Best Wheelbarrow For Tall Person (Honest Buyer’s Guide)

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wheelbarrow for tall person

We, tall guys, know how essential a wheelbarrow is for gardening and construction works. But you must agree, finding a wheelbarrow for tall person is not easy.

Most wheelbarrows are for average heights. They come with shorter handles and smaller wheels, which don’t favor us. Meanwhile, others are just not the right build quality.

So, are you looking for a wheelbarrow for your height that promises quality?

This guide will take you through essential buying considerations for taller wheelbarrows. But first, let me explain why you need a wheelbarrow as a tall guy.

In a rush? Below is a hotlist of the best wheelbarrows for tall people.

Best Wheelbarrow for Tall Person: 5 Hottest Picks

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Why a Tall Person Should Get the Best Wheelbarrow

Let’s face it; nothing is as serious as breaking your back when loading stuff on the garden or at a construction site. That could happen if you are tall and using the wrong wheelbarrow size.

You also wouldn’t want your load to slide off the wheelbarrow’s front when pushing it. That again can happen if you use the wrong wheelbarrow.

The other thing is that a smaller wheelbarrow is generally harder to push when you are tall. Not only do you strain your back but also your arms and shoulders.

But with the best, taller wheelbarrow that matches your height, you get to push it more comfortably.

Overall, the best tall wheelbarrow can help you achieve the following:

  • Move dirt, soils, stones, mulch, among other things
  • Remove waste from one point to another
  • Carry firewood and tree transplants
  • Move heavy rocks
  • Feed your farm animals
  • Clean your barn
  • Engage in wheelbarrow races
  • Bathe your dog if you want to

Now, let me help you find your ideal wheelbarrow by taking you through the buying guide.

Buying Guide for the Best Wheelbarrow for Tall Person

Consider the following when shopping for a wheelbarrow for a tall person:

a) Perfect Design for Tall Person

How do you identify a good wheelbarrow for a tall person? Well, that’s by looking at the following:

  • Longer handles: The barrow’s handles should be at least 60 inches to offer you more leverage when pushing the wheelbarrow.
  • Wider inter-handle space: A wider gap between the handles lets you relax your extended arms and push the wheelbarrow more comfortably.
  • Larger wheels: Since you are tall, the wheels should be big enough to match your height. Besides, larger wheels roll easily, even on rough surfaces.
  • Spacious bucket/tray: The tray or bucket space should be large enough to offer you more room for loading stuff.
  • Large tipping base: The tipping base should be sizeable to offer optimum wheelbarrow stability when loaded.

b) Material Type

When it comes to the wheelbarrow bucket (tray or load tub) construction, you usually have the following material choices:

  • Metal

Metal makes heavy-duty wheelbarrows, which are known for their large load capacity and durability.

The most popular metal is stainless steel, which is known to be corrosion-resistant and crack-resistant.

Their only downside is that they are heavy.

  • Plastic

For those who are looking for a lightweight wheelbarrow, the material to go for is plastic. Not only are plastic wheelbarrows lighter in weight but also lighter in your pocket.

They are cheaper than metal, though they come with a smaller load capacity.

Overall, plastic wheelbarrows are best for landscaping, gardening, and other light duties.

  • Wood

Wooden wheelbarrows are mainly used for aesthetic purposes as planters. They are an eco-friendly choice and don’t rust.

They can, however, rot or attract mold when damp.

  • Canvas/Tarp

Some wheelbarrow buckets are made of canvas/tarp and are generally best for travel.

These wheelbarrows usually are foldable for ease of packing, thus best when you don’t have a lot of storage space.

