The Best Thermal Underwear for Tall Men: A Buyer’s Guide

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Fruit of the Loom Men's Recycled Premium Waffle Thermal Underwear Long Johns Bottom (1, 2, 3, and 4 Packs), Greystone Heather, Large

Most people who dislike winter usually hate these seasons for these reasons: the cold temperature and the fact that it is uncomfortable to move around with layers of bulky clothing weighing you down. 

If you are someone who wants to stay warm when the temperatures drop but still wants to maintain freedom of movement when venturing out in chilly conditions then it is time to invest in a good pair of thermal underwear for tall men. These garments are worn underneath the clothing and are designed to insulate your body so you can stay warm for longer without too many layers.

In a hurry, here are our top picks for the best thermal underwear for tall men:

5 Best Thermal Underwear for Tall Men

Modern thermal underwear is quite different from historic longjohns that used to be so uncomfortable. These modern garments are designed with advanced fabrics that are extremely stretchy, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and that insulates your body. These clothing items can fit snugly underneath just about any type of outfit and are perfect for keeping you nice and warm whether you are going out for a jog or need to work in an chilly office environment.

The only issue tall people have with most thermal underwear is that they tend to ride up at the crotch and ankles because most of them are designed for people of average height. 

In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best thermal underwear for tall sizes so you can also get the wind and cold protection you need when you are venturing outdoors.

Best Thermal Underwear for Tall Men

The Overall Best Thermal Base Wear for Tall Men

1. Duofold Men’s Mid Weight Thermal Pants

The Duofold mid-weight thermal pants are a good option if you need something affordable, comfortable, and ideal for cooler weather climates.

These underpants are available in different colors so you can find one that won’t show through lighter-colored pants. The pair of leggings is quite stretchy and easy to pull on or take off. They have a skinny leg design with ankle cuffs that keeps the legs from riding up or that keeps your socks in place. They do have a tight fit yet are not tight enough to cause discomfort.

These base layer bottoms are made from 2 ply fabric and have good insulation so all your body warmth will stay trapped inside. They are also nice and breathable since they are made from a cotton blend fabric and the C Vapor technology is ideal for wicking moisture or sweat away from your skin so you can stay nice and dry when you enjoy outdoorsy adventures. 


Fabric type: 60% cotton and 40% polyester

Colors: 7 colors

Sizing: S to XXL, true to size

Closure: Pull-on closure

Design: Skinny leg with ankle cuffs and fly front

Stretch: Medium stretch

Cleaning: Machine washable

Included: Pants only

  • Not baggy around the crotch area
  • Underwear is true to size
  • Ankle cuffs keep the pants from riding up
  • Offers plenty of warmth
  • Thin enough for comfortable wear underneath other pants like jeans
  • Cotton blend fabric is nice and breathable
  • Underpants won’t shrink when you wash them but can give a little bit
  • Made from good quality fabric
  • Might not be warm enough for extremely cold temperatures
  • Pants do fit tighter around the calves than the waist

The Best Thermal Underwear Set for Tall Men

2. TSLA Men’s Thermal Underwear Set

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If you are looking for a thermal underwear set or need a good pair of pajamas to keep you nice and snug during those long winter days, then this set by TSLA might be a good pick.

These base layer garments are available in a wide range of colors and include a matching top and pair of leggings. The synthetic leggings and top are lined with microfiber to keep your body nice and warm while the fabric exterior is smooth to avoid friction with outerwear items like a rain jacket that you might be layering over these. 

The set has a body-hugging skin-tight fit and it is recommended to buy a bigger size since the sizes do run a bit snug. The 4-way stretch of the fabric won’t restrict your movement even if you layer with thicker clothing. 

The pants and top are ideal for taller men since it stretches a lot and the inseam lengths are a bit longer than average. This underwear set is a great choice for winter weather but might not offer sufficient protection in extremely windy conditions or temperatures below 40 degrees F. 


Fabric type: Microfiber

Colors: 13 Colors

Sizing: S to 2XL – upsize recommended

Closure: Pull up closure

Design: Body-hugging fit with or without fly front

Stretch: 4-way stretch

Cleaning: Machine wash

Included: Long sleeve top and pant set

  • Sold as a two-piece set and the top and bottom are identical in fabric or color
  • Can be worn as pajamas and they are available in PJ colors or prints
  • Pants are available with or without a fly front
  • Good body-hugging fit so it fits nice and snug underneath clothing
  • High stretch fabric allows plenty of freedom for movement
  • Base layer will keep you nice and warm in cold climates and mild winds
  • Garments are well made with quality fabric
  • Good moisture-wicking abilities
  • Can be a bit thin for a base layer in extremely cold temperatures
  • Does not offer compression for sports advantages
  • Upsizing is recommended since the sizes run small

The Best Underwear for Different Weather Conditions

3. Rocky Thermal Underwear Set

If you need underwear that can protect you from cool to the coldest weather conditions then you should consider these sets by Rocky Thermal.

Unlike the other thermal underwear items on our list, these sets are available in different fabric density levels. You can get a lightweight pair for cool temperatures, a midweight set for cold temperatures, and a heavyweight set for those extremely chilly winter conditions.

