The Tallest Runway Models in the Fashion Industry

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The majority of models are taller than the average woman. Being tall is a quality that’s sought after by fashion brands and businesses. While there are models that are shorter, they make up a small percentage of the modeling community. 

Unlike other types of models, for example, bikini or lingerie models, runway models have stricter measurements and general prerequisites. This is because they are put on display for celebrities and critics while they embody a specific brand. 

You might be wondering— why are tall models preferable to shorter ones? Who are the tallest runway models? How tall should a model be? We’ll answer all of these questions and more. 

Tallest Runway Models: Yekaterina Lisina

tallest runway model

Also known as Ekaterina Lisina, Yekaterina Lisina is a Russian model. She holds the world record in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the tallest female model and the female with the longest legs.

Her measurements were taken in Labinsk, Russia in the year 2017. She measured 205.16 cm (which is 6 ft 8.77 in or 2.06 m). Yekaterina Lisina has 52-inch legs and weighs 198 pounds. The former basketball player is known to be the official tallest female model.

Amazon Eve

Amazon Eve, an American beauty, is one of the tallest models at 6’8″ / 2.03 m in height. She weighs 130 pounds. Apart from being a model, she is a gifted fitness coach and an actress who was featured in American Horror Story. 

Whenever she’s not modeling or acting, she motivates people to stay true to who they are. She supports transgender individuals and speaks out against bullying.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is another tall American supermodel. Her height is 6’2″ / 1.8 m. She weighs 130 pounds. Aside from being successful in the fashion industry, she is interested in technology and coding. She founded “Kode with Klossy” to teach enthusiastic girls about STEM.

Tiiu Kuik

Tiiu Kuik is an Estonian model who was discovered at age 13 and then sent to Japan to do modeling work. She is 6’2″ / 1.88 m tall and weighs 134 pounds. 

Tiiu Kuik has had an astounding career having walked runways for over 50 companies such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Her face has been seen in many fashion magazines like American Vogue and Marie Claire.

Ana Hickmann

Ana Hickmann is a Brazilian model, businesswoman, and television host. She is one of the tallest models in the world at 6’1″ / 1.85m in height. She also weighs 134 pounds. She is known to have very long legs (measuring 46.5 inches) and at one point was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. She has been seen on covers like Marie Claire and Elle.

Oluchi Onweagba

Oluchi Onweagba is a Nigerian Model who won “The Face of Africa” contest when she was 16. She is 6’0″ / 1.83 m in height and weighs 127 pounds. Being a successful model, she has appeared in editorials like Vogue Italia, American Vogue, and Allure. She has also walked runways for Fendi, Givenchy, Gucci, Christian Dior, etc.

Barbara Fialho

Barbara Fialho is a Brazilian model who studied music at Juilliard School and has been playing guitar since age 9. She is 5’11” / 1.80 m in height and weighs 121 pounds. She has walked runways for Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Veneta, and Christian Dior and appeared in editorials like Marie Claire, Vogue Italia, and Dossier.

Vanessa Moody

Also known as American Moody, Vanessa Moody debuted exclusively for Alexander Wang and Balenciaga in 2014. She is 5’11” / 1.80 m in height and weighs 123 pounds. She has walked many shows for Chanel beauty, Versace Jeans, Givenchy, Valentino, etc.

Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor was one of the tallest models back in the nineties, though is now retired. She came into the limelight at the age of 14 and was the second youngest model at the age of 15 to appear in Vogue. At age 16, she was the youngest model to appear in the “Most Beautiful People” magazine.

She was also featured on the covers of Allure, Elle, Marie Claire, Shape, etc. She worked with Versus, Versace, Jean Paul, Gap,  Pantene, etc before she retired in 2000.

Minimum Height for a Model

runaway model on the cat walk

The minimum height for a female runway model is generally 5 feet 9 inches. However, it is preferred if you are taller. Runway models must maintain certain body measurements to properly fit in the clothes their employers want to show.

These measurements are expected to not exceed 23 inches waist size, 34 inches bust size, and 34 inches around the hips. The practice of designers is to employ models with the size that fits their collections rather than make clothes to fit models.

Of course, there have been many exceptions to these rules. 

Average Weight for Models

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Employers of models often weigh their employees to make sure that they fit into the standard that they want. They expect models to maintain a certain size even though it might not be a healthy lifestyle. 

Typically, models are underweight.

The average model weighs 51 kg / 113 lbs, which is less than the weight of an average woman by 23%. The standard range of weight is between 50-57 kg (110-125 lbs).

Concluding Thoughts

In the modeling industry, being tall is an advantage that can take you far. Your appearance is the factor that is most harshly judged by brands, and being tall is a big part of that. 

We’ve briefly discussed the tallest runway models, as well as their careers and other notable facts about them. While it is clear that being tall and thin is the ideal appearance for runway models, remember that this is not always healthy or a reasonable standard.