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The snow terrain and the winter weather can turn hostile. That’s why tall womens snow pants are a must-wear for all tall women.

Though you can wear regular pants, they might not be as waterproof, warm, and breathable as snow pants. Besides, if you are a fan of snowboarding, you need clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose.

Well, that describes snow pants, sometimes known as ski pants.

The other thing you can expect from your snowboarding or skiing attire is protection, and you get that from snow pants.

The other and probably the most vital provision for tall women is a perfect size. Ski pants come in all sizes, which means you can get your long pair quickly.

In a hurry? Then you check out the hottest snow pants for tall women below.

5 Best Tall Womens Snow Pants

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What Are Snow Pants Exactly? Are They The Same As Ski Pants?

Snow pants are a type of pants intended for the snow that comes in softshell or fleece lining to offer comfort, breathability, and protection.

womens ski pants long inseam

A majority of them come insulated to offer you warmth when skiing, skateboarding, or hiking on snow. Most people refer to them as ski pants, but there is a slight difference between the two.

Usually, ski pants are slimmer and tighter than snow pants. That’s because you need more aerodynamic clothing and slim-fitting to ski than what you need for snowboarding.

Design-ways, snow pants come in different styles while the styles are limited for ski pants.

But like I mentioned, the difference is minor, and that that’s why using the two names interchangeably is not a crime.

Why You Need the Best Tall Womens Snow Pants

As a tall woman who’s passionate about outdoor snow adventures, you need to be best snow pants for the following reasons:

  • Warmth: Most snow pants come insulated to keep you warm during your outdoor snow adventures.
  • Protection: Snow pants come in the toughest fabric to protect you from the harsh winter weather and snowfalls.
  • Comfort: Snow pants don’t just come insulated but also breathable to keep you dry and comfortable outdoors.
  • Good Fit: You want outdoor clothing that doesn’t feel so tight or so loose, and that’s what snow pants promise. They come in the perfect fit to allow you to explore the outdoors more freely.

Types of Snow Pants for Tall Women

extra long ski pants

Womens ski pants long inseam come in the following popular types:

a) Insulated Snow Pants for Tall Women

Insulated snow pants promise warmth during the cold conditions. They come in thick fabric, mostly fleece.

It’s worth noting that all snow pants don’t offer the same insulation. Some are more insulated than others, ranging from 30g-80g. The gram, in this case, represents the insulation rating.

Usually, the higher the rating, the more insulated the snow pants. One example that I highly recommend is the Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants with an 85g insulation rating.

b) Shell Snow Pants for Tall Womensnowboard pants for tall women

Shell snow pants come in the same design as insulation ski pants, only that they have no insulation. They are, however, highly breathable and waterproof.

Shell snow pants are best for women who prefer lighter clothes. A good example is the Free Soldier Outdoor Women’s Ski Pants.

c) Stretch Snow Pants for Tall Women

Women like stretchy clothing, and the trend is quickly transcending to the ski pants sector. Stretch snow pants come in stretchy fabric and are known to be the softest and most breathable.

For that reason, they are best for skiing under warmer conditions.

d) 3-in-1 (Multi-Layer) Snow Pants for Tall Womenbig and tall snow pants

These women’s long ski pants are just what the name suggests. They come with three layers; an inner insulating layer and an outer weatherproof and waterproof layer.

So, they are not just insulated but also weatherproof. A good example is the Free Soldier Women’s Ski Pants.

Buying Guide for the Best Tall Womens Snow Pants

Here are the buying considerations:

  • Correct Size

All women’s pants come in varying sizes, and snow pants are no exception. And given that you are tall, you should look for ski pants that match your inseam length.

That shouldn’t be a problem when making the order as you get to pick your size.

  • Warmth (Insulation)

It’s vital that the ski pants feel warm. That means going for options with insulation.

If you want slightly warm ski pants, go for lighter materials. However, if you want the warmest option, consider thick snow pants.

  • Good Fit

The last thing you would want is womens tall ski pants that won’t fit. They should fit snugly but still offer you the freedom to move.

You may have to choose a regular fit, a slim fit, or a relaxed fit. A regular fit means the pants fit right to their size and don’t feel tight.

women tall snow pants

On the other hand, a relaxed fit offers you more waist room while a slim fit is a direct opposite.

