Best Rain Jacket For Tall Skinny Guys 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

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As a tall and slimmer guy, nothing protects you from the downpours more than a rain jacket for tall skinny guys.

rain jacket for tall skinny guys

With the change of weather and the winter drawing closer, a rain jacket should feature in your wardrobe. Not only do rain jackets keep you dry, but they also protect you from getting sick and let you run errands even when it’s pouring heavily.  

It’s essential, however, to go for a lightweight rain jacket that resists shrinkage, a durable option, the correct size, and a comfortable piece that you can wear for long hours. 

Understandably, it may be a daunting task to find your perfect fit at 6 feet tall and slender, and that’s where I come in. 

I will help you differentiate the different styles you are likely to find in the market, take you through a buying guide and answer some questions about rain jackets.

Let’s get into it!

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4 Best Rain Jacket for Tall Skinny Guys 

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Buying Guide for The Best Rain Jacket for Tall Skinny Guys

Here are the primary considerations for buying rain jackets when you are tall and slender:

a) Correct Size

Before going ahead to buy a rain jacket, you should consider your size. I am talking about the measurements of your chest, arm length, and back length. 

Luckily, you’ll find all these details on the jacket, and you need to know what the number denotations mean. What’s important is that the underneath room is slightly bigger to let you wear the rain jacket on top of your regular outfit.

Here is a general rain jackets size chart you can refer to during your shopping exploits.

Size Chest diameterArm lengthBack length
46.4 inches30.7 inches37.5 inches
48.1 inches31.2 inches38.5 inches
XL50.3 inches31.8 inches39.6 inches
XXL53.1 inches32.4 inches40.5 inches
3XL55.1 inches32.4 inches40.5 inches
4XL57.1 inches32.4 inches40.5 inches

b) Fabric Type and Quality

Rain jackets come in various materials such as nylon, polyester, linen, and cotton. Though they all promise to protect you against rain, they differ in quality.

Note, however, that most of these materials are not 100% waterproof. Also, not all of them are durable and breathable.

Let’s talk about what each of these materials brings to the table:

  • Polyester

Polyester fabric comes from petroleum oil, and it is best known to resist fading and shrinkage. Though it’s not 100% waterproof on its own, polyester always comes treated with a waterproof coating or sealant to enhance its waterproofness.

  • Nylon

Nylon is a durable material, lightweight and inexpensive. You will find nylon not only on rain jackets but also on umbrellas and tents. 

They dry quickly, fold easily, and are packable so you can travel with them in your backpacks. The only issue is that nylon rain jackets retain heat longer, which can be uncomfortable sometimes.

  • Linen 

Linen fabrics come with a matte sheen finish and have a soft, smooth outer surface. Linen doesn’t crease and is usually treated with water repellant to enhance its water resistance.

  • Cotton 

Cotton on its own is not considered waterproof. But if treated with a coat or a sealant, it becomes water-resistant. Generally, cotton rain jackets are breathable, comfortable, high-quality, and usually have a softer feel.

c) Adjustable Features

Rain jackets come with a drawcord at the hem or around the waist. Some even feature adjustable wrist closure. 

All these adjustments allow you to create a tight closure not to allow water to sneak in. Again, you can loosen these cords to allow ventilation. 

So, while shopping for your raincoat, ensure it has these adjustable features to improve your wearing comfort.

d) Pockets with Water-Resistant Zippers

When buying a men’s or women’s tall rain jacket, ensure that it comes with pockets that have water-resistant zippers. They are handy when you want to stash your small items and keep them safe from wetness.

Overall, go for options with both the inner and outer pockets.

e) Breathable and Lightweight

When shopping for a rain jacket for a tall guy, breathability should be a top consideration. 

Breathable rain jackets allow hot air or sweat to escape, improving your comfort. You can wear a breathable rain jacket all day long without feeling uncomfortable.  

Rain jackets should also be lightweight for convenient carrying and comfortable wearing.

f) Rain Jacket Layers

Perhaps you are not aware, but rain jackets feature several layers which play critical roles in their water-resistance properties. 

The outer layer is either nylon or polyester and is usually treated with a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish. 

The middle layer is the breathable part that has sweat-wicking properties, while the innermost layer is typically next to your skin to keep you cool. 

Note, however, that some of these jackets may the three layers or just 2 or 2.5, as I explain below:

  • 2-layer jackets – These jackets feature the outer DWR layer and the breathable middle layer only.
  • 2.5-layer jackets – These jackets resemble the 2-layers, only that they come with an additional thin coating on the inside.
  • 3-layer jackets – These rain jackets come with all three layers, thus the best choices. They are generally the most high-end jackets.

