When Do Males Stop Growing Taller?

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When Do Males Stop Growing Taller?The question of ‘When do males stop growing taller’ is not the easiest one to answer. Generally, height is a significant trait in men.

It isn’t a surprise that teenage boys start getting concerned with how slow or fast they are growing. This is natural for them to feel so.

At this stage, parents need to offer psychological support to their kids. Otherwise it can be easy for the boys to panic – which isn’t welcome for their mental strength.

Let’s jump in to some details here;

When Do Males Stop Growing Taller?

Biologically, the broad aspect of growth (including increase in height) starts immediately a child is born. Then there is the quickest growth during the first year – the height goes to about 50cm.

The baby boy will continue to grow at the rate of 5.5 cm up to the age of eight. This is dependent on proper care in terms of nutrition and other important needs like good healthcare.

At 10 years, the young male is over 134 cm tall. Puberty sets in at this stage and the signs are prominently visible – although they come as well come later at 14 years.

As a rule of thumb, most young males would grow fastest within the first and second year into their puberty.  As the boys grow older, the height increases rapidly up until 16 years where it stops.

However, this isn’t always the case for all males.  The differences in the genetic make-up among the different individuals will influence their growth rates. Hence some boys would grow slower or faster than their peers.

This explains why others would go beyond 17 years before they hit their maximum heights. It is actually normal if this occurred.

It is vital that parents know when their children have attained the maximum height. This would help them give the much needed support to their children – just in case there was an anomaly.

What Is The Average Height for Men?

Did you know the average height for men in the Netherlands ranks the highest in the world? It stands at 6ft while the stark contrast is true for the Indonesian men – they are the shortest at 5ft 2 inches.

The data recorded in the table below indicates the average male height figures in 16 select countries around the world.

Country    Average Height (ft)
Canada  5’ 9’’
U.K  5’ 9.75”
Russia 5’10”
Netherlands 6’0.5”
U.S 5’9.5”
Australia 5’9”
Senegal 5’9”
Brazil 5’8.25”
Tunisia 5’7.75”
Qatar 5’7”
Japan 5’7.25”
Pakistan 5’6.75”
South Africa 5’6”
India 5’4.75”
Philippines 5’3.75”
Indonesia 5’2.25”

Chart adapted from Average Height.com

The contrast in these figures is very clear from one country to another. This is highly expected due to a number of factors like nutrition, geographical location and genetics.

Nonetheless, these figures are expected to change in future though. They may not really represent the true picture on the actual ground due to lots of discrepancies with the methodologies and processes that were used to measure the heights.

Having looked at the above data, what then is the standard height for an ordinary man? In other words, what is the average height for men that could be considered okay?

Well. This can look a little complex and may just take a different path. But as earlier mentioned, male height is a desirable trait and it draws significant interest from the crowd – especially women.

A recent survey in the U.K regarding this question has popularized men at 5ft 8 inches to be fine. In the US, the figure is just higher with 5ft 9 inches being the cut off.

This subject has been largely and widely discussed on various platforms around the world. Most conversations seem to suggest that 5ft 7inche height is sufficient for men (although the world average height is highly variable)

Using Height Calculator: How Tall Will I Be?

Parents may wish to know the maximum heights their boys will reach. Even the kids themselves will be curious at some point of their life.

It is actually possible to predict the male height growth age limit using height calculators. The current height measurements of parents and the child can be used to infer how tall he would be in adulthood.

The following ways can be used to sufficiently do these calculations:

1.   Simple Calculator

This one requires the height of the parents and that of the child. Once the average of the parents’ height is computed, the value is added 2.5 inches or 6.5cm to get the child’s expected height as an adult.

2.   The Khamis – Roche Calculator

This calculator was discovered by Dr. Khamis and Dr. Roche. It is used to determine the adult age of a child right from four up to seventeen years.

The components of this method include gender, mid-parent height, child’s current height and weight. These parameters are used together to produce the age estimate of the child, when they grow up.

Although this calculator gives a lot of confidence with its accuracy levels at 90%, the child might be taller or shorter than the predicted value. This is a normal occurrence.

3.   The Bone- Age Method

Calculating the child’s adult age using this method provides the best results. However, it is only done by a pediatrician since it involves doing x-rays of the child’s left hand, fingers and wrist.

These three height predictors can be effectively used to help estimate the adult height of your child.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Height of A Person?

In looking at these factors, a number of questions are covered including this one: when do males stop growing taller?

  1. Genetics

The genetic make-up among individuals greatly affects one’s height. In fact, it is the most influential of all.

It is reported that about 60 to 80% of one’s height will be determined by their genetic constitution. A child will inherit genes of either shortness or tallness from his parents.