  • Breathability

The best snow pants should allow sweat to escape to keep your skin dry. Luckily, you can check that by looking at its breathability rating.

Snow pants with a breathability rating of less than 5000g are less breathable than those with a rating exceeding 5000g.

  • Waterproofing

You wouldn’t want to get wet even if you are snowboarding or skiing. That’s why you should get waterproof snow pants.

While most women tall snow pants claim to be waterproof, their level of waterproofness varies. Ski pants with a waterproof rating of less than 5,000mm will only keep you dry during light snow.

But if you want protection from heavy snow, go for a waterproofing rating of at least 10,000mm.

And More

  • Storage Pockets

You should keep your small valuables safe when skiing or snowboarding. That includes your keys, credit card, mobile phone, jewelry, and money.

You can do it conveniently if your big and tall ski pants have adequate pockets. The pockets should be dip enough and preferably zippered to keep your valuables safe.

  • Waist Style

Most snow pants come with an adjustable waistband, which allows easy fitting. Others come with elastic waistbands that stretch according to your body size.

extra long ski pants

Both options are undeniably comfortable. But still, we have a few options that require you to use a belt or suspenders.

  • Seam Taping

The importance of seam taping is to prevent moisture seepage through your pants’ seams. Usually, womens ski pants long length come with either critical taping or full taping.

In critical taping, only seams that are regularly prone to moisture exposure are taped. Thus, they are the least waterproof.

In full taping, in contrast, all seams are taped for optimal waterproofing.

  • Other Features

Other than belts and suspenders, some tall women’s pants come with thigh zips for aeration and zip legs to remove the pants without taking off the boots.

Some have their cuffs reinforced with extra-durable fabric to resist wear and tear.

Other notable features include boot gaiters to protect your feet from the snow, rescue reflectors for visibility, and side zips to ensure the pants fit nicely over the boots.

Best Tall Womens Snow Pants Reviewed

1. Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

(Best Overall)

Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants are not just the best-insulated women snow pants but the best overall.

The pants come with a durable THERMALOCK coating to resist the snow, water damage, and strong winds. The layer also makes the pants abrasion-resistant.

The manufacturer employs TERMATECH technology to give the pants an 85g insulation rating to promise ultimate warmth. Remarkably, the pants feel warm without necessarily feeling bulky.

The snowboarding pants for tall women fit impeccably, thanks to their secure and adjustable waist strap.

Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants come ankle-reinforced with 600D fabric and feature hem guards to resist fast wear and tear.

Plus, they enjoy a zip closure and boot gaiters that ensure the pants integrate well with your snow boots.

Highlight Features

  • Weather-resistant coating
  • 85g insulation rating
  • Ankle reinforcement
  • Adjustable waist strap
  • Boot gaiters and hem guards
  • Zip closure

2. Free Soldier Outdoor Women’s Snow Ski Pants

(Best Soft Shell Ski Pants)

You expect the best softshell ski pants to come in the warmest, most breathable, and weatherproof material. Luckily, that’s what you get from the Free Soldier Outdoor Women’s Snow Ski Pants.

The outer shell construction is 92% nylon and 8% spandex, while the inner lining is 100% polyester polar fleece.

So, while the outer shell makes the pants waterproof and scratch-resistant, the fleece lining makes them breathable and moisture-wicking.

And more, these long inseam snow pants enjoy a water repellent and windproof finish.

Free Soldier Outdoor Women’s Snow Ski Pants comes with several zippered pockets for your small valuables.

They feature three articulating pleats to allow you to bend comfortably. What’s more, the pants feature a YKK self-locking zipper closure and a D-ring for hanging your keys.

The pants’ strong construction makes them perfect for hiking, snow cycling, camping, combat, fishing, and climbing, among others.

Highlight Features

  • 92% nylon and 8% spandex outer shell
  • 100% fleece lining
  • Waterproof zipper pockets
  • Articulating knee pleats
  • Self-locking YKK zipper
  • D-ring

3. Free Soldier Women’s Outdoor Snow Ski Pants

(Best Multi-Layer Snow Pants)

The Free Soldier Women’s Outdoor Snow Ski Pants promise to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. They come in multilayers, featuring polyester shell, polyester taffeta lining, and cotton.

The multilayer construction makes the pants waterproof and well-insulated. The insulation rating is 120g.

Not only does it protect you against the snow but also strong winds and rainwater.

