Why Do Tall Guys Like Short Girls?

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Why Do Tall Guys Like Short GirlsMatters regarding tall guy short girl relationship are not new in our circles. There is a strong reason why tall guys are attracted to the short ladies.

But first, are the tall guys themselves fine with dating these short girls? The answer is yes.

So why? Well, this is all due to personal preferences that can vary from one individual to another. Apparently, each person knows the exact thing they look for in short girls – and it’s mostly all physical.


I am talking about short girls. Who is a short girl?


According to YouGov (a research firm), a woman 4’11” is too short for tall men. At 5 feet 6 inches, you would feel it is the right, comfortable height of an ideal woman.

But even at 5 feet 6 inches, it isn’t hard to argue that this is still short for guys towering at over 6 feet plus. In fact, girls in this height range are short for these guys.

While dating a short girl may pose a number of challenges to her tall partner, there are lots of things to admire in having midget-like type of girl in your life.

Let me jump right inside and give the specific reasons why.

Why Do Tall Guys Like Short Girls?

Tall guys with short girlfriends would tell you that (whoa!) short girls are so cute and adorable. With your tallness, you feel strong, dominant and that you’re in charge.

Exactly the kind of common aspects men look for in girls.


Really! Do they really like them? Yes. You’ve heard me and it must be adorable that way.


You want the little girl to believe in you and have complete trust in everything about you. All these magic done by the element of your tall height – leave alone your personality.

Which would even make things rosier and more romantic.

Here Are the Reasons Why Tall Guys Like Short Girls

1.   Tall Guys Think That Short Girls Are More Feminine

This is a real-world feminine ideal. Forget about the many plaudits tall female models receive in the media.

You would think they are the best but nope, not the real deal.

The Telegraph once reported the findings of a research by Dr William Brown of Brunel University. It read: “We found that shorter, slimmer females with long slender legs, curvy figure and larger breasts are more attractive”.

They tend to have high estrogen levels compared to their tall counterparts. This makes them a sensitive lot which is ideal for the man at night.

They really make the tall guy feel there’s a woman in the house or around them. No hard feelings for the tall rocking girls though.


It’s actually the first of the many tall guy and short girl advantages I am going to indicate in this post.

2.   The Tall Guys Feels He Is In Charge

Being tall can really be a good indication of strength and power. Which is why a tall guy would feel he is charge when having a short girl beside him.

It’s actually normal for a big man to feel dominant. But with a tall lady sniffing around your nose, you think she’s going to do things with lots of confidence without necessarily needing you.

Not good news for most men at all.

The short girl will, for example, ask you around to help her get a few things from the high-sitting freezer when you go shopping. And for the tall guy, where else can your tallness be put to proper use?

3.   There’s Nothing So Lovable Like Hugging Short Girls

Assume you are just meeting somewhere in the public – with your short, curvy girlfriend. Your friends and foes alike are desperate to see the embrace, if you didn’t know.

You want this lady to sink right in your chest. If not her hair touching the bottom of your chin.

The magical feeling that comes with her tight grip against your bosom! How lovely! You want her to feel the heartbeat as she rests her head on your chest.

It’s even all sweet when she raises on the tips of her toes to kiss you. It is delightful and enhances your protective role over her.

4.   The Short Girls Come With Big Hearts

Another reason why tall guys like shorts girls is this complement they have for the shortness – personality. Most of these girls are very friendly and outgoing.

For a man who wants more happiness in his life, this would be the diamond he’s been looking for. And the exact ingredient needed to spice up his previous relationship life.

Then the short girls never disappoint when it comes to being flexible. It is a thing of the heart.

5.   The Tall Man Feels He’s Doing His Protective Job

The short girl is more at home in your arms. She develops the feeling of being safe and well protected.

This alone can lift her confidence up there. Yet, this is exactly how you want it to be between you and her.

It is a man’s job to make the woman feel at home. But her short height makes this even easier and more practical for the tall man.

Making your woman feel protected is every man’s responsibility. Tall guys are not exempted from this.

6.   You’re Guaranteed of An Entertaining Sexual Experience

The higher you go, the cooler it becomes. Reverse this in the short girl’s context and there you’re exploding in the ultimate enjoyment.

It is well thought that short girls really rock when it comes to sex. This makes tall men prefer them over their tall counterparts.

They are, well, more flexible. Therefore, willing to go miles in order to make your bedroom experience the luckiest thing to have happened in your life.

7.   The Short Girls Can Help You Improve Your Self-Image

Here is the other reason why. Do tall guys like short girls because they can help the man in having a good self-image?

Those special moments of hugging and cuddling can go a long way to enhance the self-image of a tall guy. You feel you have someone to complement your physical weaknesses.

8.   Short Girls Can Live Longer

Did you know this? The short ladies have the higher chances to live longer than the tall ones.


This is according to an issue by the National Academy of Sciences. They report that the gene linked to long life in animals may have its variant in short human beings.

Meaning that short people and in this case shorter women will live longer.

Don’t you think this is a bonus on your side? Living with someone with such an advantage of life can be a great dream.

Why Do Women Love Tall Men?

When this question comes by, it always looks easy to answer. The main reason being that it’s one of the hottest topics being talked around by almost all women on the planet.


Whether a woman is tall or short, the dream man is the tall kind. Just look on the streets wherever you’re – you won’t be surprised to see tall man/short woman couples.

Why do many women like tall men?

I delve into the matter and provide the reasons here.

1.   Women Feel Much Safer When in The Arms of a Tall Guy.

They want to be embraced on the bosom/chest of the man they are in love with. This makes them feel they are surely loved and protected.

Things get even sweeter when the man attempts to hug her from behind. You know what exactly happens, ladies.

That bearded chin landing on your head is a ticket to the dreamland of love. Pleasure is unlimited.


2.   Tall Guys Look Great In Clothes

This is exactly what any woman wants. A man who fits extremely nicely in different clothing especially those she likes herself.

And women think that this only happens with the tall men.

3.   Women Can Wear High Heels For Fun and Style

It’s very easy to outdo your partner if you try out the highest trending heels. That’s if he’s just a normal sized and you have a bit of height on you.

But most women don’t like towering over their partners. Which means no heels for them?

Yes, no heels for them. This is why tall guys just simply rock them – they have the height and will, therefore, allow the ladies change heels anytime they wish.


4.   Women Say That Things On The Tallest Shelves Are Easily Reachable

Reachable by the tall partner of course. These guys can effortlessly pick stuff from the high shelves without actually struggling.

A real beauty for the girls who would be wondering what to do. Guys like short girls for such times for your information.

They also feel obliged to help everywhere. They want to be kept in the deep and shallow of the loop whether it’s during shopping or in the house.

5.   Tall Guys Will Give Them Tall Children (Sons)

It is a dream for any woman to start a family with Mr Tall. They certainly know that apart from the increased pleasure they have in their sexual experience, their offspring will be tall.

Every lady wants a tall boy. Very true.

6.   Many Women Want To Wear Their Man’s Shirts

Guess what! This is a desire of many girls. You really want to put on that shirt or sweater even if it’s just one moment.

What ladies find delightful is the way the shirts feel like dresses to them. They’ll always look baggy and that’s the girls want after all!


In Conclusion

The question of why do tall guys like short girls could be a complex one. The main reason being the differences that exist among different tall men.

There are other tall men who’d not want to date short girls for their own reasons. But as you can see, there are lots of things that make the tall guys to date short girls.

Protection, self-esteem, improved self-image and great sexual experience are among the many advantages you’ll get in short ladies.


Moreover, women themselves see the tall man as their ultimate choice for security, more love among other things.

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