Who Is The Tallest Country Singer Alive?

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who is the tallest country singerWhen it comes to country music, many people are familiar with the soft- soundness it comes with and the simplicity of the genre in its entirety. How lovable country is to the ears and the heart!

So who is the tallest country singer? Ray Benson Seifert or simply Ray Benson is the tallest country music singer standing at an impressive height of 6 feet and 7 inches, or 201 cm. He was born in March 1951 in Philadelphia that is roughly 67 years’ age and is an American Jewish by decent.

That aside, there have been many singers in the genre; some died while others retired. And there are still many others who are currently gracing the industry.

For any serious country enthusiast, you should be looking for the answers to a few questions like who is the tallest country singer in the world. This is general information you may find quite important if you are die-hard fan of the music.

When I say tallest, I mean really tall. For example, over six foot. These are the guys in the tall category.

It is possible that you know most of the famous country singers. But regarding the tallest, a few guys can tell. Are you one of the few?

Shockingly if you didn’t know, most of the country singers are really tall. Does it happen to be a special DNA that falls for the tall when it comes to country? I doubt.

Who Is The Tallest Male Country Music Singer Alive?

As earlier disclosed, Ray Benson Seifert or simply Ray Benson holds the title as the tallest male county music singer in the world. Ray Benson, American Jewish by decent stands at an impressive height of 6 feet and 7 inches, or 201 cm.

Early Life

Ray Benson admitted that he was a tall kid in school. He used play basketball in school (Philadelphia Prep School) but loved music so much.

He quit his senior year as he had broken four fingers playing basketball. Then he started playing music at the professional level at the age of eleven.

He considered music very important part of his life. The tallest country singer star says he even formed a folk group called Four G’s with his sister back in 1961.

Music Career

While Ray was growing up, he had a special interest in the jazz music. This was an inspiration he drew from John Coltrane when sometimes this jazz star was playing a club gig in Philadelphia.

Sometimes at the college, Antioch College in Yellow Springs (Ohio), where Benson attended school, his friend and fellow student Ed Ward invited a band over to the campus for a one-time concert. The band was known as Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen.

The concert was such a hit that Ray and his friends (Ed and another Antioch student in Gene Dobkin) were amazed by the performance. Perhaps Ray didn’t know his journey to become one of the most adored tall male country music singers had just been jumpstarted.

Commander Cody stunned the event and the fans by producing a fusion of the best ever old-school country, western swing, and freak-friendly rock. Ray and his friends were not left behind in this marvel.


The country star married Jodi Marie Benson who is an actress. They both had 2 children between them.

Awards & Achievements

Ray and his band have scooped as many as 9 Grammy awards. This is a stunning achievement over the years.

And he has seen every award even when the group has seen 90 different people going away. He stood still and firm at the helm.

The production of nearly 20 different albums is remarkable feet.

Besides, the singer has achieved other credits including being a producer of albums by Dale Watson, Suzy Bogguss, Aaron Watson, James Hand and Caroline Wonderland among single tracks for many other artists.

He used the event to make his first move.  So, after the inspiration, he asked Dobkin and joined forces to form a band called Asleep at the Wheel.

This team consisted of other guys who joined like Floyd Domino, Lucky Oceans, Leroy Preston and Chris O’Connell. Their purpose was to play out the vintage Western sounds.

The group practiced for months in Paw Paw West Virginia. After which they went out playing to showcase their talent to the public.

These country music artists would then follow the backs of the Commander Cody to California. It was all good news there as they landed their first recording deal. They had been spotted and approved by a keen Van Morrison (Irish songwriter and singer) in the Rolling Stone Magazine.

Beginning 1973 onwards, the Ray led Asleep at the Wheel would become famous for their barnstorming stage performances. And raised other stars in the process.

Other Works

Ray founded the Bismeaux Studio (recording studio) and also co-founded the Rhythm and Blues Foundation. He has been involved in the board of directors of Austin City Limits TV show apart from hosting another TV show named Texas Music Scene.

He released 20 albums with his band. He also released solo album called Beyond time during the same year. Another solo effort called A little piece came in 2014.

You can also listen to him in the album he released with Dale Watson in 2015, one of the top male country singers. The duo album is known as Dale and Ray.

Ray Benson is not only a music artist, he also doubles a guitarist and actor.

Top 6 Tallest Male Country Singers.

The race for the tallest country artist is a hot one. Check the list below for the men who have rocked the industry while also dominating in stature.

1.   Ray Benson: 6’7″

Of course, I have said much about the guy. But he comes first on the list of the male country artists. At 6 feet and 7 inches, he stands above and the rest follow.

2.   Darryl Worley: 6’6″

Darryl Worley is the perhaps the second tallest of the country singers known. The star was born on October 31, 1964, (54 years of age now) in Memphis, United States. He is 6 feet, 6 inches tall. He plays vocals and acoustic guitar.

Worley married first wife in May 12, 2001 – her name being Beverly Irwin. But they later divorced in July 2006. He opened a restaurant with her before they went separate paths.

