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It’s not easy to find shower heads for tall people. Most rentals and homes have average-size shower heads, and they can be frustrating when you are 6 feet tall.

Sometimes, water doesn’t flow correctly, and it becomes hard to reach your full body.

Nonetheless, all is not gloom as you can get a shower head for a tall person and fit it in your existing shower system.

Most of the shower heads come with long stainless steel hoses to reach high and wide.

I’m going to discuss the types of shower heads on the market. I’ll also briefly review a top recommendation for each group that suits tall guys.

What’s more, I’ll share with you a buying guide to help you buy the best tall shower head.

In a hurry? Below is a hotlist of the best shower heads for tall guys.

6 Best Shower Heads for Tall People

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Types of Shower Heads for Tall People

Shower heads for tall guys come in the following types:

1. Handheld Shower Heads

These shower heads come with an ergonomic handle to allow you to hold them in your hand and spray water to your body.

The best part is that you can lock the shower head upright to work as a standard shower head. For that reason, you don’t have to hold the shower head in your hand at all times.

Handheld shower heads spray at a high-pressure, thus great for rinsing off and massaging your body. They are not just the best for tall guys but kids and pets too.

The only issue is that they come with a lot of connections, thus prone to water leaks.

One top recommendation is the AquaDance 6-Setting Handheld Shower Head with Stainless Steel Hose.

What You Get from AquaDance 6-Setting Handheld Shower Head with Stainless Steel Hose

  • A 3.5-inch nickel handheld shower head that also doubles up as an overhead shower head
  • 5-feet shower head extension hose to match your tall height
  • 6-mode settings for a custom and relaxing shower
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable hold
  • Angle-adjustable bracket for directing the handheld shower head in whichever direction
  • Wall-mounted design with a 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Rub clean jets that prevent limescale clogging

2. Rainfall Shower Heads

Rainfall shower heads enjoy a low-flow spray. As a result, these shower heads are water-saving. The shower head hangs above your head to spray water downwards like the rainfall, thus the name rain shower head.

Other than saving on water, these raised shower head systems add an elegant spark to your bathroom. Plus, they offer a more relaxing feel when taking a shower.

Their only downside is that the installation is often challenging, and water sprays at a low pressure

One top recommendation is the NearMoon Rain Shower Head with 11″ Adjustable Arm.

What You Get from the NearMoon Rain Shower Head with 11″ Adjustable Arm

  • 8-inch stainless steel rainfall shower head
  • 11-inch adjustable brass arm
  • Self-cleaning nozzles that prevent lime buildup
  • Ultra-thin design to encourage high-pressure water flow
  • Wall-mounted design with a 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate

3. Dual Shower Heads

If you are like me, you’ll probably have a hard time choosing between a rainfall shower head and a handheld option. How about you go for both by getting a dual shower head?

A dual shower head for tall person allows you to use either option or both.

The only downside is that it consumes extra bathroom space and can be slightly costly.

One top recommendation is the AILUKI 8″ Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Shower Combo.

What You Get from AILUKI 8″ Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Shower Combo

  • 8-inch square high-pressure stainless steel rainfall shower head
  • 5-inch stainless steel handheld shower head with an 11-inch extension arm
  • 5-feet stainless steel hose to match your height
  • Chrome finish to promote rust resistance
  • Ultra-thin design to encourage high-pressure water flow
  • Self-cleaning nozzles that prevent limescale clogging
  • 5-settings for the handheld shower head for a custom shower
  • 3-way diverter to allow you to use the two shower heads separately or at the same time
  • 5 gallons per minute flow rate

4. High-Pressure Shower Heads

If you often have a problem washing off soap or shampoo, you need a high-pressure tall shower head. It allows you to rinse off fast and effectively while also massaging your body.

You’ll, however, use more water, which means a high water bill. That also means that the shower head system is not the best when you are concerned about Mother Nature.

Overall, the rinsing and massaging effects are worth the extra water charges you incur.

One top recommendation is the Waterpik High-Pressure Flexible Neck Adjustable Shower Head.

What You Get from Waterpik High-Pressure Flexible Neck Adjustable Shower Head 

  • 5-inch chrome high-pressure shower head
  • 18-inch shower head neck to direct the shower head to whichever direction
  • 6-mode settings for a custom shower experience
  • Wall-mounted design with a 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate

5. Ceiling Mount Shower Heads

Ceiling mount shower heads are mounted on the bathroom ceiling, just like the name suggests. So, they also promise a light rainfall-like effect.

Water drops from above, reaching every part of the body.

Overall, this shower head adds elegance to your bathroom space and saves on water. You’ll, however, need more bathroom space to enjoy using a ceiling mount shower properly.

One top recommendation is the SR Sun Rise 12-Inch Ceiling Mount Shower System.

What You Get from SR Sun Rise 12-Inch Ceiling Mount Shower System

  • 12-inch stainless steel ceiling-mount shower head
  • 12-inch metal ceiling shower arm
  • Brass handheld shower head with a 70.8-inch shower arm extension pipe
  • Pressure-balance monitor to keep track of the changes in water temperature
  • Slick matte black finish
  • Shower mixer valve control

6. LED Shower Heads

Do you want some liveliness in your shower room? Then fit an LED shower head.