Types of Rain Jackets for Tall Skinny Guys

Below are the best types of rain jackets big and tall and slender guys:

1. Waterproof Rain Jacket for Skinny Guy

Different types of rain jackets offer varying degrees of rain protection. One type that does not allow rain to seep in no matter how long you stay in the rain is the waterproof rain jacket. 

They have an outer shell treated with a DWR finish and come with taped seams for repelling water. 

Waterproof rain jackets employ Gore-Tex technology that blocks rainwater while allowing sweat to escape through it. Generally, these jackets are suitable for heavy downpours.

A perfect example of a waterproof rain jacket is the OTU Shell Rain Jacket (View on Amazon). This jacket is made from 100% polyester fabric and has an outer shell fabric that helps repel rainwater.  

It comes with a waterproof zipper closure at the center and multiple zipper pockets for storing your small essentials. 

Not only is this jacket breathable and durable, but also lightweight to allow you to carry it in a backpack conveniently. 

Moreover, it has a tuck-able hood and a drawcord at the hem for maximum flexibility.

2. Water-Resistant Rain Jackets for Tall Guys

Unlike the waterproof type, water-resistant rain jackets only offer temporary protection against rain. As a result, they are only suitable for light and short rain or drizzles.

These jackets usually feature tightly woven fabrics and are DWR-treated on their outer layer to help rainwater roll off, keeping you dry. 

The only downside is that these jackets have untapped seams that allow water to leak through in heavy downpours. However, they are cheaper than waterproof options.

One stylish recommendation is the Amazon Essentials Packable Puffer Jacket (View on Amazon).

This men’s tall rain jacket is 100% nylon and has a centrally placed zipper and zipper pockets for stashing your small items. 

It is also lightweight to carry in your backpack and enjoys a stylish look, thus a great addition to your wardrobe.

3. Breathable Rain Jacket for Tall Guys

You wouldn’t want a jacket that holds up sweat and heat, would you? If not, then you should get a breathable option.

Breathable rain jackets allow sweat to evaporate through them while still shielding you from getting wet.  

They usually have a mesh liner that is generally in contact with your skin, encouraging air circulation while keeping you cool. 

Breathable fabrics that fit the purpose include polyester and nylon. These fabrics have a DWR coating to repel water, taped seams, a hood, and an adjustable drawcord.

One top consideration is the FROGG TOGGS Signature Jacket (View on Amazon). This jacket comes in 100% polypropylene construction, which is breathable and lightweight.

Plus, it has a tuck-away hood and waist cords for comfort and versatility. 

To top it up, it has a front centrally-placed zipper and multiple waterproof zipper pockets to roll water away, while its adjustable wrist cuffs ensure water does not penetrate in.

4. Windproof Rain Jacket for Skinny Guys

Windproof rain jackets work by blocking the wind that comes with rain. So, they do not allow sharp gusts to enter, thus giving you utmost protection.

No matter the wind strength, this jacket offers you maximum protection, and they come with waterproofing features and are also breathable. 

Because they do not allow wind to penetrate, they keep you warm, and they are sewn with tight fabric to ensure the tread gaps are small.

One perfect recommendation is the Rain Windbreaker Snow Coat (View on Amazon). This rain jacket is made from polyester material with a DWR coating and is breathable to make you feel comfortable.

Plus, it features adjustable cuffs for flexible wearing and a detachable hood to block the wind.

People Also Ask

1. Which Is The Best Jacket For Tall Skinny Guys?

The best rain jacket should be breathable, durable, lightweight, and have water-resistance properties. Here are the perfect recommendations, especially for taller guys:

  1. OTU Shell Jacket: Best Waterproof Rain Jacket For Skinny Guys
  2. Amazon Essentials Packable Puffer Jacket: Best Water-Resistant Rain Jacket
  3. FROGG TOGGS Signature: Best Breathable Rain Jacket For Tall Guys
  4. Rain Windbreaker Snow Coat: Best Windproof Jacket For Skinny Guys

2. Is Polyester a Waterproof Fabric?

Polyester by itself is not waterproof. It, however, comes treated with a waterproof coating or sealant, which makes it waterproof. That’s often the case with polyester rain gear.

3. How Do I Know What Size to Buy?

To get the correct fit, you should use a tape measure to get your chest and underarm length. And considering you are tall, you should also measure your back.


Closing Thought:

Finding the best rain jacket for tall skinny guys is a must-consider when taller and slender and wants to prepare for the rainy season. Above is a guide with the basics you need to find your most suitable raincoat.

So consider it and even check out my recommendations, as your rain jacket couldn’t be further from what I have on my hotlist.