They are also lightweight, which means they are not best for heavy jobs.

c) Wheelbarrow Handles for Tall Person

When it comes to the wheelbarrow handles, you can settle for any of these choices:

  • Metal handles: Metal, especially steel, is a reliable choice that doesn’t break or bend easily. These handles are also stronger and have a longer lifespan. Their downside is that they can feel very hot when left in the sun for too long.
  • Wood handles: Wood doesn’t rust and offers more hand grip and flexibility than metal. Wood also feels more comfortable on the hand and can tolerate huge loads. The only downside is that it can rot when damp.
  • Plastic handles: Plastic handles are generally lighter and ergonomic. They are also quite aesthetic. The only problem is that they can crack or snap under excess pressure or temperature.

d) Tire Type

Wheelbarrow tires mostly come in two options; pneumatic and non-pneumatic.

Pneumatic tires can be air-inflated. So, they come with inner tubes which promote shock absorption when air-filled.

Overall, they are pretty smooth, even when carrying heavy loads over rough surfaces. The downside is that you cannot use the wheelbarrow when the tires go flat.

That’s unlike non-pneumatic options, which are flat-free. Non-pneumatic tires work in rougher terrains without the risk of puncture.

But still, there are semi-pneumatic options, which are a compromise between the two (pneumatic and non-pneumatic).

e) Number of Wheels

Traditional wheelbarrows come with just one wheel, but nowadays, there are 2-wheeled and 4 wheeled wheelbarrows.

Generally, one-wheeled wheelbarrows have a tripod design, thus stable. They are usually easy to maneuver and off-load. The downside is that you need more upper body strength to stay in control and avoid tipping over.

Dual wheel wheelbarrows, in contrast, are more stable than one-wheel options. They are, however, more challenging to push on rugged terrains. As a result, they are best for flat ground.

f) Load Capacity and Cargo Volume

You should get a wheelbarrow that can comfortably carry your load. Expect heavy-duty metal wheelbarrows to bear 300 pounds or more.

However, lighter options, especially plastic, are likely to come with a capacity that’s less than 300 pounds.

The other consideration is the wheelbarrow bucket or tray area. If you want to carry materials that occupy a lot of tray volume, you’ll need to consider a larger bucket volume.

g) Budget

Don’t forget about the budget. The amount you pay depends on the wheelbarrow type that you go for. If you want a cheap wheelbarrow, consider plastic and wooden options.

But if you want a heavy-steel or electric option, you’ll have to pay more.

More Considerations

Also, consider the following:

  • A rust-resistant wheelbarrow to promise longevity
  • Foldable design to encourage ease of packing
  • Non-slip handles to promote easy and comfortable maneuver
  • Storage racks to stash your tools and other stuff
  • Ball bearings to reduce friction and improve load-carrying

Types of Wheelbarrows for Tall Person (Wheelbarrow Reviews)

Here are five popular wheelbarrow types that tall people can use:

1. Garden Wheelbarrow for Tall Person

The garden wheelbarrow is what most people think of when they hear of the word wheelbarrow. This barrow comes in a traditional design, featuring long handles and a large bucket/tray.

From its name, this wheelbarrow is designed for garden use. You can use it to lift move soil, manure, and mulch.

These wheelbarrows come in metal, plastic, or wooden construction and feature either one or two wheels.

One great garden wheelbarrow for your consideration is the Marathon Yard Rover 2-Tire Wheelbarrow (Amazon Link).

This 2 wheeled wheelbarrow comes with massive air-filled (pneumatic tires that roll seamlessly on the garden surface.

It has a five cubic-foot poly tray with a 300-pound capacity, which is terrific and only weighs 25 pounds, thanks to its lightweight polypropylene construction.

2. Residential Wheelbarrow for Tall Guy

Residential wheelbarrows are your all-around DIY choice. You can use them anywhere in a residential setting, thus their name. So, they are an excellent investment for homeowners, light construction workers (builders), and landscapers.

Expect them to come in more robust tub construction and to feature solid handles. Their wheels are also solid, and they come either as single-wheel or double-wheel.

One such wheelbarrow is the Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover (Amazon Link).

This two-wheel wheelbarrow features massive pneumatic tires that roll seamlessly on uneven ground. It‘s lighter to lift and push and pretty stable.

