Tall Fictional Characters: Discover the Actual Heights of Your Favorite Fictional Characters

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The height of most fictional characters is never explicitly mentioned. But many have wondered how tall their favorite fictional characters actually are. After all, someone’s height usually affects how you perceive them. 

This post will focus expressly on the height of popular tall fictional characters. 

Most times, the height of these fictional characters doesn’t really matter and doesn’t affect their abilities. They mostly function using specific skills and superpowers that have little to do with their physical appearances. It only matters in a few cases.

Read more to discover the heights of your favorite fictional characters and even learn about some new fictional characters you hadn’t heard of.

Tall Marvel Universe Characters

tall fictional characters

One unique fact about the characters in the marvel cinematic universe is super abilities. They usually have superpowers, strengths, and costumes. 

Many people believe that Thanos is the tallest marvel universe character because that’s what he has been often portrayed to be. However, his height varies depending on the comic.

The reason for making him seem like the biggest in the marvel universe is just for him to look more intimidating and fearful compared to other characters. Let’s look at some marvel universe characters and their respective heights. 


Surtur is just as influential and strong as popular characters like Thanos, but he definitely is the tallest of all known evil characters in the marvel universe. 

This evil and dangerous being has a height that reaches over 1000 feet, making it the tallest. 


In the popular Marvel universe, Ant-man is also one of the tallest characters. An interesting thing about this character is that he can grow and reduce to any size of his choice. 

The highest height ever reached by the ant-man is around 65 feet. 

tall fictional characters


You would be right if you mentioned Groot as one of the most loved characters in the marvel universe. His famous catch phrase “I am Groot” and lovable personality have made him a fan-favorite. 

Groot can grow up to a height of about 23 feet at most. 

Etiri the Dwarf

Etiri is known to be portrayed as a dwarf in the comic book of the marvel universe, but he is shown to be a giant in the film where he acted as the Giant Dwarf King of Nidavellir. 

He is even taller than Thor and is almost about two times Thor’s height. His height ranges from 12-13 feet. 


Most people refer to Thanos as the meanest and most evil character in the marvel universe. He is known to be unbeatable not only because of his physical structure but also because of his manipulative skills and expertise in crafting out his plans. 

He is undoubtedly the evilest of all marvel characters, but he isn’t the tallest in any way. His height in the comics is about 6’3″ and about 8’3″ in films. 

How Tall is Superman in the DC Universe?

superman comics

It is safe to say that Superman is one of the most iconic fictional characters ever created in the DC Universe. Most people have argued that the height and powers of superman aren’t the same in comics and films. 

His superpowers never seem to be affected by his height in any way. No matter the adaptation (film, television, comic), his general powers remain the same. 

Let’s briefly take a look at the variations in Superman’s height in the comics and films. In the DC universe comics, Superman maintains a height of about 6’3″ or 6’4″. 

Looking at the height of Superman in movies, the height really varies and it depends on the actor taking on the role of Superman. Their heights in different Superman films usually range from about 6’4″ to 5’11½”. 

How Tall is Batman in the DC Universe? 

batman and aquaman

Batman is also one of the very popular characters in the DC universe. The height for Batman is usually about 6 feet 2 inches, making it correct to say that Batman is taller than average.  

The height of Batman in movies varies depending on the actor.

Adam West was the first Batman character, and his height is about 6 feet 2 inches, which matches the real height of the Batman character in the comics. 

Micheal Keaton has a height of about 5 feet 9 inches, making him a bit shorter than the Batman character in the comics. 

Tall Anime Characters 

In the world of Anime, there are a good number of amazing characters that are powerful and influential. Although the height of characters isn’t always mentioned in anime, a reasonable number of anime fans tend to fall in love with very tall characters. 

Most anime lovers like very tall characters because they seem to be more appealing to them. Anime movies and tv shows often have a good number of tall male and female characters that interest their fans. Let’s take a look at some tall anime characters.

Edward Newgate 

Edward Newgate has a height that is very intimidating. The strongest and bravest of warriors always have to think before launching an attack on him. 

He stands at a massive height of 21.6 feet. He is loved by a lot of anime fans not only for his height and physique but also for his good heart and his quality leadership skills. 


Escanor is one of the favorites of anime lovers especially when he appears in the daytime. His possession of superpowers is one reason he’s such a fan favorite.

He normally doesn’t look like his original height at nighttime, and this can sometimes be confusing.

Getting to see Escanor when the sun is just rising in the morning is exquisite. He has a height of about 10.4 feet. 


Koro-Sensei is a very lovable character who is loved by many fans for his selfless deeds.

He is quite goofy, which can almost make you forget that Koro-Sensei is such an intimidating anime character. 

He has a height of about 9.8 feet. The height is an advantage for this character, especially in areas where he tags fighter jets. 

Ira Gamagoori

Gamagoori is an amazing anime supporting character to watch. His height is also one of the amazing and adorable things about his character. 

He has a height of about 8.8 feet. His interaction with little Mako considering his height is very hilarious and has made a lot of people fall in love with this character. 

Alphonse Elric

Alphonse Elric is a well-loved character, especially because he is a part of one of the greatest duos of all time with Edward. 

An important thing to know is that most people easily mistake Alphonse for a child even with his large height. He has a height of about 7.2 feet, which makes him very appealing to lovers of tall anime characters. 

Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar is an anime character loved by many, particularly for his humor. 

He has a height of about 6.2 feet. He also possesses a muscular physique that makes him stand out. 

Gildarts Clive

Gildarts Clive is known to be a very powerful anime character with a commanding presence. 

Despite having great powers, he is a very humble character that relates well with others. He has a height of about 6.2 feet, making him one of the taller characters in anime. 

Hisoka Morow

Hisoka morow is loved by many anime fans for being a murderous villain. He is a legendary anime antagonist, and he is also loved for his cunningness and craftiness which makes it very easy for him to kill and get away with it. 

He has a height of about 6.2 feet. His iconic nature with this extra height makes him stand out among anime characters. 


This post has compared the heights of tall fictional characters in some of the most popular universes.

You’ll notice that for many characters, their height adds to their attractiveness or skill level, while for others, it makes no difference. For movies where different actors have played the same character over the years, the heights differ considerably. 

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