  1. Nutrition

Nutrition is a very vital component for the smooth natural growth of a child. Proper supply of nutrients in the body encourages the body to build and increase in size.

From when a child is born, passing through the childhood phases to the teenage life, the parents should ensure that the diet provided is healthy. A healthy diet contains essential elements such as proteins, calcium, vitamins and phosphorous.

Proteins will speed up a child’s growth. Calcium and phosphorus ensure strong bones while vitamins come in handy to help in boosting the body’s immune system.

  1. Physical Exercise

Regular physical exercise is good for the health of the child. It ultimately ensures that the child grows and develops well physically and even mentally.

These physical activities involve stretching and can enhance height. They can also help the child to develop a strong bone structure.

  1. Environment

The social and cultural environment a child grows in may affect his growth up to a certain extent. A child raised in the stable social circles can grow faster compared to their counterparts in harsh conditions.

Adverse climatic conditions can negatively affect the physical growth of a child. Ultimately, it leads to restricted development.

  1. Gender

This is a no brainer; girls grow faster than boys but also reach the maximum height much earlier and are generally shorter. Compared with the girls, boys tend to grow relatively slower but become taller.

How To Increase Height: Eight Important Tips

It is always going to be agonizing if one has problems with their height status. And especially if they are being subjected to ridicule due to shortness.

Seeing a doctor when there is a solid concern about your height should come first.

Although they don’t guarantee miracle height increases, the following tips can help one improve their self-image:

  1. Eat a well-balanced diet. Ensure that the body receives all the essential nutrients and minerals such as proteins, carbohydrates and soluble fats.
  2. Routine exercise would go a long way to help the body. The physical activities and sports that involve stretching of the limbs can do wonders in terms of boosting the height improvement process.
  3. Sleep adequately. This is a must-do for anyone looking to add some inches to their height. Sleeping helps in energy restoration and release of growth hormones.
  4. Stay sober by avoiding drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. These substances will only inhibit the body from performing its normal functions including growth.
  5. Maintaining a good posture always is a good starting point to increase height. Poor or bad postures tend to make individuals look shorter when in real sense they have sufficient height.
  6. Practice yoga to make your muscles stronger and straightened. In the event of taking these yoga stretches, the body is released from the stress caused by bad postures.
  7. Avoiding fatty and salty food is a healthy precaution. They might actually play a role in retarding your growth.
  8. Exaggeration of height could also help an individual appear taller. This includes wearing high-heeled shoes, dark colored or striped clothes which improve appearance.

When Do Boys Stop Growing?

When boys reach puberty, they begin experiencing certain body changes. This stage is usually a preparation before entering the adult phase.

The time when the boys reach their maximum growth rate is about 2 years after puberty begins.  It’s during this phase that they undergo a quick increase in height.

When Do Boys Stop Growing? It would take about 2 – 5 years for the young male to reach maturity. So boys probably stop growing at the age of 17 or 18 if they started experiencing puberty at 12 or 13 for example.

During this phase, the boys grow 4 inches per year representing a crazy milestone. Then this rapid growth decreases as he nears the end of the puberty phase.

It is imperative that good nutrition for the growing boys is provided. Physical exercise and adequate sleep will help them grow to full adult height.

In case growth stops at undesirable height for your boy, no growth stimulators should be used to enhance the process. Instead, visiting a qualified pediatrician would be the best step to take in order to receive the appropriate medical advice.

Other FAQs on How Men Grow.

1.   My peers are growing faster than me and I am the shortest. What should I do?

The growth rate of individuals will definitely be different from one to another. Genetics, nutrition and exercise etc. would play a very key role in the height of a child.

The chances of a child being short are high if the parents are short. Good diet and regular exercise can improve growth.

2.   How Do I know If I am growing well?

There various methods to determine or track your growth. The use of height calculators will give you a rough idea whether the progress is fine.

These calculators can be used to give information based on parameters like gender, age, current height and weight.

3.   Is there a relationship between height and weight?

Absolutely yes. The tall person will weigh more pounds than a shorter one.

If the weight and height do not match, it is likely there is a problem with your growth.

4.   What are growth hormones? And how do they influence growth of an individual?

These are growth factors released by the brain system. They are usually produced when one is asleep especially after a physical activity and help the body grow.

The Bottom Line

While it is going to be difficult to withstand the esteem issues related shortness, there is no need to be distressed. Not everyone is meant to be tall.

Again, when do males stop growing taller? The common age is 16 but this can go beyond 18 years for some other boys.

Some boys grow fast and others grow slowly. This isn’t a real problem since many factors are in action here.

There is not a specific world average height for a man as this varies across different countries. Factors such as genetics, gender, nutrition, exercise and environment can determine whether one will be tall or short.

Provided these factors are met, a person will go all the way to reach his maximum height potential.

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