Best Walking Canes For Tall Persons.

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Best Walking Canes For Tall Persons

It might be true that at this moment you are having issues with walking. You may be aging and tall at the same time, or you had an unfortunate incident that resulted in back and leg injuries.

Whether the walking problems are due to the incoming old age or accident, you should not resign to a wheelchair. What you need are canes for tall persons.

With these, you can be sure you’ll still move around. Even as you heal from your injuries.

Generally, canes become handy in these two situations. But will you just need any other cane?

This is easy. A big no!

If there is a remedy to your problem that can pose more threats to you, especially when you’re injured, then it’s a cane, a wrong sized cane. You can fall, and this happens fast when you don’t know how to use it.

You should be able to know how to use a cane first. And then consider getting the right one for your rehabilitation needs.

Which makes me emphasize to you the importance of the right cane size. Now that you’re the tall man or woman.

You know the worst thing about the short walking canes: discomfort, pain, and fatigue. This will be far gone when you get the extra tall canes.

Because you will find them fitting with your height and secondly, you can be assured of the support they will provide. Then you will also be able to move freely around.

What’s The Best Walking Canes For tall People.

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Getting the right walking cane for yourself is an assurance of comfort and safety. Therefore, begin by taking the measurements of your canes.

This should help you determine which size will be good with your height. Remember what is fit for you may not be great for another tall person.

Why it happens so is that different tall people have varying lengths of legs. Wow! You could be similar in height but your chap may boast longer legs than yours or vice versa.

So tall canes with about 36-38 inches long are going to worth your try. These lengths will provide you with the ultimate support you need as a tall person.

Let’s assume you are between 6’4″-6’7″ tall. This Harvy Cane adjusts to a whopping 46 inches long! This is a perfect fit for a person of your stature.

It comes with fashion and style, it’s ergonomic and something unique to this cane is that it is not adjustable.

Here Are Benefits Of Buying the Best Walking Canes For tall Person.

There is a whole list of the reasons why you should consider buying the best walking canes for tall person. However, I am going to mention just a few of them in here.

I need to ensure that I am also giving you more information on other important things you may want to know regarding this niche.

Well, let’s review these benefits.

  • Best Walking Canes Provide Great Balance And Stability

Why do you want to get the best walking cane? For stability and balance isn’t it true?

Yes. Everyone wants to know if the stick they will be using can really do the job. You are not going to take any risk, as you know your weakness at the moment.

A strong walking cane will provide you with the appropriate support. You will maintain the much-needed balance and support.

In such positions, you don’t freak out because you’re safe and well secured.

  • Best Walking Canes Are Comfortable

The tall individual doesn’t want anything less than this. The circumstance you are in, you’re elderly or rehabilitating from serious injuries, is not the right time to compromise with the size of your cane.

With extra strong walking canes, you are absolutely guaranteed that your movements will be comfortable (let me assume you know how to use them). You will not be exposed to further back or leg pains.

Only the comfortable walking cane can give you peace of mind. Otherwise, you better stick to other available remedies.

  • Best Walking Canes Are Safe To Use best walking cane for balance

Safety is a key thing when selecting your walking stick. And as tall person, missing out on the right one is inviting deep problems.

In fact, you must be 100% sure that a cane you are picking is stable and strong enough. This is the only guarantee of safety.

If you can’t get the right fit, then give it time. Do not rush into buying any cane because you didn’t your match.

But all said safety is not to be compromised. And with cool walking canes around, you are always going to be safe.

  • Best Walking Canes Gives You A Better Posture

The best thing you want as tall person walking on a stick is to achieve the upright posture. The right walking stick will help you make it.

This, however, is not something you will achieve if you are walking on short canes. They will only bring much fatigue and inflict more pain in you.

Remember that the right body posture is a very important tip for a healthy lifestyle.

Different Types Of Walking Canes Suitable For Tall People.

Canes for tall people come in different styles, designs and types. But not every cane will feel fine for you.

You must check through the list and get the best fit for you. You don’t want to be readmitted to a hospital because you fell with a wrong cane.

Check these and note the appropriate features you would love to have.

1. Single Point Canes For Tall Person

These kind of canes come with only a single support base. This base is the only support that touches the ground.

They are the most popular designs around. They also offer simplicity and have been used for quite a long time.

So if you don’t want many features on your stick, have a look at the single point tall walking canes and get one for yourself.

You can check with the Vive Folding Cane is loved by many people. It has a tip with slip-resistant rubber.

2. Folding Walking Cane For Tall Person

The design with these chairs allow them to fold so that you will store them very easily. You can keep them in your backpack or handbag, for the case of a lady.

Most folding types have the adjustable feature. Which makes them very convenient types of canes for most users.

The folded canes are made to have an elastic cord that you will simply let go when you want to use it.

EECOO Folding Cane is a great collapsible walking cane. It’s lightweight and will be easily folded and stored.

3. Quad Walking Canes For Tall Person

These four-pronged canes are perhaps the most comfortable best walking canes for balance of all the other types. They have four bases on their foot so that they can stand on their own without falling.