Moreover, it comes with cushioned grip handles that let you push heavy content more comfortably.

You can count on its five cubic feet capacity to bear up to 300 pounds.

3. Cart-Style Wheelbarrow for Tall People

Cart-style wheelbarrows look like standard carts. So, they come primarily with four wheels and are pulled horizontally instead of lifting, just like standard carts.

Overall, these wheelbarrows are easy to load and unload. Even though they are very stable because of their multiple wheels, they are harder to maneuver on rough grounds.

But overall, they are heavy-load carriers.

One fantastic choice is the Worx WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow (Amazon Link).

This wheelbarrow quickly transforms into a yard cart, plant mover, dolly, trailer tote, bag holder, cylinder carrier, or extended dolly, thus the name 8-in-1.

So, it’s the best wheelbarrow ever when you look at its cutting-edge design.

Its wheels are flat-free and come in more robust metal construction. Impressively, the wheelbarrow can bear up to 200 pounds, which may be less, but its 8-in-1 functionality makes it worth it.

4. Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow for Tall Guys

Heavy-duty wheelbarrows, as their name suggests, are designed to perform heavy tasks. That includes building and construction jobs.

You’ll find them mostly on construction sites.

Strength-wise, these barrows come in more robust metal construction and have massive load capacities.

Their weight makes them less maneuverable when heavily loaded. But if you have the muscles for the job, these wheelbarrows are a fantastic choice.

One great pick for tall people is the Jackson M6T22 M6T22KB Wheelbarrow (Amazon Link).

This six cubic-foot wheelbarrow comes with adequate tray space to allow you to carry just about anything. The tray is stainless steel, thus rust-resistant and durable.

It comes with heavy-duty wooden handles that are stronger and the perfect size for taller guys.

Moreover, its leg stabilizers promise 40% extra tip resistance.

5. Electric Wheelbarrow for Tall People.

Electric wheelbarrows, also known as motorized wheelbarrows, employ electric power for propulsion. Besides their maneuver, they don’t require your physical energy, making them best for industrial and construction settings.

So, don’t expect to see them in gardens or residential places. The other reason why they are not popular in gardens and residential is their high price tags.

Overall, they are an excellent choice for heavy loads of about 300 pounds or more. They are, however, the most expensive.

One of these large capacity wheelbarrows is the SuperHandy Electric Wheelbarrow. (Amazon Link)

This 330-pound capacity electric wheelbarrow comes with a 180W motor that offers it a 3.1mph variable speed and a 12V 7Ah battery with a 2-5 hour mileage.

It’s generally a safer and reliable barrow.


1. How Do I Choose A Good Wheelbarrow?

Consider a wheelbarrow that matches your size and one that comes with adequate storage space and load capacity. It should also come in durable construction and quality wheels and should be maneuverable.

2. Is A Metal Or Plastic Wheelbarrow Better?

Metal wheelbarrows are more robust and more durable, thus best for heavy lifting. They are, however, heavier and costlier. Plastic wheelbarrows, in contrast, are lighter and cheaper. They are, however, only best for light jobs.

3. Is A Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow Better?

A two-wheel wheelbarrow offers you more stability and is thus best for heavy loads. You can also use them to move unbalanced loads. They are, however, less maneuverable on rough patches and inclines.

4. How Much Weight Can A Wheelbarrow Hold?

The average 5-6 cubic-foot wheelbarrow can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. But overall, the material construction dictates the wheelbarrow carry capacity.

5. Will A Galvanized Wheelbarrow Rust?

Galvanized steel doesn’t rust. The zinc coating resists rust and even chipping damage, making the material choice a durable choice for wheelbarrows.


Closing Thought:

Generally, it calls for detailed research to find a wheelbarrow for tall person. But to save you the stress, consider the above wheelbarrow buying guide. Hopefully, you’ll find something to match your height, budget, and DIY needs.