Who Is the Tallest YouTuber as of January 2023?

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For nearly 20 years, YouTube, a streaming platform that allows people to share videos they create online, has become popular with people worldwide. As a result of this, a new breed of celebrities has been born. They have hundreds of thousands of followers who cannot wait to see their latest videos.

However, some YouTube stars have become even more well-known not because of the videos they upload to the site, but solely because of how tall they are. So, who exactly is the tallest YouTuber today?

Have you been wondering just who is the tallest YouTube star in the world today? If so, then this article is perfect for you!

tallest youtuber

Who Is the Tallest YouTuber Today? 

At the moment, the title of the tallest person who has a YouTube channel goes to Beau Brown. Since opening his account, he has been providing quality content to his subscriber base, which is around 295,000.  

Throughout his vlogs, he constantly talks about how tall he is. Of course, it’s possible that there are other people on YouTube that are taller than him, but Brown has chosen to create tall content for his channel and has a lot of followers. This is why we consider him to be the tallest person on YouTube today. 

As well as Beau Brown, several other YouTubers create viral videos for their followers. We will look more closely at them along with Beau Brown.

A Little More About Beau Brown 

Beau Brown 

As we mentioned above, we consider Brown to be the tallest YouTuber at this time. He stands at 7 feet and 1 inch tall. He is also one of the most popular content creators on this online video streaming platform. 

All the videos he posts to his channel “7FootVlogs” help his followers enjoy a more positive life now and in the future. Most of the videos he creates relate to the problems of being tall; however, he never lets such things get him down. 

Instead, he takes on a more positive attitude towards life and aims to help others to keep on smiling. As well as letting people learn more about the life he leads, he also likes to upload videos to challenge his audience to make changes for the better in their lives.

Occasionally, Logan Paul, a close friend of Brown’s, appears in some of the quality content he creates.

In March 2017, Brown began to get noticed appearing on YouTube’s recommended page. At this time, his popularity as a content creator for this channel began to rise. In less than a month, he went from having 15,000 subscribers to over 150,000!

In addition to appearing on his own channel, Brown has also been asked to appear in video content from creators of others.

Other Tall YouTubers

1. Paul – TallPaulVlogs

Paul Sturgess

Here is yet another YouTuber who has a channel that talks about what life is like for someone well over the average height of most men. Paul Sturgess is six inches taller than Beau Brown, standing at 7 feet and 7 inches tall. 

However, we have chosen not to consider him as the tallest YouTuber as he only uploaded two videos back in 2018 to his channel and has just over 2,900 subscribers. 

We’ve chosen to put Beau Brown as the tallest because he regularly uploads new videos to his channel.

2. Jimmy Donaldson – MrBeast 

mr beast

MrBeast might not be the tallest YouTube star at this time, but he is considered the richest. His net worth is said to be around $16 million. However, unlike others who have a channel on this video platform, he has become well known for his charitable work. 

Since the setting up of his channel on which it performs various stunts, he has given away large amounts of money to friends and various charities. Most of the money he earns is through sponsorship deals he has with the likes of TikTok, Quidd, and CSGO lotto.

Donaldson’s MrBeast YouTube channel has more than 127 million subscribers as of January 2023. He, unlike Brown, is just 6 feet and 3 inches tall. Along with his main channel, he has several other channels on YouTube that his subscribers can follow. 

Like Brown, Donaldson also has a very positive attitude towards life and chose to drop out of college to focus on his career as a YouTuber.

3. Jake Paul

Jake Paul

In relation to Beau Brown, this extremely popular YouTuber who posts childish videos to his channel is over a foot shorter. He came to prominence through Vine and then got a starring role on the Disney Channel series “Bizaardvark.”

During the two seasons that he appeared on this series, he played the part of someone who would accept dares from the show’s audience. He would perform these dares, which only further cemented his popularity both on the show and online. However, several problems arose and, after the second series, he was dropped from the show. 

It was then, in 2016, that he decided to become a professional boxer. The first boxing event he participated in was against another YouTuber from the UK. He beat Deji Olatunji in the fifth round via a technical knockout. 

Since that win, he has participated in several other boxing events and has beaten all those who challenge him.

4. TommyInnit

This YouTuber is from the UK and, like Jake Paul, is only 6 feet and 1 inch. He also has a following on another platform called Twitch Streamer. 

What makes him different from the other YouTubers we’ve spoken about in this article is that he livestreams playthroughs of Minecraft.

He also has a significant number of subscribers compared to Brown. If you were to rank channel subscribers to his YouTube channel, he would sit second behind MrBeast. As of January this year (2023), he has more than 24 million subscribers, and his videos from his gaming channel have been viewed over 2 billion times!

So, now that we’ve looked at who we consider to be the tallest YouTubers, who is the shortest?

The Shortest YouTuber Is…

This title has to go to Jeff Nippard, a fitness coach, professional bodybuilder, and powerlifter. Originally from Canada, this YouTube start and social media influencer is just 5 feet and 4 inches tall. 

Although he might be small in stature, he has gained a solid following because of his informative and entertaining videos about fitness. He loves to upload new videos every day for his subscribers to enjoy.

Not only is he popular on YouTube, but on both Twitter and Instagram. As of March last year (2021), he had around 2.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. As for his Twitter account, he has about 18,000 followers and on Instagram he has around 591,000 followers. 

Final Thoughts

Usually, when it comes to YouTube stars, most people talk about the kind of videos they upload and their vlogs.

However, since its creation, YouTube has become a powerful online streaming platform. As a result, many YouTubers have become celebrities in their own rights and are now looking at ways to stand out from their competition. Indeed, being taller than your competition is one way to literally stand out! But, there are plenty of other ways a YouTuber star can gain even more subscribers. 

There are several other YouTubers who might be classified as tall. A few might even be as tall or taller than Beau Brown, but none of them have reached the levels of success that he has.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube created by people who are taller than Beau, but one thing needs to be kept in mind. These people have only uploaded one video to their channel, so they don’t really count as YouTubers. 

To be a YouTuber, you need to build your brand, like Brown has, and regularly upload high-quality content and vlogs to your channel. 

For now, we still consider Brown to hold the title of the tallest YouTuber. So, we will just have to wait and see if anyone else comes along to take this title away from him!