All its seams are waterproof (full taping), and its polyester material makes it breathable, absorbent, and scratch-resistant.

Free Soldier Women’s Outdoor Snow Ski Pants come with multiple zipper pockets for keeping your small valuables.

The extra long ski pants have boot gaiters to integrate perfectly with your snow boots and elastic grippers for keeping snow out.

Moreover, they come with an adjustable exterior waistband and a YKK self-locking zipper.

Highlight Features

  • 120g insulation rating
  • Adjustable waist
  • Weatherproof and scratchproof
  • Boot gaiters
  • YKK self-locking zipper
  • Full seam taping

4. BenBoy Women’s Outdoor Cargo Snow Ski Hiking Pants

(Best for Snow Hiking)

You expect your snow hiking pants to come in the most durable and most waterproof fabric. Well, that’s what you get from BenBoy Women’s Outdoor Cargo Snow Ski Hiking Pants.

The cargo pant material is 92% polyester fabric and 8% spandex. That makes it waterproof and windproof but, at the same time, abrasion-resistant.

The pants have a slim fit and feature an adjustable waistband with a comfy belt. So, if the band doesn’t keep the pant up, you can always use the belt.

BenBoy Women’s Snow Ski Hiking Pants have multiple zipper pockets for keeping your small valuables.

They enjoy a fleece lining that keeps you dry and warm. They also come in colorful, stylish designs, but more importantly, they are versatile.

You can wear these snowboard pants for tall women for snow hiking, snowboarding, winter camping, and mountaineering.

Highlight Features

  • 92% polyester
  • 8% spandex
  • Warm fleece lining
  • Slim fit
  • Multi-zipper pockets
  • Stylish colorful choices
  • Weatherproof and abrasion-proof

5. Camii Mia Women’s Slim Ski Snow Fleece Hiking Pants

(Most Windproof Snow Pants)

Camii Mia Women’s Slim Ski Snow Fleece Hiking Pants come in the most convenient winter-hiking design. These big and tall snow pants are made of 97% nylon and 3% spandex.

The fabric makes the pants waterproof, and what is more, it forms a high-density layer to resist strong wind.

They enjoy a soft fleece lining that feels warm in the winter. And more, they have a slim fit.

Plus, the zipper is waterproof, and the pants come with slanted and back pockets.

On the other hand, the knee area is reinforced with articulating pleats to allow you to bend your knees more comfortably.

Whether skiing, skateboarding, snow hiking, hunting, or cycling, you can do it with Camii Mia Women’s Slim Ski Snow Fleece Hiking Pants.

Highlight Features

  • 97% nylon and 3% spandex
  • Slim-fit design
  • Soft fleece lining
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Multiple pockets
  • Pleated knee area
  • Windproof and waterproof


1. What Are The Best Women’s Snow Pants?

Regardless of body size height, these are the best women’s winter pants:

  1. Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants: Best Overall
  2. Free Soldier Outdoor Women’s Ski Pants: Best Soft Shell Ski Pants
  3. Free Soldier Women’s Ski Pants: Best Multi-Layer Snow Pants
  4. BenBoy Women’s Cargo Ski Pants: Best for Snow Hiking
  5. Camii Mia Women’s Ski Pants: Most Windproof Ski Pants

2. Who Makes The Best Long Ski Pants?

Some of the leading snow ski pants brands are:

  • Arctix
  • Bogner
  • Athleta
  • Burton
  • F&S Co.
  • Camii Mia

3. Is There A Difference Between Snow Pants And Ski Pants?

Yes, there’s a slight difference between the two, and it’s in their fit and style.

Ski pants are slimmer in fit than snow pants. They, however, come in limited styles than snow pants.

4. What Can I Wear If I Don’t Have Snow Pants?

If you don’t have snow pants and want to go snowboarding, you can wear rain pants or wind pants. If those aren’t available, you can wear fleece (wool) pants or anything else insulated that isn’t cotton.

5. Should Ski Pants Be Tight Or Loose?

Your ski pants should neither be too tight nor too loose. They should be tight enough not to drop and keep you warm but also flexible enough not to constrict you.


In Conclusion

Generally, your snow adventures can be better with tall womens snow pants. That’s if you are tall and passionate about skiing, snow biking, snowboarding, snow hiking, or any other winter adventure.