But at the moment he has a vegan restaurant in Dothan, Alabama (a claim he once refuted on radio in 2016).

He has two siblings; Tommy and Barry. And is currently married to Kimberly Lee Perkins with whom he begot a daughter – Savannah Gail (March 24, 2008).

Worley has released so many albums: e.g. Hard Rain DON’T last, I miss my friend, Darryl Worley and many more.

3.   Trace Adkins: 6’6″

The third name on the list is this popular Trace Adkins. He is probably the tall country singer with deep voice – a dream singer for the country lovers.

Born January 13, 1962, the 56-year-old U.S. singer and actor hails from Sarepta, United States.

He got married first to Barbara Lewis and had two daughters (Tarah and Sarah) with her. He also had three daughters with his ex-third wife.

He ardently supports the U.S. Republican Party which he has performed for during the 2102 Republican National Convention held in Tampa. He has done several studio albums like Dreamin’Out Loud, Big Time and More among others.

4.   Charles Kelley: 6’6″

This is a solo country singer and member to the band Lady Antebellum. He was born in September 11, 1981, in the United States in Augusta. He stands at 6 feet 6 inches: just an inch shorter than Ray Benson who is the tallest country singer.

At such heights, photographers have been getting a hard time giving him shots. He also revealed in an interview one time that it was difficult to secure the right golf clubs.

5.   Cowboy Troy: 6’5″

Cowboy Troy is another one. His birth name is actually Troy Lee Coleman III. Born in December 18, 1970 (48 years) in Victoria Texas, Troy comes at a height of 6 feet and 5 inches.

He has released both solo and dual albums. Some of those included Loco Motive, I play Chicken with Train, Our America: spoken word, I have a Dream of Martin Luther and many much more.

6.   Blake Shelton: 6’4″

He was born in June 18, 1976 in Ada, Oklahoma. He is a country singer, songwriter and TV personality.

At 6 feet 4 inches, Blake Shelton is a country singers male artist in his own rights. You can see the numbers, they don’t actually lie, do they? He knows it himself that he is tall as revealed from the interview with Nash Country Weekly Magazine.

He really wished to break records back in 2001 and 17 years on, he had already smashed eleven of them.

Of course, the list doesn’t end there. I haven’t even mentioned guys like Billy Dean, Charlie Robson, Alan Jackson who all are 6 feet 4 inches.

3 Tallest Female Country Singers.

There are number of tall women country singers. When I say tall, don’t expect the girls to reach terrific heights of the males – expect them to be 5 inches shorter.

Thus, if a female country singer is 5’8”, she is considered to be tall.

1.   Terri Clark: 5’10.5″

Terri Clark hails from Canada but has had lots of success in the U.S. She stands at 5 feet and 10.5 inches and has been in the industry for over 20 years.

She was born in Montreal, Canada. She has worked with Mercury Nashville, BNA, Baretrack. Her albums such as Just the Same, How I Feel, Just the Same and more recently Raising the Bar have hit the ground running.

2.   Faith Hill: 5’9″

Faith Hill is 5 feet 9 inches and while this looks lowly, it is a height to note for women. In fact, Faith is as tall as her husband, Tim McGraw. They have sang together including their 1997 release of “It’s Your Love” which has been a hit for over 20 years now!

3.   Thrisha Yearwood: 5’8″

Thrisha Yearwood gets a nod on this list of tall female country singers. At either 5’8” or 5’9” (there is an argument in different reports regarding her height), she is towering.

She has had a career of many years and achievements. She was famous for the big hit “Con Air” in which star actor Nicholas Cage featured.

Thrisha is married to Garth Brooks who also has rocked the country scene. Together, they released a duet in “In Another’s Eyes” which was a big hit.

Tallest Young Country Singers.

If you thought country was for the old-school, you just misfired. There are young country stars who are making it in the industry.

Among the tall ones, is this 6 feet 1 inch Tyler Dickerson. He was born in 1993 and a bright start with album “Tell Your Sister I am Single” in 2010 was a good way to kick-start his career. He currently sings with the Lousiana-based band called Rockin Rouge.

Veronica Ballestrini is among the tall girl country singers right now. She was born in October 29, 1991 in Waterford, Connecticut in the United States. At 5 feet 8 inches, she is up there in the tall country ladies club. She has recorded songs like Don’t Say (2010), Strom Inside You and Temporary Fix (all in 2011).

Another is the sensational Carly Pearce who comes also at 5’8”. She is well known for the fine work in the album “Every Little Thing” which was a favorite for many people.

There may be other young country singers that have not appeared in this short summary. You can perhaps try doing further research into this.

The Bottom Line

The question of who is the tallest country singer right now in the world is an open one. While there are records of some of the singers, it could turn out that many more may not have been included in the records.

Currently, let’s all agree that Ray Benson has taken the accolade. Although he is not very, very far from top stars like Darryl Worley and Trace Adkins who come at heights of 6 feet, 6 inches.

With more incisive research being done regarding the country singers, you should expect much more refined information in the future.

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