decide if the pants should have wide legs or elastic cuffs at the bottom. More importantly, you have to determine if you want prints or a solid color.

Types of Pajama Pants for Tall Skinny Guys

Pajama pants come in different types depending on the material choice. Here are the six most popular options:

  • Cotton pajama pants
  • Polyester pajama pants
  • Flannel pajama pants
  • Silk pajama pants
  • Bamboo pajama pants
  • Wool pajama pants

Let’s discuss them.

1. Cotton Pajama Pants for Tall Guy

Cotton is one of the most used fabrics on pajamas, and it’s pretty understandable. For one, cotton is naturally soft, thus gentler on the skin at night.

Cotton is also lightweight, and that makes it comfortable to turn in. Its breathability is unmatched, and that also boosts its comfort during hot weather.

Its major downside is that it has poor insulation. As a result, it’s not the best for cold climates.

On the flip side, its poor insulation makes it perfect for the warm weather. But if you sweat a lot, cotton may not be ideal as it is poor at wicking moisture.

Overall, you can get pajama pants that are 100% cotton, and a perfect example is the Nautica Soft Woven Pajama Pants (amazon link)

These extra long mens pajama pants are super-lightweight, breathable, and soft-touching.

Moreover, they have great details like side-seam pockets, an elastic band, and a drawstring.

2. Flannel Pajama Pants for Tall People

While cotton is best for warm weather, flannel is a fantastic choice for the cold season. Flannel has exceptional heat insulation properties to keep you warm during the winter.

But still, the material is breathable to help you stay cool during the hot season. So, you can wear flannel pants all seasons.

You can also lounge with flannel pants as they are pretty comfortable.

Their only downside is that they feel slightly heavier, which can be discomforting in the summer.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with Amazon Essentials Flannel Pajama Pants (amazon link)

These soft-touching pants are machine-washable and come with statement details like drawstring closure, front pockets, and a button-front closure.

3. Silk Pajama Pants for Tall Men

Silk is what I consider a magical thermo-regulator. It keeps you warm when it’s freezing and cool when hot.

So, there’s no time of the year that you cannot wear silk pajamas.

The material is also comfortable to wear and turn in. But given its thermo-regulation capability, silk pants are expensive.

The other issue is that the fabric is slippery and stain-prone. Other than that, there isn’t much to worry about the material.

Overall, silk pants are a fantastic choice for people with sensitive skin. One excellent choice for tall guys is the YIMANIE Men’s Silk Pajama Pant (amazon link)

This mens tall pajama pant is easy to wash, soft, and comfortable all year long. Not only can it be your sleepwear, but also your loungewear.

4. Polyester Pajama Pants for Tall Guy

Polyester is a synthetic material known for its comfort and durability. It’s usually the cheaper alternative to silk.

Incidentally, most fleece pajama pants are made of polyester. So, sometimes the names polyester and fleece are used interchangeably.

Polyester feels soft and warm, therefore a good choice for the winter weather. Polyester pants are also easy to clean and comfortable to walk in around the house.

Some are even transition-able to daytime choices, as it’s the case with FollowMe Microfleece Pajama Pants (amazon link)

These mens tall pajama pants come with button closure and feature elastic cuffs, making them best for lounging too.

They are high-quality in design to promise durability, comfort, and style.

5. Bamboo Pajama Pants for Tall Person

Bamboo is a natural material choice known for its hypoallergenic. What that means is that it doesn’t elicit any allergic reaction, thus goof for sensitive skins.

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable. So, if you are eco-conscious, then the pants are a huge bonus.

And as far as your comfort is concerned, bamboo has natural moisture-wicking properties. So, it promises to keep you cool when your body overheats during the summer.

Furthermore, the material feels soft on the skin. That’s the case with GYS Men’s Bamboo Sleep Pants (amazon link).

These extra long pajama pants can be your sleep or lounge pants. They are pretty comfortable, given their moisture-wicking effectiveness.

Plus, their elastic waist and stylish drawstring closure give them a comfortable fit.

6. Wool Pajama Pants for Tall Guy

Now, while flannel pants are decent in cold weather, nothing beats wool in freezing conditions. Wool keeps you warm during the winter.

They, however, can promote overheating and turn uncomfortable during the summer.

Wool can also irritate you if you’ve sensitive skin. Moreover, it’s less breathable, thus not ideal if you sweat a lot.

So, wool should only be worn during the winter, but you can drop it for cotton, silk, or bamboo once you get to the summer.

A fantastic wool pajama for tall guys is the Merino Wool Base Layer Pants (amazon link)

These tall mens pajama pants are 100% merino wool, therefore extra warm and soft. But unlike most wool pajamas, these have moisture-wicking and odor-resistant properties.

The bonus is that they come with wool socks.


1. How Do I Choose The Right Pajama Pants?

The secret to choosing the right pajama pants is picking a quality fabric and getting the size correct. The pants should be comfortable to wear and should fit well.

They should also be easy to care for, durable, and stylish.

2. Should You Buy Pajamas A Size Bigger?

Given that most pajamas shrink after a few washes, it’s a good idea to buy one size bigger. That’ll ensure that the pajamas will still fit even after shrinking.

3. What Is The Point Of Pajamas?

Pajamas are comfortable sleepwear. They also allow you to sleep more comfortably in them and are generally breathable and soft-touching. But still, you can spend time on the balcony or couch in pajamas.

4. Why Do Pajamas Have To Be Snug?

Snug-fit pajamas don’t leave any room for air, and that makes them less flammable. In contrast, loose pajamas trap air, and air (oxygen) is necessary for combustion.

5. Do Pajamas Have To Be Flame Resistant?

For an adult, pajamas don’t need to be flame-resistant. That’s because adults are more careful. It’s, however, essential for kid’s pajamas to be flame-retardant.


Closing Thought:

It takes a lot of considerations to find the best pajama pants for tall guys. While finding the correct size is critical, landing the most high-quality and comfortable fabric is equally important.

And of course, the details are worth a look as shared in my buying guide.