Such a shower head brightens up to improve your bathroom ambiance. They change their light colors depending on temperature, and that inspires you to wash up more often.

You’ll, however, pay more for this shower head because of the LED effect.

One top recommendation is the KAIREY LED Handheld Shower Head with 60-Inch Stainless Steel Hose.

What You Get from KAIREY LED Handheld Shower Head with 60-Inch Stainless Steel Hose

  • 7-mode color-changing LED lights
  • 60-inch stainless steel hose to match your height
  • Limescale clogging Teflon tape
  • Self-cleaning silicone nozzle to prevent slime buildup
  • Adjustable bracket

Other Shower Heads for Tall People

They include:

  • RIV shower heads: These are water-saving high-pressure shower heads. Their design also prevents lime clogging.
  • Shower panels: Shower panels are wall-mountable but extend overhead to offer you a ceiling-mount shower head experience.
  • Filtered shower heads: Filtered shower heads come with cartridge filters to reduce water hardness. So, they prevent scale buildup in your shower.

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Heads for Tall People

After looking at the shower head types, the other buying considerations include:

  • Installation

You’ve to consider how you’ll mount the shower head in your bathroom. Most shower heads are either ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted.

But still, we’ve handheld options that don’t have to be mounted anywhere unless you want to.

Overall, ceiling-mounted shower heads promise a realistic rainfall effect.

  • Shower Head Height Extension

As a tall guy, you need a shower head with an extended height to adjust it conveniently to suit your size. If a height extender is not present, you have to consider an extended hose to match your size.

Some shower heads come with stainless steel hoses that are up to 5 feet. Others come with extended arms. Consider them when tall.

  • Shower Head Shape

Oval and round shower heads are the most popular and the most versatile. They can give you either a modern or classic touch.

shower head extension hose

Today, we see more contemporary bathrooms featuring rectangular and square shower heads

Other stylish shapes to consider are cylindrical and trumpet-shaped.

  • Spray Pattern

Consider the shower head spray pattern carefully to ensure you get the most from the shower head. Two of the most common spray patterns are jet spray and rain spray.

Jay spray patterns are high-pressure patterns, while rain spray pattern is a low-pressure spray pattern that mimics rainfall.

We also have full-spray where you’ve about two pressure options for full-body coverage and massage spray where you have several pressure options to offer you a massage-effect.

And More

  • Flow Rate

You need a flexible shower head extension to spray enough water on your body. It, however, doesn’t mean that you should waste the water or spend so much energy.

So, consider a shower head that saves you energy. Overall, the average flow rate for standard shower heads is 2.5 gallons per minute.

  • Shower Head Finish

You must pick a finish for the shower head that resists rusting. In that case, consider options like stainless steel, bronze, brushed nickel, and chrome.

The finishes are also elegant, which means they’ll improve your bathroom style.


1. How Can I Make A Shower Head Taller?flexible shower head extension

Here’s how to raise shower head:

If you cannot raise your existing shower head’s height, consider replacing it with a tall stainless steel hose or arm extender option. In that case, consider these shower heads for tall guys:

1. AquaDance Handheld Shower Head: Best Tall Handheld Shower Head

2. NearMoon Rainfall Shower Head: Best Tall Rain Shower Head

3. AILUKI 8″ Rainfall/Handheld Combo: Best Tall Dual Shower Head

4. Waterpik Shower Head: Best Tall High-Pressure Shower Head

5. SR Sun Rise Shower Head: Best Tall Ceiling Mount Shower Head

6. KAIREY LED Shower Head: Best Tall LED Shower Head

2. What’s The Perfect Shower Head Height For A Tall Person?

The standard eight for shower heads is about 80 inches. That is okay for guys of average height. But if you are on the taller side, you need to go for more than 80inches.

You need to add at least 3 inches to your height if you are tall, and that’ll give you the ideal shower head height.

Below is a table to help your match your height with the right shower head height.

Your HeightShower Head Height
5’0″-5’6″63 inches
5’7″-5’9″71 inches
6’0″-6’2″75 inches
6’3″-6’5″78 inches
6’6″ +81 inches

3. How Can I Make My Shower System More Powerful?

You’ve two options when it comes to making your shower system more powerful. First, you can install an adjustable shower head to have more pressure options.

Second, you can install a water pump to pump your shower water at high pressure.

4. Which Is The Best Shower Head Brand?

Below are brands that guarantee the best shower head Amazon and value for money:

  • Waterpik
  • NearMoon
  • AquaDance
  • SR Sun Rose

5. Where Should I Place A Shower Head?

It would be best to place your shower head where it directs water onto your body and not the hair or face. When positioning it, mount it at least 78 inches off the bathroom floor.

Overall, most shower heads are ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted.

6. How Should I Use A Shower Head Extender?

Most shower head extenders don’t need any tool to fit onto a shower head. You should connect them to your shower head, and they’ll be ready to use in seconds.

Generally, a shower head extender raises your shower head, which is fantastic when tall.


Closing Thoughts

Above are the best shower heads for tall people. I’ve no doubt you’ll make the right choice after going through my buying guide.

It’s time you start enjoying using your shower system despite being tall, and it begins with the above shower heads.