The Best Styles for Tall Skinny Guys: An Overview

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How you dress says a lot about you, and it can be a way to showcase your creativity or convey a particular occasion or theme. But dressing a certain way for a tall, skinny guy can leave you looking lanky, especially if you have a thin face to boot. 

Dress pants are often used in professional settings, whereas wearing more casual outfits occurs on a less formal occasion. Dressing as a tall skinny person can be troublesome, and you can find yourself settling for baggy clothes that make you look like you’ve won a parachute, causing a big hit to your confidence.

So, which is the best style for tall skinny guys? Let’s find out.

Style Tips That Work For Tall Skinny Guys

style for tall skinny guys

A tall skinny guy’s style will work if they embrace the illusion to counteract their height and look more balanced. The best way to fuel this illusion is to add horizontal elements to your clothing, layers, broad belts, pockets, cuffs, and patterns.

Go For Fitting Clothes

The biggest mistake you can make when dressing up as a slim man is wearing baggy or tight clothes, but both of these choices will exaggerate your size. Baggy clothing will make it look like you’re too skinny, and tightly fitting ones will make you look slim and unhealthy. This includes skinny jeans and tight T-shirts.

When it comes to wearing pants, look closely at the space between your waistband and crotch. They should fit well while leaving enough room to move comfortably. Include cuffs to your trousers and if you can afford to have them tailored for you, then do so. Your pants should be long enough to cover your ankles even when you’re walking.

Try Layering

Layering increases your size and structure, especially in the chest area. You should balance your height and length with layering to look more proportional. Lean guys should layer in style, avoiding bulky clothes.

You can start with a fitting vest or T-shirt made with breathable material tucked into your pants during the summer. Add a shirt with a front pocket to your bulk. You can also layer a shirt with an open cardigan.

During cold weather, you can opt for bulkier fabrics such as corduroy, flannel, tweed, or denim to give you a beefier, muscular look. You can also wear a denim jacket over a hoodie. To draw more attention to your mid-chest area, go for horizontal stripes. Unlike vertical lines, horizontal stripes give an illusion of a fuller build.

Other than stripes, you can add a thick belt to your outfit, pockets, scarves, and horizontal patterns if you’re going for a casual look.


african man wearing pattern shirt

Big patterns can be counterproductive for big and tall guys, but they can be helpful for tall, slender ones. Fun shirts with prints can give an illusion of depth and also focus your attention on your middle section instead of exaggerating your height.

Mixing patterns is never a good idea, so focus on one pattern at a time. Always ensure that your shirt is well-fitting. Sometimes tall people feel too seen, so if you want to remain in the background, go for tinier patterns.

Include a Jacket or Blazer

A blazer is a statement piece every guy should have. When it comes to these items, go for neutral colors such as navy, grey, blue, and black.

A good blazer will leave you looking broad-shouldered while defining your waist. Try a sports coat, henley, or blazer with jeans or khaki if you’re looking for a more casual look.

A fitting henley is an excellent choice because it accentuates your shoulders and sleeves. This type of cardigan forms a V-shape that enhances your chest, giving you a more chiseled outlook. You can add flannel or a jean jacket for a more casual look.

If you want to enhance your shoulders, go for padded shirts, jackets, and blazers, but if these items are too padded, then you’ll look extra skinny. Choose blazers whose sleeves extend towards the center of your hand. They should be fitting, and their length should at least cover the top of your bum.

Choose Long Trench Coats

black man wearing a trench coat

A trench coat is an excellent addition to a tall, slender person’s closet. It’s a perfect choice to balance your body’s proportions. A good trench coat should rest somewhere from mid-calf to below your knee.

Shine with Statement Shoes

We focus on balancing a slim guys’ body by drawing an onlooker’s attention somewhere other than their height; a bold shoe does just that. A bold shoe also gives the illusion that your feet are significantly smaller than what they are.

Liven Up Your Outfit with Lighter Colors

skinny man wearing red shirt

We usually recommend darker colors for bigger people, but we prefer that you go bold with lighter shades if you are slender. Dark colors often give the illusion of slimness. For you, experiment with as much boldness as you can.

Avoid Low-Hanging Trousers

The right trousers will get you looking sharp and lean, and because jeans are made of heavy material, you won’t look extra skinny. One mistake skinny guys make is choosing low-hanging trousers that elongate their torsos, which make them look even lankier.

Make sure any dress pants or jeans fit your waist and that your shirts are well tucked in. Don’t let your shirt ride up as you walk.

Hide Your Thin Neck

black man wearing turtleneck

Imagine investing in looking more muscular and then forgetting your slim neck. A thin neck will make you look frail, but there are ways to cover it. 

For neck types that can make your neck look stockier; turtle necks are the easiest choice. You can also go for collared sweaters and cardigans and experiment with both classic and contemporary styles, including zip necks, shawl collars, funnel necks, and stand-up collars. Anything with a more pronounced collar will work out great.

Tall, Slender Guys: Do’s and Dont’s


  • Find out your clothes sizes before purchasing. The inside leg, your arm, thigh, and waist are among the most critical measurements 
  • Create a break in your height by adding cuffs to your trousers
  • Invest in a competent tailor for dressy clothes
  • Look for a brand that specializes in your build
  • Learn the best layering techniques to create chest mass
  • Try patterns except for vertical ones
  • Go for a long tie that covers your torse
  • Invest in a good jacket or blazer
  • Purchase fitted clothes rather than bulky or clothing items 


  • Don’t wear loose pants or shirts
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too restricted
  • Don’t mix patterns
  • Don’t wear vertical patterns, including stripes
  • Don’t go wild with overly large pants
  • Don’t wear low-waisted pants

Fix Your Confidence and Posture

proud skinny man

We have helped you fix your appearance, but without the proper posture, you’ll still look lanky. Standing tall will not only improve your posture but will also make you look more confident and enhance that muscular look. 

Remember, most of these impressions can be curated by adopting an easy, purposeful gait, standing tall, and keeping your head held high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Should a Tall, Slender Guy Accessorize Their Clothes?

Slender men should accessorize their outfits with scarves, a long and broad tie, a broad belt with a rectangular buckle, a leather watch, and bold shoes. For the belt, ensure that the buckle isn’t too big such that it drowns your waist. We also recommend sporting a pocket square to enhance a horizontal look further.

How Can I Make a Slender Man Look Bigger?

The best way to make a slender man look more muscular is by investing in better, rougher fabrics, playing around with horizontal prints, and breaking patterns to create the illusion that you’re slightly shorter. 

We also advise slender men to go bolder when it comes to color while paying attention to their skin tones. A slim man can also look bigger by adopting a better posture and exuding confidence.


We have covered several tips and tricks that tall, slender men can follow to make their outfits look better. Because most stores stock clothes for men of average height, finding the correct fit for a slim person can be problematic. 

We hope you can use our tips to enhance and improve your style. Remember that our clothing speaks a lot about you, so we hope to inspire you to be fun and creative with your style.