Sports For Tall People: An Overview

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Most people assume that every tall person above 6’0 is a basketball person, but did you know that tall people can be the most unathletic? 

We can’t fit every tall, athletic person in all sports, and height is just one of many eligibility factors. The sport you choose also depends on your build. For instance, a tall, muscular person might not be good at sports like high jumps. 

In this article, we will categorize sports for tall people depending on their height and build.

Does Height Matter in Sports?

sports for tall people

Height doesn’t hinder you from joining sports, although some positions require you to be a bit taller than the rest of the players. A basketball center, for instance, must be taller to block the opponent’s shots and score. In boxing, a taller boxer can block shots from shorter opponents and quickly rebound.

Advantages of Being Tall in Sports

As a tall player, you have a massive advantage in sports over a shorter person:

  • You can quickly identify opponents and position objects such as balls
  • Taller players have a clearer view of the field and can easily map out their steps
  • Taller people can easily estimate distances, such as how far or fast they have to run

Factors That May Affect One’s Height

playing basketball

The most crucial factor that determines your height is your genetic makeup. If your parents are tall, chances are that you’ll be tall as well. Your gender can also be a factor, and a human male is more likely to be taller than a female. 

Different regions have varying height averages, so the best way to know whether you’re tall or not is to compare your height to your region’s average height.

When growing, eating a balanced diet will also determine how tall you’ll become. A balanced diet includes plenty of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, and vitamins. Calcium in children is essential, as the mineral boosts bone strength and proteins help build the body. A malnourished child is less likely to reach a healthy height. 

Do you notice how kids seem to grow taller overnight? Good sleep is also essential, especially in children and young adults, as the growth hormone is nocturnal. Sleep deprivation will most likely hinder a child’s growth.

Sports for Tall and Muscular People

Fencing sabre

playing fencing

Fencing is quite an involving sport, and you need all the leverage you can get. A good fencer has top-notch footwork, is strong, and can showcase agility, speed, power, and endurance all at once. Being tall is generally intimidating, and this is the first line of defense you need as a fencer. If you have the tall and muscular advantage, all you need is to find a great coach and perfect your skill.

Track sprinting

man running in a track

A sprinter is meant to be thick and muscular rather than falling on the lean side. A taller sprinter has an added advantage because they have longer legs to cover longer distances in their strides. Being muscular matters for a sprinter because their bodies should be strong enough to endure short bursts of power. Their exercise routine mainly involves full-body strength training.


woman swimming

Swimming changes your body’s physique. A swimmer, for instance, is muscular and with broad shoulders. A tall swimmer has an added advantage because their height reduces wave drag and covers longer distances in a short time. They can also use less energy and strength in water.


woman rowing

Longer limbs are an advantage when it comes to rowing. A rower with long arms and legs helps you work the blade and foot stretcher more effectively than a short rower would. Other than being tall, a rower needs to be muscular to handle the sport.

Sports for Tall and Lean People


men playing basketball

A basketball player should have a higher lean muscle mass than fat muscle. These players are usually the tallest among all sportsmen and women. A tall player will also have longer limbs and large hands that make it easy to have a wider reach.

Long jump

playing long jump

Long jumpers have to be fast, strong, and flexible because the sport requires running fast, jumping high, and pushing yourself as far as possible. Being tall is automatically an advantage here, and you have to be lean so that it becomes easier for you to move forward after jumping.

High jump

woman playing high jump

A high jumper should be skinny and tall with long legs, so your tall height will be an added advantage. These athletes require a high center of gravity and long slender legs to leverage their bodies to be able to surpass the obstacle they’re jumping over.


men playing soccer

A soccer player can use their height, especially if they’re playing in defensive roles. The long legs and arms can help them tackle their opponents and kick the ball over longer distances. A taller soccer player can easily map out their opponents on the field and leverage the ball to avoid them.


sports for tall people

Tennis is a win-win game for both tall and short players. A taller tennis player works faster and can hit the ball better, whereas a shorter player can easily manage their movements and move more gracefully on the field. A player with an average height of about 1.85 meters will most likely excel at tennis.


Tall people have many advantages in sports, but the greatest athletes work more on their physique and talents to succeed in important events such as Olympic sports. Each tall person has the body type that makes them suitable for different sports. 

We hope you now have a clearer idea of what each body type can do best.