What’s The Best Snowboard Pants For Tall Guys.

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What‘s The Best Snowboard Pants For Tall Guys

The discussion surrounding snowboard pants for tall guys is not a new thing. It‘s well known that getting that right fit may be a bundle of work.

Just like other tall guys‘ outfits, isn‘t it? When it comes to such clothing, tall people have to face the challenge.

The problem with most snow pants is they are made for average-sized chaps. Therefore, they are short and would only look weird on you apart from letting chunks of ice in around the exposed ankle area.

Then, what key things should you look for when buying your snow pant?

Well. The important measurements are the inseam length (distance from the waist to the ankle) and the waistband width.

Once you know these measurements, you‘ll make light work finding the correct size of snow pants. You don‘t want to be wondering what to do every time cold months come around.

The good thing is that there are brands which are specifically focused on producing these long snow pants for tall people. You can always go online and check from different platforms what‘s available for you.

So, let‘s revisit the key question here and help give the actual details you must not miss out.

What‘s The Best Snowboard Pants for Tall Guys?

Tall snowboard pants for the tall guys should have the following average measurements:

Inseam length (men): 34 -36 inches; 32 inches for women

Waist length: 42 inches but this subject to whether the tall guy is big or skinny.

Let me narrow down to some brands here, to give you a practical understanding.

The Columbia‘s Bugaboo II is a snow pant that is made large and tall. With the inseam length of 34-36″, this looks okay for tall skiers.

Then we get to Arctix. This brand does a wide variety from the tall large, tall small to tall medium snow pants. This is a big plus for tall guys of different builds; big and skinny.

Arctix snowboard pants are mostly 34 inches long inseam.

You may have a look at the Pulse ski pants. They have inseam lengths of 36 inches and the waist lengths are between 58-61 inches: great for the large-sized folk.

All the snowboard pants should come with great quality. Features like proper insulation, waterproof and gaiters in the legs are an indication that your snow pant will meet your needs impartially.

Here Are the Challenges Tall Guys Face When Buying the Best Snowboard Pants.

It‘s not easy to just walk in any shop and get lots of tall snow pants. This could be the case for the average guys, not tall people.

What particularly are the challenges these guys face?

  1. Getting the Right Size

This seems to be the overriding problem. Most snow pants come with mean sizes focused on the popular average-sized guys.

With regular pants coming with inseam lengths of up to 30-32 inches, the tall guy has no option at all. This trend is always a cause for frustration to many tall guys.

The worst even comes when your tallness is coupled with the extremes of a skinny frame or an extra-large frame.

  1. Dedicated Brands For Tall Ski Pants are not Many

This is being corrected though. There are quite a number of brands for tall guys around the globe especially when you visit online stores.

However, a few years ago, not many manufacturers were making this category of pants. This made it hard to get a pair if you‘re a tall person.

  1. The Price

This may not actually limit a committed tall snowboarder to get what they want. But the fact that they‘ll have to pay more bucks than for the regular pants is a pinch on its own.

The reason behind this has to do with the amount of resources used in the manufacture. This is purely an economic standpoint of the manufacturer.

This is Why You Should Consider Buying the Best Snowboard Pants for Tall Guys.

Having the right snow pants has its own large share of benefits. If you‘ve ever experienced the embarrassment of the short pants, you will know why you need the appropriate style of pants.

Have a look at these.

  • You Will Be ConfidentBest Snowboard Pants For Tall Guys

There‘s everything good with skiing or snowboarding without fear. And, as a tall person, the long snowboarding pants will not only increase your comfort but also let you free to glide on the ice with ease and confidence.

There are tons of things to care for in this adventure and you don‘t want your pair of pants to be much the centre of focus.

  • You Need To Remain Warm

If you have the right ski or snowboard pants, you should be dead sure that you‘ve taken good care of your body. You need those pants fitting properly to keep your lower body absolutely dry and comfortable.

The short pants can really limit or negate your experience on the mountain slopes. This is what you don‘t want, I guess.

  • You Need Ultimate Protection And Safety

Yes. Snowboarding comes with its own challenges. In other words, there are risks in this game.

One of the ways you can reduce some risks is having the right snow pants. For big and tall men, tall snowboard pants are really important if you want any assurance of your body‘s safety.

Or it will be easy to knock your ankles against objects on the surface. This will only hurt your feet and leave you with injuries to nurse.

Too tight pants will not let your body free to make those little turn tricks on the snow surfaces. But large, well-fitting pants will do the work just fine.

The Different Types of Snowboard Pants For Tall Guys.

Take some time and go through the following categories. You would probably find the right style that also fits you from waist to ankle, whether they are men‘s or women‘s tall ski pants.

1. Uninsulated Pants

Uninsulated pants are also most commonly called shell pants.

They are called “uninsulated” because the inside of the pants is not insulated. But they would still offer the much-needed protection and safety against the cold and snow.

You can easily customize the gear depending on the prevailing outdoor conditions so that they suited to them. For instance, wear additional underneath clothes before putting on the snow pants, during cold conditions.

Or just ignore the underneath layers during the hot sunny days. You will be saved from the excessive heat of the insulation.

