Tallest Soccer Player: 10 Tallest In The World

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Soccer is an exciting sport that has been around for a long time. The sport’s origin goes as far back even to the Chinese military during the 2nd or 3rd century. It was later developed in England around the 1860s, and it has continued to spread across the world ever since. 

The game of soccer usually involves eleven players on each team, making a total of twenty-one players. The game is played with legs, and hands are prohibited except for the keeper.

In some sports, such as basketball, height is essential for a player. However, soccer isn’t a game about height, but there are still players with incredible heights. Let’s look at some of the tallest soccer players!

tallest soccer player

Tallest Soccer Players 

The soccer players we’re about to share with you are not limited to the players in a specific location or league. All the players here have been involved in professional soccer in one way or another.

1. Oyvind Hoas

The first on our list is Oyvind Hoas, and this man was probably taller than the goalkeeper of every team he played with. Hoas’ origin can be traced back to Norway, where he first started playing soccer before turning it into a professional career. 

Hoas has an astounding height of 6 ft and 8 inches! Keep in mind that this height is even quite tall for a goalkeeper. The more surprising part is Haos never played as a goalkeeper with his height, he instead played mainly as a striker.

The first main team that Hoas played for was the Molde FK, where he played as a striker for two years before he was transferred to Fredrikstad. Hoas went ahead to further make a name for himself in Honefoss, the first division Norwegian team. 

Apart from the club appearances that Hoas participated in, he was also involved in international competitions, such as the under 21 international cup, where he represented Norway. It is not every day you get to meet a player that is almost 7 feet! Oyvind Hoas is qualified to be among one of the tallest soccer players in the world

2. Even Iversen 

It would seem Norway has a way of producing some of the tallest players globally, and Even Iversen is another good example. Iversen has a height similar to that of Oyvind Hoas, another player from Norway. 

Iversen had a recorded height of 6 feet and 8 inches, and this height is not something that you see everyday, even among basketball players.

Iversen didn’t have much of an international career, and he played all of his games within Norway. Iversen started playing soccer as a kid, and he played for Oslo East and Flakstad IL.

In 2013, Iversen got signed into Hasle-Loren Idrettslag, another team in Norway. The Norwegian didn’t make much of a wave, but Iversen did shine in the 2006 – 2007  Norwegian League when he played for the champions Bode/Glimt. 

3. Kjell Petter Opheim 

Kjell Petter Opheim is yet another Norwegian soccer player who has stunned everyone by his height. Petter is among one of the tallest goalkeepers globally, and his height certainly comes with a lot of advantages. 

Petter’s height is 6 feet and 8 inches, which is almost as tall as the goal post he is protecting. Opheim’s career has had some interesting moments, and he has managed to make a name for himself in Norway.

Opheim has played for some of the major teams in the Norwegian league, such as the popular club Stryn. Apart from Stryn, Opheim also played for other clubs like Lyn football, a major club that won the Norwegian Premier league twice. 

He has also played for Moss FK, a club that won the Norwegian Cup back in 1983. He also played for the Manglerud Star club, another Norwegian club. Although Opheim didn’t make much of a name outside of Norwegian soccer, he still remains one of the tallest soccer players to have graced the field!

4. Costel Pantilimon 

Unlike the first three players we’ve discussed, Costel Pantilimon is not from Norway. Pantilimon is from Romania, and he is one of the tallest goalkeepers to have played in international football. Pantilimon has a record height of 6 feet and 8 inches!

Pantilimon had a taste of international football when he played for the great Man City between 2011 and 2014. When he was protecting the goal post of Man City, he was, without a doubt, the tallest goalkeeper in the league. 

After Pantilimon’s time at Man City, he spent some time being a goalkeeper in Sunderland. After leaving Sunderland, Pantilimon now plays for a Turkish club called Denizlispor, and he is recognized as the tallest player in the EFL.

Apart from playing for Clubs, Pantilimon has had the opportunity to represent his country. He is recognized as one of the tallest players in the world. 

5. Lacina Traore 

Lacina Traore is an African soccer player, and his origin can be traced back to the Ivory Coast. The Ivorian has made a name for himself internationally and in popular leagues like the premier league. 

Lucina Traore is a player who mainly falls into the attack position, and he plays as a striker in most of the clubs he has represented. Traore’s recorded height is 6 feet and 8 inches, which is rather tall for a striker.

Traore came into the limelight when AS Monaco first recruited him in 2014. He was then loaned to Everton, another major club in the premier league. During Traore’s time in Everton, he caught the world’s attention and coined the nickname “gentle giant.” 

Apart from the Premier league, Traore also found his way to La Liga, where he played his first match for Sporting Gijon on 5th February 2017. He was the tallest soccer player in La Liga and is still one of the tallest in the world. 

6. Tor Hogne Aaroy 

It’s no surprise that we have yet another Norwegian on our list. Tor Hogne Aaroy is the tallest Norwegian that we’ve discussed till now with a height of 6 feet and 8 ½ inches!

Aaroy first played for the Aalesunds FK, one of the clubs in the Norwegian Premier League. Aaroy got some recognition for his performance in Aalesunds, but he was later transferred to JEF United Chiba, a Japanese club. 

In 2009, the Norwegian National Team invited Aaroy to play for them. He later had to leave the national squad due to wanting to spend more time with his kid. 

7. Yang Changpeng 

Yang Changpeng, a Chinese player who first made a name for himself in England, is known as the “Chinese Peter Crouch” because of his height.

Changpeng had an astonishing height of 6 feet and 8 ½ inches, and he is among the top five tallest players in the world!

After returning to China, Changpeng played for clubs like Shenzhen, Fengpeng, Keija, and many other Chinese clubs. He is the tallest soccer player in China and among the top five globally. Changpeng is currently in the Chinese Super League, and he plays for Henan Jianye.

8. Vanja Ivesa

Vanja Ivesa is a Croatian national with an incredible height. He is currently the 3rd tallest player in the world. Ivesa has a height of 6 feet and 9 inches, and he also happens to be a goalkeeper. 

Ivesa started playing professional soccer when he played for NK Istria back in 1995, and he has played for several other teams since then. Ivesa has played for other clubs outside of Croatia, such as Elazigspor and Eskiehirspor, a club in Turkey. 

9. Paul Millar

Paul Millar is a player whose height has left the world in awe, measuring 6 feet and 20 inches. Paul was born in Britain, and he has played for all different teams across Scotland.

Millar played for Elgin City from 2010 to 2014. Paul was so tall that the Elgin City workers had to adjust the entrances to fit his height! Millar later went to play for Formartine United between 2014 and 2015. 

Aside from his career as a soccer player, Millar also works as a firefighter at the Kinloss Base. Millar is still the second tallest player in the world and the tallest in Europe. 

10. Kristof Van Hout 

Lastly, we have the tallest soccer player globally, who also happens to be a goalkeeper. Kristof Van Hout is a 31 year-old goalkeeper with a height of 6 feet and 10 inches! His height is more than some of the tallest basketball players today.


Soccer is an interesting sport, and it is played worldwide. The soccer game doesn’t require a lot of height, so it’s astonishing to see tall players. 

In this article, we’ve looked at some of the tallest soccer players in the world and the positions they played. Don’t worry, tall people can still play soccer. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to keep exploring our site!