The underwear set has a body-hugging fit and is made from high stretch fleece fabric with a warm and fuzzy interior and a smooth exterior. This unique fabric design will keep your body warmth trapped inside but is still silky smooth outside so the underwear won’t cling to or cause friction when it comes in contact with our outerwear.

The pair of leggings have a long inseam that is perfect for tall men and the base layer top also has a tall design so your back and tummy won’t be exposed to cold winds.

These undergarments can double as sleepwear since they are super comfortable and you can get them in a huge variety of colors including some novelty prints. 


Fabric type: Fleece: lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight fabric sets

Colors: 15 Colors

Sizing: S to 6XL

Closure: Pull up closure

Design: Body-hugging fit with fly in front

Stretch: High stretch

Cleaning: Machine wash

Included: Long sleeve top and pants

  • Lots of colors and fun prints to choose from
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Sold as a two-piece set with matching top and bottom
  • Fabric is smooth so it can easily slide underneath other clothing
  • Comfortable base layer is high stretch so you can move easily
  • Base layer bottoms and tops are available in low, medium, or high-density fabric
  • You can get a pair that suits your general climate
  • Can double as sleepwear
  • Pant legs are tall enough for taller people
  • Base layer tops are nice and long so your belly or back will stay covered
  • Sizes do run a bit small

The Best Tall Size Waffle Fabric Thermal Underwear 

4. Fruit of the Loom Waffle Thermal Long Johns

Men who prefer a looser legging with a breathable waffle texture can consider these pairs by Fruit of the Loom. 

The cotton blend fabric is nice and breathable and will keep you from feeling sweaty or smothered. The waffle pattern of the fabric also offers plenty of stretches so you can move comfortably while wearing these leggings under clothing items.

The pants do have a skinny leg design but are not body fitting and do not compress your legs or buttocks to cause discomfort. Ankle cuffs at the pant legs are great for keeping your pant legs from riding up and will also help keep your socks in place when you enjoy sporty activities that require plenty of movement. 

These leggings are quite long and will cover your entire leg from hip to ankle even if you are tall. They are ideal for keeping you snug in cold weather but might be a bit drafty and thin for freezing temperatures. 


Fabric type: 52% cotton, 48% polyester with waffle pattern

Colors: 3 Colors

Sizing: S to 5XL

Closure: Pull-on closure

Design: Skinny leg with ankle cuffs and fly front

Stretch: High stretch

Cleaning: Machine wash

Included: Pants only


  • Cotton blend thermal fabric is very breathable
  • Fabric is warm but not too hot
  • Tall underwear that won’t ride up or pull down when you move
  • Underwear pants are sold in three different colors
  • Thermal underwear for men don’t fit too tightly but is snug enough for underwear
  • Ideal for most body types including curvy bodies
  • Will keep you nice and warm in bad weather


  • Some feel the size runs a bit large
  • Might not provide enough warmth for extremely cold temperatures below 30 F

The Best Thermal Underwear for Extremely Tall Men

5. Carhartt Men’s Thermal Pants

Tall men who have a tough time finding a pair of leggings that do not ride up or that covers their ankle can consider the Carhartt brand pants. These are not the cheapest leggings on our list, but they are available in standard and longer-length inseams so those with long legs can also get the protection they need.

The base layer pants are only sold in two basic colors but they are available in a huge variety of sizes from small to 4XL. 

The design of these undergarments is body hugging but not too tight. The fabric is nice and stretchy so you can move with ease and the polyester materials of these synthetic leggings will stay in great shape for a long time. The leggings have a waffle knit design that enhances the breathability of the synthetic fabric and these pants are designed with rugged flex technology so they won’t tear when used in the gym or on a tall bicycle. 

These pants are ideal for moderate to cool temperatures but can be a bit chilly in extremely cold climates. 


Fabric type: 100% Polyester with waffle knit

Colors: Black or navy

Sizing: S to 4XL including longer lengths

Closure: Pull up closure

Design: Body-hugging fit with fly closure

Stretch: High stretch

Cleaning: Machine wash

Included: Pants only

  • True to size
  • Available with longer length inseams to accommodate taller body types
  • Ankle bands are not too tight
  • Leggings are nice and light
  • They are not skin tight so you won’t feel like you are s othered
  • Ideal for keeping your body warm in cold temperatures
  • This type of fabric is highly durable
  • The fabric panels ensure a good fit underneath your clothing
  • Might be a bit thin for extremely cold temperatures
  • Contains traces of latex

Final Thoughts

We are certain that any of these pairs of thermal undergarments will keep you nice and snug whether you use them for casual loungewear or put them on so you can go hiking in the snow. We hope that this guide made it easy for you to identify the best thermal underwear for tall men so you can make a smart buying decision that might improve your life quality during wintertime.

If you are also in the market for other quality accessories for tall women and men then you should have a peek at some of the other guides we have on Tall People Guide. With our handy site, you can get your hands on all of the best equipment and gear that are specially developed to suit your height.