If you want the ultimate stability, balance and safety, you cannot look further than quad or 4-pronged canes. In fact, a big tall individual will find this their greatest friend

These canes will give you the solid traction you just needed. The support you receive with them is absolutely first-class and eliminates any fears of falling due to imbalance.

The HurryCane Freedom Edition Folding Cane is your perfect solution here. It comes with great stability and balance.

4. Tripod/3-Pronged Walking Canes

This is the other design of the multiple-point canes that offers you extra stability and maximum support. They have their feet fitted with three bases which keep the balance in place.

Just like the quads, you don’t need to place them against a wall or something. They can stand on their own.

The tripod base can be detachable and sometimes when you are buying your three-pronged cane, you will find the tripod base being sold separately.

At 350 lbs., this HurryCane Go Cane comes with a cushioned handle. This makes it very comfortable in your hands.

5. Seat Canes

If you have serious mobility issues, you will need something even special. This is why these seat canes are coming into the light.

They are purely built with the medical touch on them. Sturdiness is a key feature of this cane.

A good thing you will also get in these canes is a seat. Yes. You can unfold the seat any time you feel it’s time to have a rest after moving around. In fact, this it’s created specifically for this function.

You may as well consider looking at the different shapes of the handles. The shapes give you further uniqueness in the canes and better options.

Get this sturdy Drive Medical tripod design that comes with a comfortable seat where you will rest.

6. Crook Walking canes

Canes for tall persons in this category are designed to have a rounded handle. This type of handle comes with some great benefits.

For example, it offers you better usability when handling the cane, hence more comfort. Again you can easily hook your cane somewhere like a chair’s arm when it isn’t being used.

With this Carex Round Handle Wood Cane, you have a cane that will support persons up to 250 lbs. It won’t slide since it has rubber tips.

7. T-handle Walking Cane

These ones are crafted with T-shaped handles. And are made for the tall guys with hand issues or weaknesses.

The thing is they help to reduce stress or fatigue of your hands.

Check this Men Extra Derby Cane by Harvy. It is 44 inches long! So it will perfectly fit even some of the tallest guys.

8. Fritz Walking Cane

Whether it is the wooden or metal cane grip, fritz designs can be some of the best walking canes you need as tall person. The main reason being the comfort they offer from their curvy T-shaped handle.

This handle will not hurt your hands. Even if you are the heaviest individual around, you will still be provided with the support you need.

Rank the canes for their handles and this type will clinch first place.

The Complete Medical Cane has a smooth handle that will increase your comfort and can support a lot of weight up to 250 lbs.

Criteria For Getting The Best Walking Canes For Tall Persons.

As you read this part, put in mind the characteristics of a great walking cane for the tall person. This guide provides you some very useful information.

So, what are these things you should be looking at?

  • Proper height

Height of the cane determines whether it’s a better choice or not. You are tall and this should be your primary consideration.

The walking canes for tall man and woman should have at least a height of 36 inches. Below this, you are having a short cane.

Obviously, the tall walking sticks should provide you the comfort and stability that you need.

  • Reviews of Other People

Reviews on the online platforms can be very important. At least for some people.

For others, they don’t really think the feedback provided by other users should impact on their decisions to buy a cane or not. So long as they are satisfied with description or the design, they would still go for it.

But just consider checking these reviews. There’s very useful information you can get from what other guys say about the similar cane.

  • Your Weight

This is as important as your height. Get further and test whether the cane will support you or the person you’re buying for.

If you’re big and tall, the heavy-duty walking canes will be the ideal pick. These will be able to support your weight fully so that you don’t worry about the next time you might fall.

You try as much as you can to avoid all thin sticks.

  • Consider The Right Grip

The emphasis on the grip of a cane shouldn’t stop. I still remind you to try out the various grips available before you can settle down on one.

For example, there is the crook grip, the T-shape grip, or fritz and offset grips. The T-shape grips provide guys with hand weaknesses a comfortable and less fatigued touch when using their canes.

  • Style

You have learned some of the designs available for you to choose from. But it is also better to make the right choice basing on the comfort you expect and the taste you prefer.

So if you want a three-pronged or four-pronged cane, just be advised that you’ll need to get used to handling these special types. There’s a way it just feels strange using a cane with more than one tip.

Which is why you should go for single base walking canes for tall man.

  • Material

Most walking canes have their frames crafted entirely from aluminium and plated with the chrome material. But you will find better canes also made from steel, wood etc.

Understanding which frame material suits you is key. The steel frames are common with canes for heavy tall people.

Wood canes can also form some sturdy canes fit for most people.

  • Maintenance

Just like other equipment, the walking canes need to be maintained. They undergo wear and tear and therefore should be checked regularly.

However, you don’t want to take home a walking cane that will only serve the tall user shortly and the next day you are replacing a falling base cap or a handgrip.

Canes for tall persons should also be easy to maintain. This gives you the confidence that if the unfortunate happened, you can still take it up for yourself and do the repair.


Walking canes are very important for the elderly and people with back or leg injuries. But when you are tall, the standard canes cannot fit you.

You will need your canes to be tall enough for your height. Or else, you will not be comfortable.

Sometimes, because of the shorter canes, you risk running into further health risks.

I hope you also find the right design among the different ones suggested in the guide. You will definitely get your type, no doubt about that.