The Arctix Men‘s Mountain Snowboard Shell Cargo Pants has an adjustable waist to help you remain comfortable in all circumstances.

2. Insulated Pants

The insulated pants come with an insulation layer inside them. This is important in arctic-like conditions when it‘s really cold and wet.

Although in warmer conditions, they are not the best snowboard pants for tall guys by any means. They will be sweaty and because they‘re usually less breathable, you‘ll feel like tearing them off your body.

For guys who are too fragile to cold conditions, these insulated pants are the way to go.

You can try out the Columbia Men‘s Bugaboo II Pant. They will hold you up nicely and they breathable and waterproof.

Also look at this Arctix Women‘s Insulated Snow Pant for women.

3. Bibs

If you want the optimal protection against the harsh conditions of snowboarding, you can‘t ignore bibs. These designs ensure that no snow gets the better of your back or any part of your lower body.

They look like the ordinary overall outfits in style.

These are the benefits of the bibs;

  • Free comfort
  • Extra warmth
  • Versatility especially for the zip-off designs
  • The best snowboard pants for tall guys
  • Great choice for the mountain conditions

Check this bib Arctix Men‘s Essential Bib Overall that comes with many positive reviews. It also has inseam zippers for easy putting on and taking off.

And Arctix Women‘s Insulated Bib Overalls which is lightweight and keeps great warmth.

4. Softshell Pants

The softshell pants come with lightweight fabric which is usually not long-lasting. You can be sure that they are flexible and more breathable compared to the others on the list.

Thus, guys who want to practice more mountain tricks and turn would find them great. Especially during the warmer months.

However, these costumes may not be any closer to other recommendations in the heart of winter or cold days. You will easily get lots of snow water in the legs not a good thing.

Check this CAMEL CROWN Men’s Softshell Pants. They are ideal for spring, fall and winter.

For men, CAMEL CROWN Womens Waterproof Softshell Fleece Lined Pants will be a great choice for you.

5. Suits

Ski or snowboard suits are worn with the intention of covering the whole body. They ensure that no part of your body will catch snow at any time.

They also come with a free waistband to increase your snowboarding comfort.

Most manufacturers are making these suits in different styles. Men‘s tall ski pants of this type come in super crazy styles to soft designs. All these are common in the market.

The challenge with these suits wearing them and taking them off it calls for some hard work.

Get this Rothco Insulated Ski & Rescue Suit for maximum heat in very cold conditions.

How to Choose The Best Snowboard Pants For Tall Guys

Your day on the mountain slopes will be made a complete adventure with right snow pants. To get the best of these, you need to consider the following aspects.

  • Size and Fit

You clearly need a tall sized fit as a tall person. Nothing less will do you good.

Moreover, there are different groups of fits; for the tall and skinny guys and secondly, for the big tall guys. Just check what‘s fitting for you, don‘t force or assume things will be okay.

Some people prefer loose fits because they will provide maximum comfort. Slim guys can always go for the snowboard pants for tall skinny guys.

  • Breathability

You need to strike the balance between the pant not letting in snow water and its capability to effectively release sweat.

Or else you get soaked in there when it gets hotter in the day from your own sweat. This would create discomfort and you won‘t like the feeling.

  • Type of the Pant

We discussed these and the type you choose can really determine the outcome of your snowboarding experience.

Most big and tall guys might find the insulated type to be uncomfortable. Their large tall snowboard pants could generate so much heat, especially in the warm days.

But, the general rule is to pick the type that matches the weather.

  • Price

Some tall snow pant styles come at very high prices. This can be due to the intensive manufacturing process they undergo to be created.

However, not all the expensive pants would serve your needs more appropriately. Go for the highest value and you‘ll have the best snowboarding experience.

  • Ventilation

The venting features of your snow pants can be of great benefit. Especially when you have less breathable pants.

Whether it‘s the men‘s tall snow pants or women‘s, inseam zippers are great. They allow you to open up those inseam areas.

This helps you to release the heat and enjoy the cool air before you can move on with the runs.

  • Waterproof Pants

All snow pants should be created to be water-resistant. You need to be as dry and comfortable as possible remember.

Get those pants with fully taped seams. If you don‘t want to see or feel a single drop of water on your body.

Problem with them is that they are more expensive.

But at least go for the critical seams taped. You might be able to avoid letting in much moisture to soak your legs and thighs.

  • Durable Pants

The snowboarding pants do not sell for cheap prices.

That‘s why when buying one, you need to consider the aspect of durable pants. These are made from high-quality, most likely, heavy fabric.

Lightweight and soft pants may only stay for short term. Make a choice for yourself depending on what you prefer in materials.


For the tall person, getting the right snowboard pants for tall guys is fulfilling. This makes your next adventure on the mountain slopes a potential thriller.

Consider the inseam and waistband length to be sure that you‘re landing the right size. You can get XL tall snow pants with 34″ – 36″ inseam length and up to 42″ waist.

Otherwise, make sure you go through the recommendations in this guide carefully. Be rest assured you will not miss your favorite style in here.

Best of luck!

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